Video: Amy Klobuchar Had A Great Showing In New Hampshire, But That Might Change When Liberals See What She Said About A Border Wall In 2006

(Tea Party PAC) – Sen. Amy Klobuchar shocked the entire country this week by coming out swinging in the New Hampshire primary, ending up in the top tier of candidates and raising a whopping $2.5 milliion just hours after the vote, but once liberals get a load of a video of Klobuchar from 2006, that might all change very quickly.

Apparently, when Klobuchar was running for a Senate seat back in 2006 she held very similar positions to President Donald Trump on the topic of illegal immigration and border security. For example, she supported a physical wall and E-verify to keep employers from hiring illegal aliens.

You know, all of the things that get President Trump labeled a racist and Nazi and other assorted buzzwords from the radical left.

Here’s more on this from Breitbart:

Unearthed footage of a 2006 U.S. Senate candidate debate at the University of St. Thomas reveals Klobuchar once held similar views on illegal immigration as Trump, policies she now avidly opposes as she runs for the 2020 Democrat presidential nomination.

“I do believe that we need more resources at the border and that includes a fence,” Klobuchar said. “What we have now, we have people waiting to come in legally. Thousands of people waiting to come in legally to this country, and we have people coming in illegally. That’s not right. We need to get order at the border.”

Klobuchar went even further, touting her support for nationwide mandatory E-Verify to open jobs for Americans and prohibit businesses from hiring illegal aliens:

But we also have to stop giving amnesty to companies that are hiring illegal immigrants. Under this administration, the number of prosecutions of companies [hiring illegal immigrants] has gone way down. That has to change.

Klobuchar’s positions on this issue today are, of course, completely different. This is no surprise as the Democratic Party has shifted to the left and now all of the presidential candidates and others running for Congress have opted to tow the party line and move left too.

The senator no longers supports a physical barrier being built to seal off the border to stop illegal immigration, human trafficking, and other assorted nastiness that many of the individuals crossing over without legal permission are engaged in, actually stating on her campaign website that she wants to rescind the border wall funding that Trump recently secured and end the national emergency declaration.

“Stop the diversion of funds needed to modernize our military bases from being used for the border wall,” Klobuchar touts, continuing that she “will rescind President Trump’s national emergency declaration and return funding for its intended purpose.”

On mandatory E-Verify, Klobuchar has said explicitly that she will not support such a policy unless it is coupled with an amnesty for the majority of the 11 to 22 million illegal aliens living across the U.S.

Klobuchar is proving that she’s nothing more than a political opportunist just like most of the folks in her party. She’ll say whatever is expected of her and will win her votes to stay in office and be competitive, but don’t be mistaken and think that what she espouses are principles that she holds dear. They aren’t. They are positions that are nothing more than a means to an end.

This is exactly what’s wrong with the Democratic Party and why they continue to fail. They aren’t authentic believers in the principles they espouse. They are phonies and the whole country knows it.

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