Watch: House Democrat Accidentally Admits The Democrats Are Plotting To Overthrow Trump By Whatever Means They Can

(Tea Party PAC) – It’s pretty amazing to think that anyone at all believes the Democrats when they claim that, inspite of being utterly incapable of presenting any actual evidence to prove as much, that Donald J. Trump has been engaged in corruption with a foreign government.

We’ve all seen this movie, including the ending.

Trump didn’t collude with Russia, and he didn’t commit a crime in his discussions with Ukraine.


So why do people still believe he did? Because they want to.

The Democrats, most particularly the publicity wing of their party which is thinly veiled as objective news, have been feeding us these lies for years now because they’re committed to finding a means to unseat Trump, anyway, anyhow, out of sheer desperation.

During an appearance on MSNBC on Tuesday, House Intelligence Committee member Rep. Mike Quigley (D-IL) gallantly vowed that the Democrats would continue to investigate President Donald Trump over possible ties to Russia even after the impeachment trial concludes.

Here is a partial transcript:

CRAIG MELVIN: What did your caucus accomplish by holding those articles of impeachment for this long?

REP. MIKE QUIGLEY: Well, certainly, it flushed out Mitch McConnell and the hardcore Senate Republicans. They didn’t want to hold a fair trial. Second, I think it helped educate and inform the American people as to what was taking place. As a result, over 72 percent of the American people want a fair trial and they know what a trial looks like. A trial has documents, a trial has witnesses. You don’t show up at a trial and the judge and jury say, “this is over.” And as Justice Rehnquist said 1999, “the Senate isn’t just the jury, it is the trier of fact and law.” That’s why that oath that senators are going to be taking is so vital. They are the ball game. And I think what we’ve done is we’ve shown the American people where they stand, and they’ve taken there stand that they do want witnesses and documents as we saw during the Clinton impeachment.

CRAIG MELVIN: You mentioned the American people. Your constituents there in Illinois, are they calling and emailing, encouraging you to impeach the President of the United States? Is this top of mind for them?

REP. MIKE QUIGLEY: It is, and it has been for an extraordinarily long period of time. I think, as the special counsel’s report came out, where he detailed at least 11 times where the president obstructed justice and detailed the facts about the Russia investigation, leading into the impeachment inquiry, certainly the call with the Ukrainian president has only enhanced that. If it’s my district that we’re talking about, the president would be removed.

CRAIG MELVIN: Really quickly here, there’s another possible route that’s emerging for your caucus to take moving. Axios [is] reporting that another card that the speaker could play here. “A trove of text messages served over by Lev Parnas, the indicted former Rudy Giuliani associate.” These text messages are not public. We don’t know what’s in them. Could we see those messages make their way to the upper chamber’s part of the trial?

REP. MIKE QUIGLEY: Well, some of that’s up to Mitch. I am aware that information was transferred to my committee, the House Select Committee on Intelligence. It remains to be seen what’s in there and how they are valued. You’re right. We’ve learned in the meantime recently, through private litigation, about other information. For example, that the president, 90 minutes after the call with President Zelensky, ordered the halt of military aid to our ally Ukraine. I suspect we’re going to be continuing to learn. And when this process is all over, the Committee on Intelligence will continue to investigate this president from all the issues relating to the Russia investigation, including money laundering.


  1. Nancy Pelosy keeps saying PEOPLE of America want this trial. What people? Say Democrats of the United States. Millions of Republicans don’t want this trial, I and my family don’t want it. Don’t speak for me.

  2. Those WHOLE FACKIN Thing is PURE 100% a COUP , which is the same as TREASON,of which is an Overthrow of the US Government . This is TREASON . Every COMMIECRAT should be rounded up and HUNG for TREASON

  3. Quote: “For example, that the president, 90 minutes after the call with President Zelensky, ordered the halt of military aid to our ally Ukraine.” Wait a cotton picking minute. During the hearings we were told by people testifying under oath that the aid had been delayed BEFORE the phone call. Now, according to this guy, it was an hour and half AFTER the call. Somebody is lying.

