WAR! Conservatives Must Drain the Swamp, Or Else!

(PCC)The swamp has a secret plug at the bottom! Let’s pull it and drain it once and for all! Americans must focus on the urgent need to address the bureaucratic behemoth which has firmly established itself within the corridors of power in Washington, D.C.

Throughout the years, esteemed advisors and influential members of the managerial elite have discreetly advised presidents, spanning from Reagan to Trump, on the notion that the elimination of excessively large government agencies, termination of federal employees, and revocation of federal regulations cannot be accomplished without the explicit consent of Congress. Upon closer examination of the legislation, it becomes evident the interpretation differs significantly. In other words ‘Pull The Plug’.

Conservatives must confidently assert the U.S. President possesses the authority to massively decrease the size of the federal workforce by more than 10% and potentially close down five government agencies within the initial year of assuming office. This bold strategy, combined with the repeal of numerous federal regulations deemed unconstitutional by the swamp, could potentially bring about a significant transformation in the political arena.

The overarching objective? To uphold the original intent of our Founding Fathers, it is crucial to reinstate the three branches of government while simultaneously addressing concerns surrounding the administrative state, which some argue operates outside the boundaries of our Constitution. Conservatives must have a comprehensive strategy which will yield concrete outcomes upon assuming the highest position of authority in the nation.

  • Secret Plug At The Bottom – Little known exemptions, which grant the President the authority to terminate specific federal employees occupying policy-making positions. In an effort to enhance operational effectiveness within the federal government. Conservatives must have an alternative strategy: circumventing the backdoor and opting for the front door of current statutes to achieve the reduction of civil servants via widespread layoffs. According to the individual, this action is deemed crucial in order to address the excessive bureaucracy in Washington, D.C.

Look at the provisions of the Presidential Reorganization Act, which confer upon the President legal power to:

  • close down and restructure agencies under specific conditions.
  • utilize Presidential power to reform the FBI, ATF, Department of Education, Nuclear Regulatory Commission, and other entities.
  • transfer bureaucratic back-office workers to the private sector, with the intention of reorganizing front-line agents to address urgent matters such as the fentanyl epidemic and financial crimes.

Conservatives must invigorate the economy by alleviating the burden of regulations which have impeded American businesses for a considerable period of time.

Conservatives must eliminate numerous regulations which have hindered economic growth and stifled innovation.

Therefore, the urgent domestic priority of all conservatives must be to craft a powerful agenda and dismantle the swamp and the Washington power machine, not an easy task!

Final Word: Conservatives must be grounded in substantive actions rather than mere rhetoric or ambiguous statements. Conservatives must plan to revitalize our Constitutional Republic, bolster the economy, and address the excessive bureaucracy in the Washington Swamp! Lets pull the plug and drain the swamp or we could watch our beloved nation slow be eaten alive by filthy swamp creatures.




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