Watch: Adam Schiff And Cohorts Drinking, Cheering To Celebrate Impeachment At Swanky DC Restaurant

(Tea Party PAC) – Adam Schiff, House Intel Chairman, known liar, and ringleader of the Democrats’ sham impeachment was busted partying it up at a swanky DC-area restaurant on Tuesday night to celebrate with fellow Democrat lawmakers.

A video of the cheerful party was posted to Twitter by Washington-based CEO Alex Brueswitz.

Brueswitz had been seated nearby.

“Hosting my holiday dinner at Charlie Palmer tonight,” Bruesewitz said. “Adam Schiff & House members thought that they would also come to one of the most expensive places in DC to celebrate their impeachment sham.”

“So in touch with the American people!” he added. “I lost my appetite because of these scum bags.”

Who can blame him?

He also said that he saw Schiff and all the Democrat members of the House Intel committee “at a fancy restaurant last night drinking and cheering about the ‘impeachment.’”

“Now they’ll be on TV today saying what a somber and sad day in history this is. These people disgust me,” he said.

Seriously! What happened to “prayerful”? SMH!

Eric Bolling retweeted the video, noting, “These elected officials have pretty darn expensive taste at the expense of taxpayers and special interest groups. #SwampDwellers”

These people are sick.


  1. How much is this party costing the taxpayers? I can’t believe that supposedly intelligent men could listen and believe his lies. Proven lies. It’s time for them to do what they were elected to do. Not make up a story and set about proving it true.

  2. They are Celebrating far to early. Nutsy is holding on to the articles till after the 2020 vote if she ever sends them to the Senate. She does not want the FARCE to be in the News until after the 2020 election since it would turn Votes against the Democrapic Party at election time and they would lose the House and not take the Senate or the White House. So should not celebrate just yet.

  3. Impeach Adam Schiffty, Peloosi, NoNadsler, Schutmer!!!!

    And, refund my tax payer dollars for the criminal sham of a house witch hunt as they stirred their cauldron in the underground of the taxpayers gov building!! REFUND for all!

  4. Well, I’ll tell you what, Mr/Mrs/It SpeakTruth2Power – November’s comin’, and there WILL be a reckoning, do you understand? If you think 2016 was bad, you ain’t seen NUTHIN’ yet, you commie scumbags!

  5. So, who EXACTLY believes a word these scum bags say?!? Celebrating something as somber as an Impeachment of a sitting US President, cheering and laughing about it?!?!?

    They are known two-faced liars, and I PRAY people remember them when their trashy names once again come up in a Voting Booth. THROW these leftist America hating vermin out of Office and off our “Hill”!!!

  6. Yep, so much for their wearing black with their heads bowed and the sad faces saying “this is a sad and sorrowful day for our country”. What a bunch of phonies. I don’t care if you are Rep or Dem – how could you ever side with these fake looneytoons.

  7. These Democratics are frickin scum bags and crooks. Sad day for them my ass. I’m so mad right now that I’d like to tell them what all Republicans and some Democrats feel about this whole hoax.

  8. This is the way that our Democratic members of Congress feel their utter contempt of the US Tax Payer. You can well bet that this gathering cost us all several thousand dollars of our hard earned tax payer money. I could only hope and pray that these same people could be charged with the same crimes but to include sedition, that they have unlawfully charged President Trump with.

  9. SpeakTruth2Power obviously has taken his/her facts from CNN. It would be a travesty of justice for a President to be elected by California and New York. That is why we have the electoral college. To ensure fairness, something of which the Democrats know nothing about. The House Spanish inquisition was anything but fair. The American people know that. That’s why I predict a landslide election for Trump/Pence in 2020. Join me in the vote to put socialists like SpeakTruth2Power in the rearview mirror.

  10. I pray that the American people wake up to what these lying hypocrites that could care less about the Amer ican people, I want our money back on waht they spent that is taxpayer money they use for their lquor et. time for them to pay up they were elected to represent the people not their self serving idiocy as a former life long dem they can take that party and stuff it where the sun doesnt shine, wake up American you are being screwed

  11. I made an error. Trump supporters make of 40% of the population. 60% of voters are either Dems or Independents. So maybe you should take basic math and reading.

  12. I am an American and I am among the 66 million that did not vote for the Nazi. So, as far as I am concerned, Putin’s lapdog is not my President. Schiff and company have just as much right to celebrate the holidays together as you heretics and Nazis do. At least he probably believes in God. DJT does not even know he is not the “Chosen One.” If anything , he is the son of Lucifer and the beast described in Revelations.Look at your Fuhrer, you can see the horns covered by the fake hair,

    • Really? The GAoP will regret it. You are only 49% of the population at most. Time to end Minority rule where 50+ senators represent 7% of the population.

    • SpeakTruth2Power Power – polls showed that Hillary would WIN the 2016 election hands down without a doubt — even if the “polls” showed that there is emperical evidence to suggest that there are a LOT of supporters for DJT who do not voice their support for fear of retribution from the “tolerant and inclusive” Left (Antifa, BLM, etc) it seems pretty obvious from reading your posts that you are a happy little ball of sunshine intent on sharing your joy with the whole world

  13. a dam schitt, zombie pooplosi
    It ain’t over till the fat lady sings
    The senate will reverse the impeachment and then they’ll investigate and impeach your lying sissy ass and bring you and zombie pooplosi up on criminal charges. That comes from a good source. So eat drink and sodomize your fellow scumbags because the chickens are coming home to roost.

    • Senate does not have the authority to reverse an Impeachment. They can fail to remove him from office but DJT is IMPEACHED forever! Please Teympers, read your Constitution before telling more lies.

  14. They are parting on my taxpayer money. REALLY Adam? You go after my president who was elected by the American people and then you spend my money to celebrate?
    I hope you lose the next election. I will donate to whoever every opposes you for sure.

    • They get paid a salary just like you and have the right to go to dinner just like you. The Fuhrer is IMPEACHED and people are to go into mourning?!? Oh happy days, someone held that con man to account!


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