WARNING – Destroy A City Get A Check

WARNING – Profane and insulting language contained in this article. If you are weak or frighten easily stop reading now!

(PCC)How does liberal anarchist support themselves between looting, burnings, and rioting? They get a fat check from the very city they destroyed! OMG!

Those sick Mother Fxckers should be in jail NOT rewarded with a check and an apology! Got it!

When Fox News reported this headline: ‘New York City agrees to pay Black Lives Matter protesters $13 million in new mass arrests settlement’ I couldn’t believe my eyes and had research the New York agreement just to verify and sure enough, there it was! Those SOB’s stole tens of millions of private properties from high end stores, shoplifted, burned, killed, and forced good families out of business not to mention ruined countless lives and now they get a check!

This deal has angered me! It’s disappointing New York City is honoring 2020 Black Lives Matter demonstrators who were violent and disruptive. The city paying over $13 million to protesters who caused property damage, assault, arson, and other violence is inexcusable.

This settlement is wrong. Instead of holding violent and chaotic people accountable, it seems to encourage and condone harmful behavior. The city’s financial support of these demonstrators is sickening at best.

The settlement’s failure to hold those rioters accountable is shocking. Lack of accountability compounds irritation and disappointment. The authorities must accept responsibility and improve protest management.

The defense’s use of qualified immunity to protect police officers from legal job lawsuits is also distressing. It can enable further crime and harm innocent people.

The settlement’s inaction on NYPD policing is also shocking and disappointing. The city appears to be ignoring the need for reform and accountability.

This deal disappoints law-abiding, peaceful protesters. It exacerbates social discord. I think peaceful protests should be encouraged and violent protesters punished.

Final Word: I have no words for this travesty! Horrible, shocking, and deeply disappointing comes to mind!  Maybe we are all in the wrong business. Building, earning, and moral conduct is now grunt work, where burning, looting murder and arson is protected in the one-world’s enlightened path toward a greater step in evolutionary progress! 🤢




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