Watch: Democrat Exec Makes Insane Statement About 2020 And What He’ll Do To “Nazis In The Street”

(Tea Party PAC) – If the year 2020 has taught us anything, it’s that the number of individuals on the left becoming mentally deranged, unhinged, and extremely violent is rapidly increasing. We’ve witnessed progressives rioting in the streets and burning down businesses in the name of racial equality every night on the evening news for months now.

We have video footage of hardcore Antifa members killing Trump supporters. Folks on the left are wishing conservatives dead. Threatening the family members of conservative politicians. The list goes on and on.

And now, according to The Gateway Pundit, we have new video from Project Veritas of a Democrat staffer and chairman for a non-profit working out of the Denver area, admitting that 2020 is a “political revolution” and saying that Democrats will do whatever it takes to take over political power.

This is truly scary, folks.

According to Kristopher Jacks, head of “Our Revolution,” the Democrats “want to change this country with violence…there’s only one way to do it,” he stated. “Guillotines motherf*cker — killing random Nazis in the street.”

Who are the Nazis Jacks is referring to? Well, that would be anyone with a conservative point of view. Which means that if you, if you’re a fan of the material you read here. These individuals are totally losing their minds and talking about very dangerous things, ladies and gentlemen. The Second Amendment has never been more important than it is right now.

Jacks went on to say, “Joe Biden is presumably left-leaning and he’s got a functioning signing hand. I do think there needs to be a militant group and I love Antifa for that reason.”

Like a true coward, Jacks deleted his Twitter account after the video was released.

It’s about time that Antifa is officially designated a left-wing terrorist organization. We have plenty of evidence to support their involvement in much violence and civil unrest this year and many years prior, since the beginning of the Trump administration.

A plot is being hatched by some of these radicals to try and end our republic and replace it with a socialist system that will ultimately lead to the destruction of economic prosperity and personal liberty. We must fight back, in legal ways, educating hearts and minds about what conservatives really believe. If we don’t engage the culture in this way, the radical left will continue to do so and individuals like Kristopher Jacks will become more prevalent. Our youth are being radicalized, encouraged to join a movement that is ultimately against their own interests.

Valuing America means holding people like Jacks accountable and exposing them for the dangerous individuals they truly are. Thank God for James O’Keefe and Project Veritas for being willing to go undercover and dig up the truth on these people.

Copyright 2020.


  1. Hitler was successful in his attempt to throw down the German government using the same methods that you have used for years and you have the nerve to call us Nazi’s stop destroying history and learn by it what Americans will do to the real Nazi SOCIALIST LEMMINGS FOLLOWING YOU TO ATTACK FREE AMERICAN’S ON OUR STREETS . But I am as scared as I get so stop the threatening and blustering. Oh by the way you will be wishing for a guillotine when the AC hits that DRY sponge

  2. You know I must say this- I fought for my country in a very unpopular war and lost a lot of friends. I served my flag, my friends and my country proudly and what I see happening to the country I love and all those who sacrificed their lives for sickens me. We fought a bloody Civil War from 1861 to 1865 killing 600,000 of us and if it takes us having to fight another Civil War then so be it because we cannot let Socialism and Communism destroy us. Everything is on the line and we better wake up and realize that if we vote for the radicals we will no longer have The United States of America. Think about that those of you will vote for Biden because you hate Trump. Think what Hell will look like if they gain power.

  3. Where is the law. How can this so called human get away with threatening innocent people because they have a different viewpoint then he does. He is gutter trash and so is anyone following this violent rhetoric. If they keep this up they will have their war and they will pay the ultimate price.

  4. Where is the FBI on this?? This is a domestic terrorist calling for violence in America and its citizens!!! He needs to face consequences now. It is treason, sedition, and should be a life in prison or death. I have had enough with these violent criminals!

  5. None of what this deranged man says is a surprise to me. For years our counrty has tolerate this behavior. At 68 I NEVER even thought of buying a firearm. My mind is quickly changing. What I don’t understand is why this man has not been arrested for terrorism and threating the general public.

    • What we are seeing now is partly the fault of the liberal socialist public school system! They have been indoctrinating our kids for years into believing socialism is okay! Too many parents have not been paying attention to what their kids have been taught over the years! If you are a parent of school age kids if at all possible do not let them attend public schools! If that is not an option then you must be involved with what they are learning and speak out against what you do not agree with! And be prepared the schools are not friendly to conservatives and will belittle you and gang up on you! I know because this is what they attempted to do to me!


  7. Lock, Load, Aim and FIRE! . . . TAKE out these RADICAL LEFTS RIOTING and murdering in the streets, and PROSECUTE the SURVIVORS (if there ARE any – HAPPY Hunting!) there should be OPEN SEASON and NO bag limits. And, FLORIDIANS (and OTHERS) are ARMED. Don’t forget to bring your own BODY BAGS. One ARMED Patriot. Team Trump and his allies 2020.


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