Watch: Dr. Drew Schools Leftists Who Freaked Out About Trump Taking Hydroxychloroquine

(Tea Party PAC) – Earlier this week, the left absolutely lost their minds when President Donald Trump announced that he was taking hydroxychloroquine as a prophylactic after two members of the White House staff tested positive for the coronavirus.

“I started taking it, because I think it’s good,” Trump said after announcing the news. “I’ve heard a lot of good stories.”

He explained that he had requested it from the White House physician, who is morally obligated not to harm the president. So surely it was a safe and sound decision.

You’d think that, considering how much they detest Trump, that they’d be delighted to learn that he was taking such an apparently dangerous drug.

But no, they just oppose Trump at every turn.

Despite the fact that it was prescribed to the president by the White House physician and is a drug that has been widely used for decades to prevent malaria for travelers to the third world, because Trump has touted its benefits for treating and preventing the novel coronavirus, suddenly they’re tearing their hair out at the mere mention of it.

Dr. Drew Pinsky, however, is putting all the hysteria to rest.

The world-famous doctor and media personality appeared on Fox 11 Los Angeles to react to the news that the president had been taking the drug.

The liberal host of the program was clearly trying to get Dr. Drew to criticize Trump for taking the drug.

Dr. Drew, however, who has become a vocal critic of many liberal narratives, refused to take the bait.


Featured image credit: Dr. Drew Pinsky


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  3. Two errors that Dr. Drew made were:

    1. Hydroxychloroquine has been around for 65 years; it was approved as a safe drug in 1955.

    2. The safe daily dosage of this drug to be used should be limited to 200-400 mg (two of the tablets shown in the video). Early attempts in foreign countries in 1953-54 used 600 mg. which in some patients caused cardio-arrhythmia. Most recently some experiments have been performed with patients nearly dead from COVID-19 five or more days into the disease who took 600 mg in France and 1200 mg. in China – no wonder they died from either the disease or cardio-arrhythmia.
    3. This drug must be used by MD prescription and monitored by same doctor.

  4. Thanks Dr Drew for sticking with the FACTS – another fake fuktard tabloidcaster put in his place LMAO !!!

  5. This was Fantastic! Clearly that broadcaster is a Never Trumper and he assumed Dr Drew (who is usually supportive of the causes on the left) would be a slam dunk to help him make the President look bad. Then he’s a news guy and has the nerve to try to argue with a practicing medical doctor! When he finally realized the Doctor was not going to bash the president and he got his ass handed to him, he suddenly had to Hurry Off because they had other things to cover… yeah, like your Failure!! What an assclown.

  6. They seem to have gotten a medical license overnight so they know it all. Personally I think they are full of it. Liberal low life egg sucking pinko dogs that they are.

  7. The left is always using phony narratives to prove non-issues to promote whatever nonsensical subject matter they wish to advance and to ultimately oppose the president. If they turned it on themselves, the wood implode. We can only hope.


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