  4. Democrats must continue the fight to help the poor in our nation. Trump will begin taking their SNAP benefits in April 2020.

    • Wow! I love it! You didn’t care when benefits were cut by other presidents, like Clinton. Those that are in need will still get them. There are qualifications to follow. With unemployment so low, a lot of people no longer need SNAP. As it is now, a lot of people getting these benefits were making it a way of life. It seems once you’re in the system, they feel they don’t need to bother working. Everything is handed to them. It is costing billions each year for programs assisting people who don’t really need it. The system was made to give a hand UP, not a hand OUT.

      Here’s an example….a woman with one child was out of work for over 2 years. She was given Medicaid, SNAP benefits and a monthly check. When she finally found a job and was doing fine being independent without help from the government, she tried to get out off the system. The welfare office begged her to stay in the program, giving her all kind of excuses. Is that what they should be doing? No!!! BTW, she wound up owning her own business and did great and her child went to college and became a doctor. I understand that not all people can accomplish fantastic things in their life but some don’t even try, and that’s the problem.

  5. The trial of Trump will continue in public if not conducted properly in this senate impeachment version. The news media can’t lose they are still going to have juicy portions of “meat” either way.

  6. Squiggly looks like the highest job he qualifies for is loading trucks in Transylvania. And then he opens his mouth and you astonishingly come to realize that ….. loading trucks in Transylvania IS INDEED the highest job that he qualifies for.

    Only people with single digit I.Q.s that are less than their shoe size would vote for him. And that’s why we have a group of libtarded voters we call demonrats: so that brainless, clueless, lying politicians can get elected to office.

    But first a confession: I committed Quid Pro Quo today. I know, I know, this is SO TERRIBLE. I went into Department store, handed over my hard-earned cash, and then I had the unmitigated gall to DEMAND that I receive VALUE in return.

    I feel so bad. Now I understand why the demonrats were demanding that the President take the hard-earned money of Americans which was taken from them in taxes, and hand it over without precondition or anything of value in return, to the Ukrainians. Can you imagine how self-righteous we all, as Americans, would have been able to feel if we knew for sure that this had been done? We could ALL have been “Libtards for a day”.

    Instead we all know, as the President released the call transcript, that he praised the Ukrainian President for being elected on an anti-corruption platform, which is really a form of encouragement for him to keep his promise to the voters, like President Trump has kept his promise to his voters. This MUST be kicked up against like a mule because as EVERY libtard knows, you CAN’T have a democracy when the wishes of the people are actually respected and followed. This is why New Yorker magazine described the President’s “truthfullness” and “promise keeping” as a “mental disease”, because for us promises are only to get into power, and once there you follow, not the people’s agenda, but your own.

    It would not even have mattered if the world recognized us as self-flagellating suckers, for exchanging value for nothing of value. We would have all come together as a “Nation of libtards” and achieved we we libtards like to call “unity” for that one shining moment.

    Now a lot of other nations which would have come forward and knocked us up like a two dollar whore, will instead now be taking longer to approach us as they take the time to work out what of value they have to offer in fair exchange for what they seek to obtain.

    This is so “unfair”to the globalist, one-world government, elites who play their mentally infantile and labile libtards like a violin, after having educated (edumacated?) them into their libtardation in the first place, in order to be able to always have a group which they can count on to support every policy or decision harmful to the United States and it’s people; including the libtards themselves.

    Now that I have educated so many readers into the many wonders of libtardation I am hoping for many converts to this low intellectual stress way of life. It is true that libtardation does not make one able to talk to whales or dolphins, but due to the newly minted libtard’s mentality being reset a little lower than that of an ape, and due to the libtard’s and the ape’s mental firepower being so close together, the libtard is able to talk to chimpanzees. Don’t knock it. It’s where our best libtards ideas come from. And isn’t it so much cooler than talking to dolphins or whales?

