Vice President Mike Pence Truly Holds All The Power — Here’s How He Can Save America

(Tea Party PAC) – Vice President Mike Pence holds an enormous amount of power as President of the Senate come the January 6 joint session of Congress to count the Electoral College votes.

While there has been so much talk of House members pledging to object and the need for at least one Senator to join these efforts, (now there is officially one), what has been flying mostly under the radar is the fact that all of that will be unnecessary if VP Pence refuses to open the envelopes from the contested states.

Liberals would be furious. Their rage would surely reach epic proportions but there wouldn’t be a darn thing they could do about it. The US Constitution gives this right and responsibility to the Vice President.

Mike Pence could be the man to save the United States from this attempted coup d’etat and preserve freedom in America. Will he have the courage to do what is required of him? Will he have the bravery to do what is right?

The Gateway Pundit has published an article that was provided to VP Pence to provide him with an outline of the massive fraud and corruption that occurred during the 2020 election and highlight his legal obligation as President of the Senate to stand on the side of the law and the Constitution.

The article points out that during the Jan. 6 joint session, Mike Pence will preside over the meeting as the President of the Senate. It explains that his power will be “plenary” which means that it is “absolute and unqualified.”

It goes on to explain that in his capacity of President of the Senate, Pence can note “competing” Electoral College votes in favor of both President Trump and Joe Biden and it is then that the Constitution calls for the US Senate to “pass judgment as to their validity.”

If these states, because of the fact that they clearly violated the law in their conduct of the presidential election, are determined to be invalid then neither Joe Biden nor President Trump would have the required 270 votes needed.

In this case, the winner of the 2020 presidential election would be determined by Congress.

Because the Supreme Court decided to pass on their obligation to hear what was likely the most important case in the history of the US, the Texas v. Pennsylvania case, based on “standing,” the issue of the stolen election must be sorted out by Congress now.

On Jan. 6, when Mike Pence receives the envelopes containing the electoral votes from each of the states, seven states (PA, GA, MI, WI, AZ, NV, and NM) will have two envelopes representing the competing slates of electors.

At this time, Pence must not open the envelopes but instead go state-by-state and list the numerous violations of election law and place evidence of these violations in the record.

He must then state that the 2020 election was lawless and declare reasonable doubt on the validity of the electors thus denying both President Trump and Joe Biden the electoral votes from these states.

Article II, Section 1, which was later superseded by the 12th Amendment, declares that the person having “the greatest number of elector votes shall be president.” These numbers would be 232 votes for President Trump and 222 votes for Joe Biden.

Should Mike Pence exercise his power as President of the Senate in this way he will go down in history as the man who saved America and the most consequential Vice President.

January 6th is a day to look forward to, patriots. We can only hope and pray that Mike Pence has the fortitude and wherewithal to do what is required of him at this time even in the face of the unavoidable blowback from the left.

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Copyright 2020.


  1. Yes – please do what is right, sir! I believe we’ll face lawless mobs, even if Biden assumes the presidency – the mobs are in favor of anarchy! So, concern about a public outcry should not be a factor in your considerations. Simply do what is right – God bless you, sir.

  2. VP Pence you are one of the most Honorable and Trustworthy Politicians to come along in many years.I know in my heart you will do the right thing for our country, our people and the world.God BlessYou Always

  3. I definitely support Donald Trump as President of the United States of America. And I pray that VP Pence does the right thing and stops the socialist Communist take over. 🇺🇸🙏🙏🙏

  4. Michael Pence has stated he has no further political ambitions beyond his current role as Vice President of the United States. If this is accurate, he has nothing to lose by doing the correct thing for this country we all love and my father fought for in WWII and my daughter, his son and son-in-law all now serve in the Military. Please, VP Pence, just follow that magnificent document, our US Constitution, and spare us from the evils of a Marxist, Socialist, Communist, leftist, fraudulent government. We the people do not want to live in what will undoubtedly become Beijing West or Venezuela North.

  5. Mr Vice President please do the right thing and elect the only right person to do the correct thing for our country, keep us on the right course with the economy and employment and keep us out of harms way and keep America first who is President Donald Trump and his partner Mike Pence

  6. Vice President Pence, PLEASE stand up & accept your duties, to expose all voter corruption. We also need your protection from the destruction of the GREATEST COUNTRY in the WORLD. & all of the bloodshed & loss of our Veterans!!

  7. I THINK VP PENCE, will take the right decision to save this wonderful country AMERICA GREAT AGAIN.
    Under the constitution laws no communists or socialist will direct Laws in UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.
    Send all this communists to CUBA, VENEZUELA

  8. I agree completely with Patricia!
    I have been praying that President Trump will retain control

  9. PLEASE!!! Mr. Vice President, contest this election!! I love in PA. & I KNOW THE LAWS WERE BROKEN HERE!!!
    In addition, I couldn’t feel more strongly that without illegal votes & ELECTION COMPROMISES, PRESIDENT DONALD TRUMP WAS THE WINNER, just as he was in 2020.

  10. Vice President Mike Pence Please Save
    America We Are Counting on you Honesty
    Is the best policy. President Trump Won and
    DEMOCRAPS are stealing it we need you if
    Not America Will Be DOOMED.

  11. I pray VP Pence has the courage, strength and fortitude to do the right thing and call out the fraud and corruption in this election. I also pray that we hold all who were complicit in this attack on our great nation, accountable, to deter others from ever doing this again.


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