Was The 2020 Election Rigged? The US State Department Seems To Suggest So…

(Tea Party PAC) – President Trump is alleging there was massive scale voter fraud and corruption during the 2020 presidential election and when considering the voting anomalies and irregularities, he would appear to be correct. He may be further justified in taking this stance when you take a look at the precedents set by our own State Department in terms of what constitutes a “rigged” election.

OANN Chief White House correspondent, Chanel Rion, tweeted out some interesting information suggesting that by the United States own State Department’s standards, the 2020 election would qualify as a “rigged election.”

On the State Department’s own website, you can clearly see that back in 2004 our government was monitoring the Ukrainian elections and after seeing some suspicious events that took place there the State Dept. labeled it a “rigged election.” It was given this designation because of a “wave of oddities that mirror exactly what happened during the 2020 election here in America,” as Red States reports.

Rion tweeted a screenshot of the relevant information from the State Dept’s website and wrote on Twitter, “Bottom Line: According to our own State Dept’s assessment of corrupt foreign elections, the 2020 US elections do not meet its own standards.”

If you go to the State Dept’s website yourself, you can see exactly what Rion is talking about.

In Ukraine “massive electoral fraud was committed through the illegal use of absentee voter certificates.” People were literally caught red-handed with pockets “stuffed” with black absentee ballots that they were filling out for themselves. In Pennsylvania, it’s been reported that dead people have been voting in their elections and video evidence surfaced which appeared to show a poll worker filling out ballots when he was supposed to be counting them.

Another noted indication of a rigged election in Ukraine was that opposition poll observers were ejected and this happened in both Detroit and Philadelphia.

The State Dept also notes unusually high voter turnout as a red flag for corruption. The website says that “In several electoral districts, turnout for the run-off round increased by 30 to 40 percent over the first round.” It also notes that “In Luhansk oblast, the reported turnout rate hit nearly 96 percent.” Areas of Wisconsin reported voter turnouts anywhere from 90% to 100%.

There was evidence in Ukraine that “Yanukovych supporters gained illegal access to the Central Election Commission’s computer system and illegally altered vote tabulation data being transmitted” and in the US we have seen major vote shifts seemingly overnight in favor of Joe Biden. In Wisconsin there was a 138,000 unanswered vote swing in favor of Biden in the middle of the night after Election Day.

These similarities are uncanny but don’t expect Democrats to give it a fair look. They’re too busy celebrating Joe Biden’s supposed win. According to our own government’s standards the US 2020 election would qualify as a “rigged election” yet the media continues right on treating Joe Biden as if he won fair and square.

Their behavior alone should be enough to raise suspicion as to the integrity of this election.

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  1. The only rigging done was by Trump, to go up 5 million votes after his negligent homicides of tens of thousands of Americans, destroying the economy, destroying civility and all of our alliances, and Putin butt kissing and asking Putin and Ukraine help in fixing the election and GOP operatives hacking into the machines.

  2. Not just president even Congress and Senate were rigged. People who did bad things win when shouldn’t other conservatives had huge lead and it taken away. The democracts have not win their elections fair they had cheating all around

  3. the leftist media in america is like having a bought and paid for jury that lets the cattle rustler off free before the trial even gets started-and biden and the democrats surely qualify as cattle rustlers-
    always thought we hanged cattle rustlers- we should be hanging democrats for sure-

  4. This was a BULL SHIT election the Democrats stole. Congress of the Supreme Court should invalidate the entire election and have a full recall.

    • I second that. There were democracts who won should have been in jail. Alot of shady elections with these democracts

  5. Look for the Left to try and turn Sen. Mitt Romney to caucus with the Dems. They ripped him up unmercifully with personal attacks when he ran for Pres. Now he is a hero of the Left.


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