    Libtardation is less effective when it cannot force it’s stupidity upon the nation. So while we cannot change the past, and in the past US Presidents have always worked to obtain something of value in exchange for hard-earned tax money from American citizen-taxpayers, we the libtarded of America demand that, beginning with this current President and extending to all future Presidents, NO EFFORT be made to ensure that American tax dollars are NOT being wasted, or used for bribery, oppressing of a population, human slavery or smuggling, or any other use which the American public would not want their tax dollars spent on, because this is our infantile tantrums and demands, and our infantile tantrums and demands must always be met.

    Hope to see you soon counted among the libtarded.

    • 72 % of the public also wanted a fair trial/investigation from the House of Representative. Thanks to Pelosi, Shiff and Nadler et al nobody got one. Every time a witness or speaker daid something Schiff didn’t like he banged his gavel and said “you’re out of order”. It was an absolute circus to watch and I only saw minor snippets. The very thing the Founders feared; a one sided politically biases trial to unset a person they do not like was exactly what took place. Now since the democommies did not actually find any factual evidence, they are clamoring for the Senate to do what they failed to do. What we saw was “the contempt of the public for booting their candidate”, nothing more.

    • Well-said, Ed!

      Here are some other liberal success stories:
      KKK… Japanese internment during WWII… Viet Nam… New Deal… Waco… Dept of Education (USA has plummetted from 2nd in the world to 27th)… Common Core… ‘Happy, Hunger-Free Kids’ dictate… Barack’s ‘Green Energy’ program (ATM for Dem donors)… sanctuary cities… ‘Gun-Free Zone!’s (AKA: killing zones)… boys in girls’ sports… Iran nuke “treaty”… Benghazi… Great Society… (NOTICE: all are either unConstitutional or illegal)

  7. Man,I can’t wait for PAYBACK when the Commies get into the Peoples House.That so called Democrat will be skewered and eaten alive.What a glorious day that will be.

    • The only reason this impeachment hoax is still alive is thanks to the MSM. Unfortunately this country is being duped by the biggest pervayer of propaganda in the world. Our own MSM, this outrage has to come to an end. The MSM has to be held accountable for their blatant distortions of the facts. We the people are responsible for this change. It will not be easy, but it can be done.

    • Patricia:
      Had HilLIARy been elected, We the People would have never had any inkling just how weaponized the Demmunists had made our government (IRS, FBI, DOJ, et al.) to insure that THEY would be the only people elected in the future. (a 1-party nation….like USSR or Nazi Germany or NoKo)
      The Left has an insatiable compulsion to RULE….since they see themselves as ‘superior’…..elitists….and thus deserving the role. (they like to refer to themselves as “the intellectual elite”….and to everyone else as fly-over bumpkins).
      This compulsion is what drives their hatred of Trump. (they had gotten soooo close!)
      They forget who has all the guns….and what our Founders told us to do with them when people like Democrats emerge….
      (the Dem’s are gambling that we will stay disorganized and not mount a counter-attack to THEIR attack on our republic and truth and civility and morality)

    • Lisa: Our Founders foresaw an evil faction such as the DNC arising.
      A number of them seemed to recommend the “gun” option. (and thus, the 2nd A.)

      If you look at the Dem record….and present amateurish, infantile concoctions (ObamaCare… sanctuary cities… boys-in-girls’-sports… ‘Gun-Free Zone!’s… ‘Happy, Hunger-Free Kids!’ dictate… Kavanaugh plot… this impeachment… et al.)… you really think THEY could mastermind the coup we are witnessing with totally complicit media and academia???
      No……..there has to be another entity behind this.
      My guess: the Bilderbergs. Smart and ultra-ultra wealthy….and they’ve been promising exactly this for many, many decades. (why else would their annual meetings be super-secret and with a military-like security force?)

