Video: Trump Makes Triumphant Appearance At Florida President’s Day Rally… You Have Got To See This

(Tea Party PAC) – Former President Donald Trump made the day of many a conservative when he made a surprise appearance at a President’s Day rally that was held in Florida.

According to reports from Infowars, the energy at the event, which was held in West Palm Beach on Monday, was high with pro-Trump protesters lining the streets to celebrate the holiday and show their support for the former president.

It didn’t take long for the rumor mill to start churning that the former president might be making an appearance, especially since he lives at his Mar-a-Lago resort which is located nearby and could easily pop in for a quick visit.

Well, as it turns out, the folks who thought that this event might attract Trump to come out and thank his supporters for their support soon proved to be true as cameras started rolling and his motorcade drove by.

The entire event was being livestreamed on YouTube by RightSide broadcasting, until the platform decided to cut the stream’s live chat feature.

What better way for the former president to celebrate his second victory against rabid Democrats who were desperately attempting to impeach him so that he wouldn’t be able to run for office in the future? Trump had every reason to be happy about the verdict, especially since the impeachment trial was unconstitutional to begin with.

This just goes to show you that many individuals are still fully on board the Trump train. With so much support, how is it possible that Donald Trump lost the election? It just doesn’t make sense. Not a bit. Clearly, incidents of voter fraud have cheated us out of another four years of the president and his America first agenda.

However, thankfully, he’s not been convicted in this impeachment garbage so the doors are wide open for him to give the White House another go in 2024. However, it’s pretty clear that Trump isn’t going to be sitting around doing nothing for the next several years.

Some are suggesting he take a run for Congress before shooting for the White House in 2024. Can you imagine President Donald Trump as Speaker of the House? Talk about giving the left an aneurysm. Their heads would thoroughly explode.

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  1. Both impeachments were farces. Donald J. Trump is the REAL PRESIDENT! DemocRATS cheated, lied, made up stories, and twisted stories! These DemocRAT politicians are corrupt! They are CRIMINALS!

  2. Is it really possible that sleepy Joe and crooked Harris still think they won completely fairly when then can’t get anyone except family to even listen to them ?


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