HERE’S THE LIST: 83 GOP Lawmakers Refused to Object to Rampant Fraud in the AZ Presidential Election

(Tea Party PAC) – If there’s one major thing that President Donald Trump has accomplished during his term in the Oval Office, it’s exposing the frauds in the Republican Party so that we know who is legitimate on the side of the patriots in this country and who is simply using the movement in order to line their pockets and enjoy a cushy career.

Nowhere in the last four years has that become more obvious than right now with the battle for the White House drawing to a close. We’ve witnessed so many pieces of evidence come to the surface that clearly indicate voter fraud is responsible for the president’s loss that you’d think GOP lawmakers would be all in when an opportunity came to help expose this corruption.

However, that’s not the case. In fact, a lot of Republicans don’t seem to believe the affidavits, videos, and other piece of data that show voter fraud played a part in changing the results of the election. This might explain why so many decided not to object to the Electoral College certification that took place on Wednesday.

According to a report from Gateway Pundit, 83 GOP lawmakers decided not to join in with the 121 other Republicans who objected to the fraudulent election results from the state of Arizona.

And now, there’s been a list of all 83 individuals who didn’t object to the results released so you can see exactly who is responsible for helping Joe Biden become the next president.

So what should be done with this list of people? Each and every one of them should be primaried the next time they are up for election. This is the best way to send a message to them. Fire them from their cushy jobs. Don’t allow them to get wealthy off your tax dollars. We have two years to accomplish this.

Here’s the list:

  • Amodei Republican Nevada NAY
  • Armstrong Republican North Dakota NAY
  • Bacon Republican Nebraska NAY
  • Balderson Republican Ohio NAY
  • Barr Republican Kentucky NAY
  • Bentz Republican Oregon NAY
  • Buchanan Republican Florida NAY
  • Buck Republican Colorado NAY
  • Bucshon Republican Indiana NAY
  • Chabot Republican Ohio NAY
  • Cheney Republican Wyoming NAY
  • Comer Republican Kentucky NAY
  • Crenshaw Republican Texas NAY
  • Curtis Republican Utah NAY
  • Davis, Rodney Republican Illinois NAY
  • Emmer Republican Minnesota NAY
  • Feenstra Republican Iowa NAY
  • Ferguson Republican Georgia NAY
  • Fitzpatrick Republican Pennsylvania NAY
  • Fortenberry Republican Nebraska NAY
  • Foxx Republican North Carolina NAY
  • Gallagher Republican Wisconsin NAY
  • Garbarino Republican New York NAY
  • Gonzales, Tony Republican Texas NAY
  • Gonzalez (OH) Republican Ohio NAY
  • Graves (LA) Republican Louisiana NAY
  • Grothman Republican Wisconsin NAY
  • Guthrie Republican Kentucky NAY
  • Herrera Beutler Republican Washington NAY
  • Hill Republican Arkansas NAY
  • Hinson Republican Iowa NAY
  • Hollingsworth Republican Indiana NAY
  • Huizenga Republican Michigan NAY
  • Johnson (SD) Republican South Dakota NAY
  • Joyce (OH) Republican Ohio NAY
  • Katko Republican New York NAY
  • Keller Republican Pennsylvania NAY
  • Kinzinger Republican Illinois NAY
  • Kustoff Republican Tennessee NAY
  • LaHood Republican Illinois NAY
  • Latta Republican Ohio NAY
  • Mace Republican South Carolina NAY
  • Massie Republican Kentucky NAY
  • McCaul Republican Texas NAY
  • McClintock Republican California NAY
  • McHenry Republican North Carolina NAY
  • McKinley Republican West Virginia NAY
  • Meijer Republican Michigan NAY
  • Meuser Republican Pennsylvania NAY
  • Miller-Meeks Republican Iowa NAY
  • Moolenaar Republican Michigan NAY
  • Mooney Republican West Virginia NAY
  • Moore (UT) Republican Utah NAY
  • Murphy (NC) Republican North Carolina NAY
  • Newhouse Republican Washington NAY
  • Owens Republican Utah NAY
  • Pence Republican Indiana NAY
  • Reed Republican New York NAY
  • Rodgers (WA) Republican Washington NAY
  • Roy Republican Texas NAY
  • Schweikert Republican Arizona NAY
  • Scott, Austin Republican Georgia NAY
  • Simpson Republican Idaho NAY
  • Smith (NJ) Republican New Jersey NAY
  • Smucker Republican Pennsylvania NAY
  • Spartz Republican Indiana NAY
  • Stauber Republican Minnesota NAY
  • Stefanik Republican New York NAY
  • Steil Republican Wisconsin NAY
  • Stewart Republican Utah NAY
  • Stivers Republican Ohio NAY
  • Taylor Republican Texas NAY
  • Thompson (PA) Republican Pennsylvania NAY
  • Turner Republican Ohio NAY
  • Upton Republican Michigan NAY
  • Van Duyne Republican Texas NAY
  • Wagner Republican Missouri NAY
  • Waltz Republican Florida NAY
  • Wenstrup Republican Ohio NAY
  • Westerman Republican Arkansas NAY
  • Wittman Republican Virginia NAY
  • Womack Republican Arkansas NAY
  • Young Republican Alaska NAY

These individuals need to be reminded that they work for the people of the United States. If we’re all concerned about voter fraud having a significant impact on the country and our elections, then they have a duty and an obligation to also be concerned about it and take proper steps to thoroughly investigate things and hold accountable individuals who engage in this form of treasonous behavior.