  8. When someone’s mind is MADE UP, the FACTS don’t MATTER . . . And NEITHER does the Truth. The BIBLE says to ” . . . Prove ALL things and hold FAST to that which is good”. We DON’T go by OPINION, but the TRUTH. Team Trump and his allies 2020.

  9. How amusing is this? After all during the so called investigation behind closed doors, Republicans were not allowed to peak nor were they allow to bring in their own witnesses! Nothing was fair then. To demand fairness in the Senate is so hypocritical that the American people are thoroughly disgusted with this process. If they really want fairness they should have allowed the GOP to participate, which they didn’t! This whole thing is a blot on the constitution! These charges should be summarily dismissed as having been unconstitutional from the get go!

  10. Obama didn’t give a rat’s butt about Ukraine as it tried to defend itself from a Russian military incursion. Obama gave them blankets, pillows, and aided in military training. That’s it. President Trump provided lethal military aid to Ukraine including tank busters even before the call that the Dems are crying about.

    And as for Russia, the Obama administration signed off on selling them a vast chunk of our in-ground uranium which made no sense as we were running an annual resource deficit even before the sale. And what did Mr. Red Line do about Russia seizing Crimea? Nothing.

    If we truly want to prosecute criminality, then we need to look at Joe Biden’s extortion, Hillary’s pay-for-play and deliberate use of an unsecure server, Uranium One, and so much more.

    • KJ:
      I think even more than a wall or canning ObamaCare or a tax cut….conservatives elected Trump to get JUSTICE.
      Trump doesn’t seem to have a knack for assessing people. He waited waaaaaaay too long with Sessions. Barr talks-the-talk….but so far (“Judicial Watch’ has all the documents her needs) nothing….again….plus Barr has a checkered past.

      But you nailed it! Conservatives are FURIOUS over the DNC weaponized-control of the IRS and FBI and DOJ.
      WE WANT TO SEE PEOPLE IN CHAINS!! And it isn’t happening….
      So, thus far, the Demmunists are gloating and have learned no lesson…..

  11. You have to be kidding! They can’t spell FAIR. Just like the Demon crats. They make me sick. The American People are sick of them too! I have seen it all now! People need to get rid of Nancy, Chuckie boy, and many of the other blood sucking free loaders who have been living off of us for far too long. They need to go. This should never be a life time job. They should never have more terms in office than a President. Get out after 8 years and draw no pension of any kind. You should serve your country like the founding fathers. They never took a dime.

  12. I hope they do because then they will be to busy to push the rest of their crazy unAmerican agendas and the American people will leave them in droves. I see the Democratic party splitting into a Socialist party and then the Democratic party in continuing conflict.

  13. What a liar!! Democrats are blaming trump covering their own asses for corruption!! Why isn’t house investigations include the corruption Obama administration did and they all left with millions? Zelensky made a statement that not quid pro quo was evident. So you switch from that quid pro quo to another. Pretty obvious you don’t have a case and keep fabricating story after story. Why don’t all you dead beat Democrats move to Iran/Iraq

  14. this dem obsession will never end, true or false. dems have done NO work for our country in 3 years. their entire mission is to nullify a legitimate election where they
    are unable to accept defeat. pathetic

  15. Elections are coming and it seems that the only way to get our government back to work is to vote in people who will do the work and stop wasting our tax dollars and do the job they were sent to Washington to do, Govern not investigate!!!


  17. The dumbocrats are on a mission, to destroy America as we know it. The biggest problem they have is the constitution, they hate America because they had no say or input on the founding of the country and are two most important documents; the constitution and the bill of rights. Their quest to re-establish this country as a third world turd hole is getting rid of these two documents. The party of doom and glum knows they are losing their grip on the true American people. Loosing the in the 2020 elections will only embolden them and their lap dogs the MSM more. Not to mention their Army of brown shirts, antifa, black lives matter and other associated groups who hate America. From here on out it will a non stop assault on true American patriots. The times ahead will be hard but good always wins out over evil. The dumbocrats are on their last gasp and will pull out all the stops to get ourDULY ELECTED PRESIDENT DONALD TRUMP out of the way so they come after us.

