Washington DC Mayor Goes Completely Anti-America With This Latest Power Grab

(Tea Party PAC) – While cities across the US have been ransacked and set on fire by radical leftist rioters you would think mayors and governors alike would be utilizing any means necessary to bring an end to the destruction, especially in the wake of the coronavirus which has devastated our economy. You’d be wrong, however, to assume these state and city leaders would want to protect their communities. Democrat politicians nationwide are more than happy to join in and encourage the chaos.

The anti-America, leftist Washington DC Mayor, Muriel Bowser, would rather watch DC burn to the ground than work with the President of the United States. She is a coward, a tyrant, and a traitor not only to her constituents but to the nation. Washington DC is home to the history of our country but Bowser is more concerned with virtue signaling, spreading false information, slandering the President, and adding to racial discord and division than she is with protecting history and her community.

Bowser has kicked out all the National Guard troops called to protect DC by the President. While rioters destroy the city Bowser is too busy taking a stand for her own authority and defending domestic terrorists. This woman is sick.

The Gateway Pundit reports:

Washington DC Mayor Bowser announced on Thursday she was examining every legal question about the Presidents’ authority to send troops, even National Guard from other states, to the District of Columbia.

Mayor Bowser said, “I have the authority and have not requested guard from any state.”

The DC Mayor then later evicted ALL NATIONAL GUARD from any Washington DC hotel.

On Sunday night leftists defaced the WWII Memorial and Korean War Memorial and torched a 200-year-old church.

One million protesters are expected in Washington DC this weekend.

The Democrats are completely insane today.

According to The Source, Bowser said, “If I wanted troops from Maryland to come into the district, we are a member of a compact, which allows me to make that request specifically to any state National Guard to do that. I have not done that for any state,” the mayor said.

She continued that there are other “federal military assets that we did not request that we understand are under the direction of Attorney General (William) Barr.”

Mayor Bowser does not seem to understand that she does not have control over the National Guard, they are under the authority of the Secretary of the Army and if she refuses to do anything about the lawlessness and chaos occurring in her city she can’t be upset when others decide to do it for her.

This woman is an absolute tyrant to America and the delusional leftists on Twitter are eating it up.

Cheri Jacobus tweeted, “We’re minute-to-minute now as Trump & Barr bear down. Everyone please focus on @MayorBowser & how she’s holding the line against Trump TONIGHT as he tries to take over DC police. Mayor Muriel Bowser is holding him off.

FWIW it’s an African-American female mayor holding the line.”

Holding the line against Trump?? This is madness. Bowser is a lunatic and anyone who supports her anti-American behavior is too.

Don’t be fooled. It is NOT Trump who is trying to “takeover” Washington. It’s the rogue leftist rioters encouraged and supported by Democrat traitors like Bowser.


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  2. I’m just going to say this, why are honest, loyal and Patriotic citizens in the United States (which by the way, are not so “united”) willing to put up with this obvious terrorist attack on our country?

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  4. Browser is the one that lacks legal authority here. FEDERAL law supersedes state and local law. She must be tried for treason. Trump should have his son’s companies house the troops for free. Browser the hitch has NO AUTHORITY. To remove troops from hotels that taxpayers are paying for.

  5. Why isn’t this TREASONISTIC TRAITOR LOCKED UP in HANDCUFFS, removed from Office Permanently for DERILICTION of DUTY? She is a DISGUSTING Traitor to this COUNTRY. Team Trump and his allies 2020.

  6. These Mayors and Governors giving edicts to to the public that are not in congruence with their State s Constitutions or Federal Constitution are not Law. They’re abusing their power of office.

  7. I bet all those veterans that fought and alot died to keep Hitler from taking over the world. Are so pleased with these marxists!!!

  8. She should be thrown out of office and arrested for treason.How much longer will decent people take this. These people are Godless and only want to fuel discord and hate.

