Watch: Final Debate Moderator Is Not Only An Obvious Leftist, She May Have Participated In This Hillary Campaign Crookedness

(Tea Party PAC) – Now that we’re yet again witnessing just how biased and one-sided our presidential debate process really is, it’s a good time to take a look back at 2016 and just how corrupt the relationship between the media and the Clinton campaign really was.

Especially since one of the key players is now set to moderate the final presidential debate!

NBC News reporter Kristen Welker is under the microscope this week as it becomes abundantly clear she’s even more biased than the guy set to moderate the second debate, which was ultimately canceled.

In that instance, Steve Scully, who apparently doesn’t know how to direct message on Twitter, publicly asked anti-Trump Anthony Scaramucci if he should respond to Trump’s attacks during the debate.

He has since been terminated from C-SPAN.

Welker, meanwhile, is not only the daughter of Democrat donors and has been registered as a Dem herself, but she has even been caught on camera tipping off the Clinton campaign about “at least one question” according to an explosive new report.

“Welker comes from an established Democratic family — who have poured cash into party coffers, and to Trump opponents, for years,” the New York Post reported. “Her mother, Julie Welker, a prominent real estate broker in Philadelphia, and father, Harvey Welker, a consulting engineer, have donated tens of thousands of dollars to Democratic candidates and close to $20,000 to Barack Obama alone. There was also $3,300 for Joe Biden’s 2020 campaign and $2,100 for Hillary Clinton’s doomed 2016 presidential effort against Trump. Another $7,300 was contributed to the Democratic National Committee between 2004 and 2020.”

Jon Levine of The Post also pointed to photographs from Welker’s Facebook page showing herself and her family celebrating Christmas at the White House with the Obamas in 2012.

She’s going to make registered Democrat Chris Wallace look like Sean Hannity in comparison!

“Though Kristen Welker’s party registration is not listed today, she was a registered Democrat in Washington, DC, in 2012 and in Rhode Island in 2004,” Levine wrote. “Throughout Welker’s tenure as a White House correspondent, she has earned a reputation for a scathing style of questioning.”

In one example highlighted by Levine, Welker asked Trump a whacky Russia hoax question last year, which only someone 100% committed to the false conspiracy theories of the left would ask, and certainly not anyone who spent five minutes looking into the issue would ask.

“Mr. President, yes or no. … have you ever worked for Russia. Yes or no?” she asked.

Levine also pointed to the contrasting manner in which Welker asks Democrats questions, including a 2016 clip in which she was “was busted on live television tipping off Hillary Clinton’s Communications Director Jennifer Palmieri about at least one question she planned to ask her during a post-debate interview in Michigan.”

Featured image credit: Facebook

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  4. We all need to get up and vote blue so we can start fixing the problems that we are really facing in this country Trevor Noah understands more than anybody else because he grew in a time Black and white could not be together…

  5. If the election commissioner cannot be bipartisan in picking moderstors, why can’t they find moderstors who are pro either candidate and split the moderating.

    It’s seems so unfair to have known liberal pro democrat moderstors who are haters of one candidate moderating every time. They can’t be fair even if their life depend on it.
    Why is it one candidate is soft ball and the other is in the den with lions/lioness who prevent him from responding and only ask questions to embarrass him. This is not debate this political grandstanding aim to benefit the liberal agenda and they show horse.

    We liberal will be watching and we will be analyzing every question pose to President Trump and Joe Biden. We know this moderstor is bias toward the president and the entire country will be watching.

    As a result we will not be fooled and we conservatives, the silent majority will be watching and taking notes. I Hope she has not given the question to her party communication personal like she did in 2016 with Hillary. I won’t hold my breath though. President Trump is a fighter and he may have to fight through it and kill her with kindness. Haters don’t know how to handle kindness because hate kills you from the inside out.

  6. Gee why can’t they just state no good question for Trump and let Biden just have the questions a head of time also if Trump ask any question he will be knock out with the bind button what a bunch as ass hole


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