Virginia Voter Identifies 1.7 Million Vote Difference Between State And External Reports From 2020 Election… But Can’t Get Any Answers

(Tea Party PAC) – While we’re all pretty familiar with the highly contested states from the 2020 election, it’s become evident that the widespread election fraud occurred in many, many other states as well.

While no one would even think twice about the blue state of Virginia going to Joe Biden, the truth is, it’s starting to look more and more like even that state was stolen in the 2020 election.

The Gateway Pundit has reported on the suspicious late-night ballot dumps that were observed via data from election night. One Virginia voter also noticed the unusual ballot dumps and decided to take a closer look at what happened in the state.

After investigating the data in the state between the final state results and external reports, the voter discovered a 1.7 million vote difference. When he attempted to get answers from state officials, no one would speak with him.

The voter read in an article published by the American Thinker in November that suggested there was voter fraud in the state and cited the suspicious late-night ballot drops as evidence. These are the same ballot drops that the Gateway Pundit also reported on.

The voter first found the source data for the analysis at the New York Times – Edison News feed that was released after the election. He then noticed that there were massive 300,000 ballot drops for Biden in Virginia that were reversed after being posted twice but then entered a third time and left.

Of course, the likelihood of these huge ballot dumps legitimately occurring is virtually nonexistent but, as TGP pointed out, errors could be to blame that would account for adjustments that “perhaps were addressed by the state.”

The voter found that the results from the NYT-Edison data feed were ultimately very close to the final results reported by the state which led him to believe that the NYT-Edison data feed results were correct.

However, when the voter attempted to reconcile the results from Virginia’s change file with the results from the NYT-Edison data feed he ran into a massive 1.7 million vote difference. The state’s change file was missing these votes and the file was incomplete, at best.

Naturally, the voter believed that the change file should match the state’s final reported results but when he attempted to get answers from state officials as to why there was such a dramatic difference, he was ignored and dismissed.

He emailed the Department of Elections on Dec. 5 and requested that the change file be updated but the Department did not respond. He then contacted the Governor via the state’s website to no avail.

He was able to get the help of an assistant for his State Delegate who reached out to the Department multiple times but even she was unable to get a response.

Perhaps the state’s changelog is just simply incomplete. Why won’t the state respond to inquiries over this and just update it? The fact that this voter is essentially being stonewalled by the state only raises further concerns that Virginia is among many states that were stolen in the 2020 election.

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  1. I thought they were in question the initial days following the election, they VA disappeared off the challenge map. But with their governor is it any surprise. Don’t you know Northam doesn’t want his people suspicious of fraud in VA with the governor’s election coming this fall.

  2. wow so it looks like Biden would be getting away with all of these fraud allegation so when will the supreme court hear this case and if they don t want to then i believe every state should break away from the union

  3. Jeff. Interesting suggestion. Like “Operation Chaos” from Rush Limbaugh a few years ago. Should be seriously considered as a counter measure, until we finally drain that stinking swamp.

    • Nothing can be done, because those who committed the crimes of voter fraud, are the same people who are in charge of holding and storing the evidence, and that is the problem not only here, but in every state that was stolen, they refuse to release the evidence, and without it you can’t get a court to accept your accusations and charges.

      The Democrat Party leaders have taken serious a long time ago about what Stalin said about elections, that he doesn’t really care how the people vote, he only cared about the people counting the votes.

      So how did all these states that we know have perpetrated voter fraud, even though their governments are controlled by Republicans, all those in charge of the voting systems are Democrats, makes one wonder how that ever happened.

  4. I am sure that if an inspection were conducted of all ballots in states which went to Biden/Harris, there would be more than a few unexplainable discrepancies found. Americans have to keep the pressure on, because we can’t expect the Democrats to exhibit any concern.

  5. It’s hard to prove fraud in the election when you can’t get anyone/ courts to look into what people have come across in many investigations. You will never get 75 million people who now think the elections are now fixed to change thier minds if you don’t consider their concerns. Imagine people having proof of a mass murderer but nobody will listen and murders keep happening. Well that’s our future in all elections!

  6. I feel sure nothing will be changed. The Demos have gotten away with it and, very likely, will do it again. Creating another conservative party will not accomplish anything. Rather, it will be a “divide and conquer” situation which benefits the liberals who are inebriated with desire for control/power. The cheating must stop. But how? Even the courts won’t listen.

    • Carlos you are correct about starting another party, it won’t change the cheating. This is what I’m telling everyone that supported President trump. You need to register as democrats, why because you now get two votes to get rid of the democrat you do not like like Pelosi/Schumer and others where you live. You now can vote in the democrat primaries, which is the way to defeat the democrats and fraud in elections. Imagine a person running against Schumer and winning by a big margin with 90% of the vote in and then losses the next day. Do you think the losing democrat will complain of fraud, YES and now the media will have to cover the unusual results. This is how to stop the fraud! In the general election you can vote for whoever you like so there is your second vote against the democrat you might not like. It doesn’t matter what you call yourself Democrat or Republican it only matters what you believe. Imagine when the democrats do thier polls and they start calling democrats that are really trump supporters, do you think thier polls will be totally messed up. When you put the fox in the hen house you get total chaos. Carlos tell all your friends this is what they need to do!

  7. may i be cynical? maybe it was all the dead people and maybe, the non-doc people that just showed up? how about the mail in? you know, the ones that the dems said were fine, but now are questioning the recall of gruesome in CA, with the signatures and addresses. yeah!

  8. This STONWALLING is for a REASON . . . and it’s NOT for an HONEST one. Perhaps JUDICIAL WATCH should SUE for an ANSWER! One Enlightened And HOPEFUL Patriot. team Trump and His Allies 2020 – MAGA (WE’RE NOT going away!).


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