Useful Idiot Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Makes Most Outrageous Statement On Trump’s Wall Yet

(Tea Party PAC) – AOC isn’t happy unless she’s in the headlines, and, thanks to her profound ability to say idiotic things and the press’ love affair with the young congresswoman, she rarely has to.

But it does take work to top her most hilarious gaffes yet, but fortunately, she’s up for the challenge, thinking up new attention-grabbing assertions, each more foolish than the last.

She’s God’s gift to Republicans.

Over the weekend, the socialist Democratic fresh face compared Trump’s border wall to the Berlin Wall, proving she knows as little about world history as she does about economic policy or how taxes work.

“No matter how you feel about the wall. I think it’s an immoral abomination. I think it’s like the Berlin Wall,” she asserted in an Instagram live post.

Right…that border wall Trump is going to use to ban Americans from leaving the US. All those Americans trying to escape the most prosperous nation on earth by running across the southern border.

Keep ramblin’, AOC.

For the record, at least 139 Germans were killed by the East German Marxists trying to escape the repressive regime.

No one was trying to sneak IN to East Germany, AOC.

I think more Democrats need to be made to answer for exactly WHY they think this wall is so immoral.

Because there are desperate migrants coming from Central America? That’s what border checkpoints and amnesty applications are for.

There’s absolutely no good reason, let alone moral reason, to oppose a border wall. While top Democrats like Pelosi are likely getting their pockets lined by the Mexican cartels, however, AOC actually believes their “wall is immoral” crap.

She’s a very useful idiot for the radicals on the left.