Video: Orthodox Jews Strike Back Against Bill De Blasio’s Locked Parks; Here’s What They Did

(Tea Party PAC) – New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio is an utter disaster in the realm of leadership. His failures to adequately navigate the coronavirus pandemic led to an obscene number of deaths and hospitalizations that turned the Big Apple into the epicenter of the outbreak here in the United States.

Well, during this crisis, many measures have been taken by de Blasio’s administration and it seems there are a lot of folks in the city who have plain had enough of the lockdown and want to get back out into the world, regardless of what big nanny state government tells them.

Such is the case with orthodox Jews who recently took to the streets and utilized bolt cutters to get into park gates that had been welded shut by NYC authorities to keep kids in Jewish neighborhoods from playing.

You can only keep folks locked up so long.

Here’s more on what went down via Breitbart:

Based Orthodox Jews reject de Blasio’s hypocritical orders to close the park (for social distancing) and cut the locks so their kids can play.

Mayor Bill de Blasio has continued cracking down on religious observance, and on religious Jews in particular — while supporting large, crowded Black Lives Matter and transgender demonstrations in the city over the past several weeks.

The community has been eager to use the parks again, but the city has removed children from them. As Breitbart News reported earlier Monday, the city actually welded shut the gates to prevent families from gaining access to the parks.

Yes. This is actually happening now!

Bill de Blasio is Welding the gates at the biggest park in the Jewish community, (Borough Park, Brooklyn) So your child shouldn’t try to break in. While Hundreds of thousands of people gathered yesterday at Brooklyn Museum. #deBlasioMustGo

VIDEO: As @NYCMayor marches with protesters and orders Contact Tracers not to ask people if they were at protests, the City is welding shut a park that is largely used by Hasidim in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

De Blasio personally oversaw the breakup of a Jewish funeral procession in April, and criticized the community directly for violating social distancing guidelines. He has been sued, along with New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, for religious discrimination based on their differential enforcement of coronavirus restrictions during the past few weeks.

Folks, we are being lied to about the extent of the coronavirus. Whether that lie has to do with the reality of fewer cases and the illness not being as contagious as we have been told or if it’s actually much worse than we’re being told, is anyone’s guess at this point.

However, it appears that things are very, very different than the news media is reporting. And taking draconian measures such as locking down a park by sealing its gates is the epitome of intrusive big government. Allow people to make their own decisions.



  1. First off , Robert. This happened in a predominantly Jewish neighborhood. Secondly, the Democratic leadership openly and treasonously supported the violation of COVID 19 guidelines in favor of the so-called peaceful rioting/protesting. From any point of view, assuming one hasn’t been woke by the kool-aid, that is bias, hypocritical, double-standard,
    biggotry! It doesn’t have to be written into policy for anyone with a brain to see it happening. End the oppression….TRUMP 2020!!!

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  3. Cuomo and DiBlasio are liberal scum to be dictating to certain people that they shouldn’t be coming out and keeping them confined in their homes until THEY think it’s ok. These jerkoffs don’t play by the rules or laws but they think because they are governor and mayor it’s THEIR way or the highway. People please vote these scum suckers out, they have done nothing but dictate to you and treat you like shit. You have the right to freedom to live a life that is whole not to be locked up like some caged animal. Stand your ground take your life back!!! If you want a greater America vote Red vote for President Donald Trump / Vice President Mike Pence. They will make your life so much better, they are for the people of the USA!!! Liberals will destroy your life, every state run by liberals turn to shitholes. They will not be there for you after you vote for them. Their promises go unanswered every time.

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  5. What about sending the covid patients back to the nursing homes they came from? Even as the ships were setting in the harbor waiting on patients?
    Great LIBERAL leadership eh?

  6. Now I see nothing about the Mayor or Governor single out religions in their orders, I do think it covered all persons regardless of religion or no religion.

    • There is nothing about religion in the official orders, but in terms of actual implementation there is definitely bias.

  7. Thank God, they are a stiff-necked people! The long preserved fortitude of the Jewish people makes them a good fit in America. That’s the kind of patriotism that gives me hope in these troubled times.

  8. We have no vaccine, we have no drugs, medications, therapies, to fight this new illness. The fact that you want to pretend it doesn’t exist does not make it safe for those of us who have a brain.

    You people are absolutely nuts. How in the world is society being lied to about the coronavirus, with all of the hundreds of thousands of people worldwide who are dying – yes dying from some illness that has taken over. Whether you want to admit it, or not, we know nothing about the virus other than it is extremely contagious and extremely deadly. Otherwise, the deaths worldwide the sicknesses worldwide would not be occurring. Just because you want to go back to life as it always was. We have no vaccine, we have no drugs, medications, therapies, to fight this new illness. The fact that you want to pretend it doesn’t exist does not make it safe for those of us who have a brain.

    • Lots of things are deadly and dangerous and we do them anyway. People are allowed to drink, smoke, drive, fly, swim, rappel, parachute, hang glide, rock climb”no assist, dive, own guns, knives, hammers, rope, matches,,,etc
      The Bubonic Plague, Spanish Flu, been there done that and we survived.
      Go away and leave the rest of us alone.

    • Agreed, Healthydose. And let the cowards hide out in their homes. They will be alive with no self respect.

    • Yes unfortunately yours is, nothing more than a giant grey lump of shit, poisoned by the leftist, liberal ideology, which is nothing short of mental illness.

    • “We have no vaccine, we have no drugs, medications, therapies, to fight this new illness.” Where have you been during the last three months – temporarily or permanently asleep? What about the thousands who have been saved by hydroxychloroqine + azithromycin (+zinc sulfate), remdesivir, and about five to ten other drugs, medications, therapies? That plus the fact that very likely the disease will probably die out on its own within a year or less due to its very nature. Too many “not too bright folks” like you will believe anything that the one overage, pencil-pushing bureaucrat “expert” tells you even though there are plenty of real practicing experts who say otherwise. Do you believe in unicorns and faeries too?

  9. Both of those BONEHEADS (Cuomo and DE Blasio) need to be LOCKED UP in an INSANE ASSYLUM for their OWN good. They are a MISERABLE FAILURE and need to be REMOVED from OFFICE permanently – ASAP, in HANDCUFFS. One Enlightened Patriot. Team Trump and his allies 2020.

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