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  1. Breitbart is covering for these traitors. Oppo to the impeachment (which was never going anywhere in the Senate) is being used to rehab traitors like McClintock, Ron Paul & Elise Stefanik who voted to confirm the coup d’etat.

    Just today, there’s an article portraying Elise Stefanik as a heroine because she opposed the impeachment that was going nowhere anyway. The comments are full of Stefanik shills. Bb has long had a weird relationship with her that smells like Payola.

  2. Joyce from Ohio talks conservative at election time but walks Rino the rest of the time. He also needs to be primaried out.

  3. Get rid of all these TRAITORS!!! Bunch of doorknobs!!! We will remember and vote them all out!!! President Trump is one of the if not the best President we ever had!!!!

  4. I suspect that many of us don’t have ‘standing’ since we don’t live in their districts. Mine is a do nothing dem so I’m stuck.
    That being said, there were several surprises on that list. I ‘might’ be willing to give these folks the benefit of the doubt IF they can articulate even one solitary valid reason for wimping out. Nah, who am I kidding, they are all now categorized as ‘republicavers’ (they would have to work to become rinos) and should likely be recalled by the folks in their districts.

  5. Cheaters, cowards, unAmerican. Guess United States of China sounds good to you. Disgusting display of non-leadership and power hungry politicians.

  6. You bet I support President TRUMP.I NEVER DOUBTED HIM AT ANY TIME.

  7. They need to hang their heads in SHAME. They are now known as TRAITOR RINOS, BIG TIME.WE, THE PEOPLE. WONT FORGET THEIR NAMES.

  8. I believe the RINOs in the Republican Party who luckily come up for reelection in 2 years should be primary out. We need to start looking for their replacement. You have to give those soul less democrats credit they think like a herd, they swim in the same swamp and they stick together like glue. Republicans in congress (most) are spineless and will always betray the party. They talk a good talk during the campaign to get our donations and votes and should have run for the Dems because they are indeed wolf in sheep clothes. Among the list of Nays very chilling, Owens from Utah, this one blows my mind. We will see them in 2 years for sure!!

  9. The official list of Republican Swamp Dwellers. They think that they are free to ontinue their abuse of their constituents and voters. Trump supporters will be prepared to address their hippocracy during their next campaign.

  10. Ok people , make copy of this list ! Post it where you can see it everyday, as things get worse remember who allowed it to happen. your “rep” will have some explaining to do when election time( if we are still allowed to vote by then) rolls around !

  11. Actually, it’s exactly what Rush said..if you want to live in Washington and have any kind of a job in the government, you must denounce anything Trump..this better be an eye opener to all of us..Democrats included..This is not something that just happened..this whole move has been planned for years. Think about it..are we stupid or just naive, or just plain complacent. Think about what is going on with this Chinese disease..think about Soros, and all of his little businesses.I.e. “Move on” “Progressive Insurance”, and a multitude more. Better yet..think about our children and what they have done to them in schooling..they know nothing about history or government, because it has all been removed..they go to college, and come home hating that normal? It’s deep, and should have been addressed long before now. The social Democrats are out to take us down..The never Trumpers are only concerned with their social status in Washington. I was born and raised in Washington..its all easy to identify. I see my beautiful city being torn up and Muriel Bowser is only concerned with race. She is a piss poor mayor and nobody likes her. This is a moment of truth for all of us. I knew that when Obama stayed in Washington after he was President..that something was definitely up..He has always hated Donald Trump..that’s because our President has something on him. Obama brought all of his trash with him and they never left..that was the plan..
    Wake up America..Do you want us to end up like Caracas?
    The reason they want him out of the picture, is that they are afraid of him. They will never get rid of his base.

  12. Many thanks for this list… I have been wishing for it! In response to a request for a donation by the Texas Republican Party, I have responded by telling them that my
    donations in the future will be only to individual Congressmen, not to the entire group. I don’t want
    so much as $1.00 of my money going to these backstabbers!
    Sarah Beene; Tyler, Texas

  13. Why are all of YOU afraid to have the voter fraud looked into? So what are you afraid will be found? AHA! VOTER FRAUD! How dare you not do your job for the American people. It is beyond shocking that you REFUSED to do anything for your president and the American public! The one thing I will say about the Republican Party is you know exactly how to ROLL OVER AND PLAY DEAD. You have lots of practice because that is all you do. We no longer are giving one dime to the Republican Party. None of you have had the GUTS to stand and fight for our great country, which will now be DESTROYED. Term limits are necessary. Get you dinosaurs out of office. Stop this GET RICH SCHEMES you all profit from. STOP THE CORRUPTION. STOP THE SEWER, STOP THE SELF SERVING POLITICIANS. GOD HELP OUR COUNTRY. Between the DUFUS and LIBERALISM we are now facing in office we are going to need DIVINE INTERVENTION.

  14. What these 83 do nothing Rino have shown without a doubt there is no loyalty in the Republican party. We are in need of positive party unity not Obama divisiveness you are here to represent those of us who voted you in office. So do your damn jobs remember you work for us WE THE PEOPLE.

  15. In all of this mess we now see the two real political parties – the crooked Communists and the Cowards. What happened to the America I grew up in and my grandparents came to? Truth, honesty and courage have disappeared, I hope not forever.


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