  9. Yep typical person that says they don’t need the police until they do! Is it possible to find out if someone owns a gun? If it is someone should look up all Democratic mayors and governors who Own guns and post their names.

  10. Now is the time people vote all these anti-American Marxist…communist out of office period!!!…the silent majority will prevail…..MAGA 2020!!!!!

  11. Let a few of those rioters into the upscale neighborhoods like the ones Obama lives in to destroy THEIR property and this stuff will stop immediately. Those doing the peaceful protesting are too blind to see they are being played for tools/fools. They are cover for those that want to totally destroy our country and rebuild it to better serve the rich and elite – esp our elected elite. You would think people could see what Venezuela has become and take notice. Nope, brainwashed by media, schools, inner city leaders.

  12. If our President didn’t love our country so much as I do I would advise him to protect our monuments and let the mayor be responsible for everything else being destroyed. Eventually a liberal judge would require the fed Govt to pay to rebuild. Lose lose situation as long as liberal haters of our constitution are in power.

  13. Set up the national guard on federal sites in DC. Such as national monument sites. Might not be ideal but she doesn’t own these areas, does she? What about the grounds of the pentagon? We need to protect our NATIONAL Monuments, They are not called DC monuments.

  14. Hay Chier any idiot can do nothing like mayor bowser but Trump a leader he does work for the people, not haters

  15. Now some seem to think that the President is a DICTATOR who can do as he pleases, but sorry to tell you that this is a country of laws which should and must be followed. Now States and territories have rights, guaranteed under the Constitution, and we also have something called the, Posse Comitatus Act, which prohibits using active duty Military for civil population enforcement. We also have the Insurrection Act which says that you can use Active duty Military for “Civil disorder, insurrection and rebellion.” now for this to happen the state must ask for the assistance, and in no way has any of the three conditions have been met. Now peaceful protests are not civil disorder, now the Government it self has said that the peaceful protests are being hijacked by a small number of persons from severla groups, Antifa, a far left Group, Boogalo Boys, a far right group, radical militias, and a few unnamed foreign actors.
    Trump is just running scared, building his base to think the protests are trying to overthrow the governmentm but yet no state governor has said this in any way.
    Now if the Mayor of Washington DC wants the Military out that is under the law that the people must be pressing that mayor to get rid of the militaty presence which looks like a third World Country deploying the Military to support a President, who him self seems to worship AUTOCRATIC LEADERS.
    Now Mil;itary may have to follow orders of the higher ups, but there is also something in the laws which says that if the Military knows the law is illegal, imoral they do not have to follow those orders, now active duty militay are in no way have a right to express their opinion of a President, but when the retired high ranking officers in unison are speaking for the ons who can not voice their opinion. We have a President who has the lowest approval by military of any President in the history of this country, this is known by a poll done with the families of the military members.

    • You need to personally visit an area being destroyed and than you can tell me how to use our resources to combat it. This isn’t about “dictating”! The law abiding citizens of these cities pay their taxes and expect a civil existence in return.

    • Footage of the incident shows police officer Derek Chauvin kneeling on the neck of George Floyd for around eight minutes, despite Floyd repeatedly telling the officer that he couldn’t breathe. Floyd was arrested for allegedly using a fake $20 note in a store.
      His actions have been used by far-left ideologues, Democrats, and Black Lives Matter activists to suggest there is systemic and institutional racism perpetrated against black people. The data(statista and all other website), however, suggests otherwise. Despite white Americans committing less violent crime than many other racial groups, police officers consistently shoot dead more white people every year. WHERE IS THE OUTRAGE THEN?
      IMO and thanks to 1st amendment I can have MY OWN OPINION & EXPRESS IT!! This appears to be a case of police brutality and not racism,

