Vaccine-Mandate Opponent RFK Jr. Tells Crowd He’s Considering A Presidential Run

(Tea Party PAC) – Democrats don’t seem to expect Joe Biden to run for a second term and why should they? He has been an abject failure and behaved in tyrannical and treasonous ways, not to mention he’s an elderly man suffering from dementia who’s not fit for office.

Usually the incumbent president is not challenged by others within the party. They’re typically a shoe-in for the nomination. That does not appear to be the case for Joe Biden.

The field of potential challengers is continuing to broaden. California Governor Gavin Newsom and former first lady Michelle Obama have been floated by many as potential candidates. Now one popular Democrat has announced he’s considering a run.

During a visit to St. Anselm College Friday, Robert Kennedy Jr. told a crowd he was thinking about running for president. He’s a Democrat but he’s got bipartisan appeal. He’s active in climate change but has been a vocal vaccine and Big Pharma skeptic.

“I’m thinking about it, and I’ve passed the biggest hurdle, which is my wife has green lighted it,” Kennedy stated to cheers after a speech at the New Hampshire Institute of Politics.

Kennedy spoke for an hour and discussed his work as an environmental activist and highlighted his family’s impact on modern American politics.

“We can’t advance ourselves as a people by leaving our poorer brothers and sisters behind. The things that define our nation are these communities, and they are based on the constitution.”

Throughout his remarks he blasted the federal response to COVID-19 and called out the corruption that has so obviously infected the government. He claimed this corruption led to numerous failures in regulating big businesses from technology to drug companies.

“We pay more for medicine and more for pharmaceuticals. We consume three times more pharmaceutical drugs than other Western nations, and we have the worst health outcomes,” Kennedy pointed out.

He noted the anti-American censorship that’s been taking place over the last several years pointing out that he has been “deplatformed” for daring to criticize those in power. In 2021, Instagram banned Kennedy’s account for spreading so-called vaccine “misinformation.”

Kennedy also expressed concern over the bitter partisan politics that has sharply divided Washington and the American people, calling it “very, very tribal.”

“We have probably the greatest polarization in our country’s history that we’ve ever had since the Civil War, really dangerous polarization.” Kennedy warned.

He told the crowd he supported New Hampshire remaining the lead off place in the presidential nominating calendar in response to the Democratic National Committee moving to make South Carolina first in the primary slot.

Kennedy praised New Hampshire’s role in vetting candidates, and criticized President Joe Biden for proposing that calendar.

“We have the president of our party, the President of the United States, who feels like he needs to move this primary to a state where he can better control the outcome. What does that say to people?”

New Hampshire Public Radio said of Kennedy that he “is 69, and lives in Los Angeles. In addition to his work as an environmentalist, he’s taught law school, and has written numerous books. Among them a children’s biography of St. Francis of Assisi, works on climate change, and critiques of George W. Bush, and Dr. Anthony Fauci.”

Kennedy is sure to have broad appeal as he is a traditional Democrat. His audience appeared to reflect this. In attendance was Democratic Party chairman Ray Buckley, a high school class from Winchester, environmentalists, and vaccine skeptics.

Kennedy explained that years of activism has made him keenly aware of what he can and can’t control.

“I try not to get involved in outcomes or have expectations,” Kennedy remarked. ”If you don’t have expectations, you are never going to get disappointed.”

When he was finished speaking, Kennedy signed books and posed for pictures. He revealed he would soon travel to East Palestine, Ohio where a freight trail containing toxic chemicals derailed last month.

Polling suggests most New Hampshire Democrats approve of the job President Biden is doing but plenty would prefer someone else to be the party’s standard bearer next year.

Author Marianne Williamson, who ran in 2020, announced a 2024 bid this week.

Though it might prove to be a challenge for anyone to knock off Biden, if he still has the support of the establishment in 2024, many are warning it would be a mistake to write off Kennedy.

“He’s got the name, and that opens a lot of doors,” asserted longtime Democratic state senator Lou D’Allesandro.

Things are going to get interesting in the Democratic Party.

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  1. Trump has proven that he works for the people of America and for our country. Kennedy would be my choice as number one in the Democrat party. Why do they keep calling it the Democratic party? There’s not much democratic about it, they should change the name to the Communist party. At least call it by its real name, the Democrat party.


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