Watch: Absolutely Unreal…Armed Illegal Aliens Open Fire On Border Wall!

(Tea Party PAC) – It really speaks to how little the Democrats think of the average American voter that they actually expect us to believe that literally all the illegal aliens crossing our border are desperate, innocent, law-abiding migrants who just want a safe haven for their children and are escaping apocalyptic violence in their home.

It makes absolutely no sense at all to assume that a porous border only caters to the needs of these migrants.

They blatantly ignore the people who are taking advantage of our weak border enforcement to traffic adults, children, weapons, drugs, and their own criminal selves into our communities.

Who in their right mind thinks that this is OK?

Who in their right mind thinks that a lack of border enforcement is good for anyone, much less the families among these criminals?

It is outrageous. All this shouldn’t even need to be said.

A recent shocking video shows just how much we have to fear when it comes to a porous, unenforced border.

Surveillance video recently caught illegal aliens crossing the border into the US, then, shockingly, opening fire on the border wall in the Yuma Sector of Arizona.

The border shows several individuals milling around, with one inexplicably firing a handgun at the steel barrier near San Luis.

According to Customs and Border Protection:

At approximately 2:55 a.m., camera operators viewed five subjects standing on the west side of the border after they illegally crossed into the United States. The group had traversed east through the dry Colorado riverbed. One of the subjects was seen shooting several times toward the secondary border wall west of San Luis.

A short time later, a truck arrived from Mexico and picked up all five subjects. The individuals crossed back into Mexico and drove away on a nearby Mexican highway before agents could respond.

A few days prior, in Texas, a man jogging near the border was shot and killed. Authorities believe that the bullet was fired from Mexico.

CBS 4 reported:

The Cameron County Sheriff’s Office is conducting a homicide investigation after the body of a 57-year-old male was found on Tuesday, June 18.

The body of Miguel Angel Valdez Hernandez was found by a farm worker near the Rio Grande River Levee, south of Riverside Road in Brownsville at approximately 4 p.m Tuesday afternoon.

Deputy Chief Gus Reyna said that an initial investigation indicated Hernandez was jogging by the river levee. Preliminary autopsy results revealed the cause of death was a gunshot wound to Hernandez’s body.

Police are seeking “a small, white, extended cab truck as a vehicle of interest,” which was carrying “several individuals in the bed of the truck.”

“It is believed that the shot that killed Hernandez may have come from Mexico and Mexican authorities have been contacted to assist in this investigation,” according to CBS 4.