    • And yes THIS IS ABSOLUTELY another COUP ATTEMPT by the democrat party! IMO! KUNG FLU VIRUS WAS CREATED BY demoRACIST,soros,china,un, deepstate,media..etc! The dems struck a deal w/china years ago w/their bs trade agreement so that “THEY”(not AMERICA) can “ALL” prosper, (“THAT PRES. TRUMP WILL STOP!”) Tarriffs put on them was interfering w/”THEIR”(NOT AMERICA)take..The start of “DELUSIONAL COLLUSION” and phony impeachment (“COUP”) BOTH found PRES TRUMP “NOT GUILTY!” Today: “KUNGFLU” virus to be used by “THEM”(not AMERICA)to murder(GENOCIDE)millions of the baby boomer population(most likely vote REPUBLICAN)to regain/TURN AMERICA INTO SOCIALIST/COMMUNISM/NAZI/demoRACIST DICTATORSHIP! This virus was created by the democratic china communist party(DCCP)!!

      All of this mess was planned. A last ditch attempt from the left liberals to destroy everything that this administration has to Make America Great Again. They knew that a two month shut down of small Mom and Pop businesses would end up literally killing from 25% to as much as 40% of all small business and that is p[roving true. They have essentially, by using the biased fake news media, turned a rather simple flu virus into a monster killing machine that would kill everyone who came in contact with it. They knew, by putting FEAR into our lives, especially our women and children, that we would react and in doing so, follow everything they told us to do under the pretence that THEY,BIG GOVERNMENT, was protecting us. No, they were trying to find out just how easily we could be controlled with their fear tactics……..and it has worked. those who have openly defied have been atacked by police issuing citations and in some cases, they wsere arrested and put ion jail. All because they did NOT follow the socialist inspired government mandates. This was not Trump’s doings but those of Pelosi, Schumer, Schiff, Obama, Biden and their deep state shadow government with continued support from the media. Folks, we have been looking at Communism these past two months and how quickly it can destroy a thriving economy and so many lives. Don’t believe me? Look around you at the smaller business that are gone forever.

    • What a bunch of lies regarding references to military support. Now support and prove your statement otherwise some more propaganda and disinformation.

    • Untrue statements, calling on you to prove your comments regarding military and who they back and support as President. As I am from a long line of military families. If you can’t back this up then you are spinning lies and propaganda. You do not speak in broad terms about our military.

    • The ballot box will tell us the fate of America. We have a clear distinction of our choices Socialism or Capitalism. The control is at the ballot box. Every vote should be checked to be a legitimate vote and audited. Those who are not legitimate should be prosecuted as defrauding the American people. Protest should be in every state and demand validation of each vote taken. All voter registries should be cleaned up also as living registered and current resident of that state. I live in one state but I still get information on whether I think this should be on the ballot from a State I no longer live in or have since I retired 9 years ago. My tax records should show I haven’t paid that state’s taxes in 9 years. My prior entry pertained to Robert’s entry.

    • you might read the Constitution before stinking your head in your ASS. First the President is in Charge of all Military Forces whether Active or Non-Active including the National Guard, second DC is not a State its owned by the Federal Government. Your right that States have Rights but because DC is not a State it has ” No ” rights under the Constitution, its attached to Maryland but is SEPARATE. The Sec. of the Army is in control of the National Guard when posted in the DC area which were sent by other States. The Mayor of DC has no control over the National Guard because DC is Federal Property. you might want to get your FACTS straight before making a FOOL of yourself

  16. The “mayor” of D.C. doing What the British tryed to do over 200+ years ago. Yep, BLM? BURN, BURN, BURN!

  17. A few years ago the DC mayor was Marion Berry. He was caught live in a motel with a hooker and coke. He did some time then came out and got re-elected. I wonder if this girl is the hooker he was with!!!

  18. Mayor Muriel Bowser forgets, or doesn’t know, that God destroyed the entire world once for lawlessness for it made Him “grieve” that He had even made mankind. He’s a “law and order” God. Imagine what the universe would be like if He hadn’t created it with such magnificent order and precision.

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