Watch: Donald Trump Jr. And Kimberly Guilfoyle On “The View” Is The Best Thing We’ve Seen All Week

(Tea Party PAC) – On Thursday, President Trump’s oldest son, Donald Trump Jr., appeared on the notoriously left-wing talk show, “The View.”

Who knows why the producers of this show thought it was a good idea, but needless to say, the hostesses were destroyed.

The most epic victory of Trump Jr’s came when he called out vehemently anti-Trump Joy Behar for wearing blackface, to which Behar was forced to reply to the audience that she had not.

Behar not only wore blackface, but discussed the costume on the show earlier this year!

The incident was for a Halloween costume, which Behar described, on the show, as “a beautiful African woman” for which she darkened her skin using makeup.

“I had makeup that was a little bit darker than my skin,” she explained at the time.

“No, she was not in blackface. Listen, being black, I recognize blackface. This I can say to you,” Whoopi Goldberg said on Thursday, defending her co-host.

Don Jr. also attacked Whoopi for defending child rapist Roman Polansky, to which she could only reply, “You wanna bring this up?”

Meanwhile, Goldberg didn’t seem to be very bothered when her then-boyfriend, Ted Danson, wore blackface at Friar’s Club celebrity roast in the 90’s when he also used the word “n*gger” multiple times.

After his appearance, Don Jr. tweeted out a link to an article in which Goldberg had said that when Polansky drugged and sodomized a teenage girl it “wasn’t ‘rape’ rape.”

The hostesses also tried to criticize Don Jr. for “releasing the name” of the anonymous anti-Trump whistleblower, a claim that was quickly rebuffed by Trump Jr. as the name, which was included in the headline of a Breitbart title that he tweeted out, had been reported by Drudge Report, Real Clear Politics, and others as well.

Then, the ladies’ worst nightmare came true when the audience actually applauded for Don Jr. after he defended himself against this allegation, to which Behar scolded the crowd, yelling. “Listen, this is not a MAGA rally, okay?”

Don Jr. wasn’t done, though. He also slammed ABC, the network that airs “The View,” for working with CBS to locate and fire the employee who had leaked the video of an ABC host revealing that the network had killed the Jeffrey Epstein story years before it hit the mainstream.

“ABC is right now chasing down a whistleblower about all of the Epstein stuff because those stories were killed. So, if we’re going to have the conversation about the outrage about whistleblowers…” he argued.

“I don’t think I’ve enjoyed an interview this much in my life. Guess you could say that I just #Triggered The View!!!” Trump Jr. wrote on Twitter.


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