WARNING: Great Depression 2024 Ahead!

(PCC)The stark truth is staring America in the face and it is an ugly portrayal of the failed Bidenomics. The precarious state of the U.S. economy is cause for concern. If prices and inflation fail to decrease in the near future, a dire situation  can only be rectified by Congress and the White House implementing spending cuts, the United States will inevitably plunge into yet another colossal economic catastrophe.

Should such a situation come to pass, it is imperative  the American people remain cognizant of those who bear the responsibility for it.

As the Biden administration persistently promotes its purported accomplishments under the banner of “Bidenomics,” an increasing body of evidence suggests  a colossal economic crisis may be looming on the horizon.

Alarmingly, a crucial economic indicator, which hasn’t been observed since the 1930s amidst the catastrophic Great Depression, is now resurfacing. If the reckless spending habits of the White House and Congress are not curtailed in a timely manner, the potential consequences could be nothing short of catastrophic.

In order to fully understand the significance of the events  unfolded, it is crucial to examine the historical context in which they occurred.

In the tumultuous year of 2020, as the coronavirus pandemic gripped the nation and forced government-imposed lockdowns, President Donald Trump, along with the Democratic-led Congress, made the decision to inject substantial sums of money into various sectors of the economy. This unprecedented move aimed to safeguard the financial system and prevent the stock market from collapsing under the weight of the crisis.

However, the reckless and extravagant government spending spree resulted in an astronomical increase in national debt, with trillions of dollars being shamelessly borrowed and printed. The unprecedented surge in money creation was driven by the Federal Reserve’s policies, which incentivized Congress to ramp up spending and maintained historically low interest rates, even in the face of economists’ cautionary notes regarding potential inflationary risks.

When President Biden assumed office in January 2021, many conservatives hoped  the economic crisis resulting from the pandemic lockdowns would swiftly come to an end. As a result, numerous states across the nation have taken decisive steps towards reopening their economies, recognizing the urgent need to restore normalcy and revitalize their communities. Instead of responsibly reducing spending to pre-pandemic levels, President Biden and the Democratic-controlled Congress, supported by the Federal Reserve, made the decision to maintain elevated government expenditures at an alarming rate.

Inflation Skyrockets and more to come. The reckless decision to persist with exorbitant government spending, combined with the Federal Reserve’s inexplicable determination to keep interest rates artificially low, and the dire consequences stemming from the crisis in Ukraine, have resulted in an alarming surge in inflation, reaching levels unprecedented in the past forty years.

In a shocking turn of events, prices for a wide range of consumer items, including essential commodities such as eggs, milk, and even gasoline, have witnessed an unprecedented surge.

In a stunning turn of events, our nation finds itself in a dire economic situation, reminiscent of the dark days of the Great Depression. The current state of affairs has left many Americans grappling with unprecedented levels of financial hardship and uncertainty.

In a commendable attempt to rectify its previous missteps and rein in the rampant inflation plaguing our economy, the Federal Reserve embarked on an uncharted course of action in 2022 by significantly raising interest rates. This prudent policy has been steadfastly upheld throughout the course of 2023, demonstrating the Fed’s commitment to restoring stability and safeguarding the financial well-being of our nation.

In a stunning display of fiscal irresponsibility, the Biden administration and Congress have shamelessly continued to indulge in exorbitant government spending, surpassing even the already inflated levels seen prior to the pandemic.

Due to the implementation of these policies, the inflation rate has indeed experienced a decline, albeit insufficient to effectively combat rising prices. In the wake of the pandemic, consumer goods and services, along with rent and housing prices, have experienced a significant surge, surpassing their pre-pandemic levels.

Surprisingly, the money supply, encompassing cash, checkable deposits, and bank savings accounts, has experienced a significant decline. Despite the ongoing increase in prices, the alarming decline in available funds is placing an unparalleled burden on American families.

In a stunning turn of events, the money supply has experienced an unprecedented drop. This alarming development has sent shockwaves through the financial markets, leaving economists and experts scrambling for answers. The sudden contraction in the money supply raises serious

The recent economic data reveals a concerning trend in the annual M2 money supply growth rate, which has experienced a negative trajectory over the past three quarters. This alarming development indicates a rapid contraction in the available money supply.

Over the course of the last 110 years, a striking similarity has emerged in the United States, reminiscent of a bygone era  still haunts the memories of many Americans – the early 1930s, a time marked by the devastating Great Depression. The recent sharp decline in the money supply has triggered concerns among citizens, as it echoes a period of economic turmoil and hardship  we must not forget.

The Distressing Plight of American Families are coming to critical mass. The detrimental consequences of the Federal Reserve’s policies and the Biden administration’s reckless spending, which has led to rampant inflation, have plunged American families into a state of grave distress. In a concerning trend, an alarming number of individuals are depleting their hard-earned savings and resorting to borrowing money to meet their fundamental needs, such as nourishment, essential services, and shelter.

The Biden administration and Congress find themselves embroiled in a fierce clash over excessive spending. If a deal is not swiftly reached, there is a looming possibility of a temporary government shutdown. In this critical juncture, it is imperative to curtail expenditures and restore fiscal prudence in the nation’s capital, Washington, D.C., lest we face dire consequences in the near future.

Final Word: Brace yourself the economy of Blue run States and their cities have just gone national! Their failed economic policies will gut the financial foundation of the US just like they do in Blue States and Blues city budgets.

Here is what you should do next: pay off your debts, store up cash, food and living necessities and then, put your head between your knees and kiss you’re A$$ goodbye!



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