  18. The stupid Democrats can try to drive Trump out off the WH but they
    sure as hell can not stop his Supporters….They seem to forget that
    or they plain do not care…When you have more than 50% of the people
    backing Trump their is no way they will succeed and they are so stupid
    they do not realize it….

    • Oh, they realize it quite well, but they are so stupid, they still are carrying on. It goes to show that you cannot fix stupid.

  19. Not so much that the kommiecrats are constantly trying to remove Trump from office, its that no one in 0 to stop them does so.
    Republicans are complicit in this coup by lending dignity and legitimacy to every move that the kommiecrats make.

  20. I want all of these democrat congressmen and women investigated.
    I want there families turned upside down!
    Here’s the situation for the democrats they lost they have nothing they offer nothing and they do nothing.
    Get over it. Face the facts you are a bunch of losers who do not believe in law and order!

    • Until voter fraud is corrected, the cheating that goes on with the democrats makes it very hard to remove the corruption from office.

  21. only reason the house held on to documents is because they want it out there as long as they can because they think it helps politically

  22. Now with what is public knowledge so far, there is a need to hold Trukmp accountable for his actions, and not jail his underlings for doing Trump’s dirty work.
    Trump has aleinated all of the US allies, and let Russia take over the Middle East without a shot being fired. Now most educated persons know how important the Middle East and Africa is to the stability of the entire World. The Joint coalition had Iran under control, but Trump had to do away with everything Obama did, because never thought a black person should be President of this USA, and said on many occassions he would do away with everything Obama did so Obama would have no legacy, when in fact Trump has just made Obama'[s legacy that much stronger in the majority of persons eyes in the USA and the World.

    • What an elitist snob! Most Educated
      People! Bribes don’t work on a religion
      that advocates deceit as a useful tool!

    • “And the award goes to Bobby Boy, (crowd applause), for being the biggest chucking idiot, Farley”.

    • President Trump has been doing a great job of undoing the disastrous apology tour of Obama and strengthened our reputation in the world!!! And he is pointing out the criminal activity that was done by the Obama administration, including collusion with Russia and the attempted coup that began under the Obama administration and is continuing today with Obama’s henchmen!!!

    • “Now with what is public knowledge so far, there is a need to hold Trukmp [sic] accountable for his actions, and not jail his underlings for doing Trump’s dirty work.” You misspelled Trump; educated people use spell-check programs and also proof-read.

      We the People are holding President Trump accountable for is actions – he has done a great job in three years even with the Democrat/Socialist dead weight that he has had to drag around (better economy, better treaties, getting our allies to pay their fair share for our common defense, our TRUE allies have NOT been alienated, Russia and China have been slowed down in their paths, etc. As an educated person I do know geo-strategic roles, not just in the Middle East and Africa, but rather all around the world (you have a narrowed, limited perspective). The JCPOA fooled the world (including our “alienated” allies and our protagonists) into thinking that Iran was under control, but not Trump and some of our smartest military folks – it fooled you too. It is good that Trump is replacing most of Obama’s disastrous, socialist unrealistic legacy, especially the ACA (now maybe in Trump’s second-term the Republicans will finally get off their dead behinds and get something important on healthcare done – not that much of it should be in the Federal realm). If Nancy and many others are finally sent home, maybe some meaningful work will get done in the Capitol (being a realist, I am not expecting very much with the Swamp still there).

  23. Go Trump go ! Nail these rats to a cross and set it on fire, and democrats , grow up ! Obama pulled farmore bull shit than Trump and you applaud his treasonous actions, sickening double standard in addition to the fact that your childish actions have crippled government for far too long.


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