Watch: Here’s How This Biden Staffer Responds When Fox Anchor Presses Her On Her Boss’ Shady Character

(Tea Party PAC) – Fox News’ Ed Henry confronted Joe Biden’s communications director for the 2020 campaign on Friday about the former Vice President’s involvement in Ukraine, and she was not too pleased about it.

Kate Bedingfield defended her boss, claiming he had an (try not to laugh) “unassailable character.”

“The vice president last night said at his event, ‘Character is on the ballot.’ What kind of character did the vice president show when Barack Obama had him overseeing Ukrainian policy. and yet one of the vice president’s sons was making over $83,000 a month from a Ukrainian gas company?” Henry had asked her. “What kind of character was that?”

“It was absolutely unassailable character,” Bedingfield replied.

“Because he was pushing the foreign policy interests of the United States of America. You had Republican senators at the time, like Ron Johnson, who had signed on to a letter supporting the removal of [Ukrainian prosecutor] Viktor Shokin because Vice President Biden was actively pushing to root out corruption in Ukraine,” she continued.

She tried to go on as Henry attempted to interject.

“Let me finish, if you’re going to make an allegation like that, I want the time to answer,” she said.

“I am, but I want to follow up,” Henry replied.

“He was pushing the interest of — the foreign policy interest of the United States of America. And not a single person, including Republican-called witnesses in this impeachment proceeding, have suggested that he did anything other than carry out —” Bedingfield added, alleging that claims of Biden’s improper conduct were dismissed by witnesses in the House impeachment hearings.

“Hang on a second —“ Henry jumped in. “That’s not true. That’s not true.”

He went on to quote diplomat George Kent, who testified last year that he had “raised concerns” about Hunter Biden’s position on the board of Burisma Holdings and that it “could create a perception of a conflict of interest.”

“He also testified that the vice president’s office blew it off. They didn’t respond, they didn’t care about the conflict,” Henry said.

Bedingfield shot back that US special envoy Kurt Volker had “testified that Joe Biden is a man of integrity and did nothing but his job.”

“So this is an attempt, pure and simple, by Donald Trump to smear Joe Biden, to suggest that there is some sort of ethical issue here when there isn’t, to do everything in his power to try and prevent Joe Biden from being the nominee. Because he knows if Joe Biden is the nominee he’s going to beat him,” she argued.

Henry wouldn’t let her off the hook. He noted that there are more people than just Trump who have accused Biden of wrongdoing.

A 2014 Washington Post editorial declared that Hunter Biden’s Burisma gig “looks like nepotism at best” and is “nefarious at worst.”

“This is exactly what I’m talking about. This is the equation of Donald Trump’s significant impeachable wrongdoing with something that not a single person has suggested Joe Biden used to his advantage or to his son’s advantage,” Bedingfield responded.

“These are not equivalent arguments. And this is exactly what Trump wants. He wants you guys to carry this forward and to suggest that somehow Vice President Biden did something wrong. When in fact, nothing could be further from the truth,” she continued.

“All right, well that was The Washington Post,” Henry noted as the segment concluded. “Not Fox or the president.”


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