WATCH: How Different Trump Rally Attendants Are From Leftist Protesters

(Tea Party PAC) – When you consider the way that city-dwellers across the nation have behaved over the last month amid often violent, “anti-racist” riots in response to the legitimately unjust death of George Floyd, it’s hard to imagine that big events in cities can proceed peacefully.

Trump, supporters, for their part, were proving that they could on Saturday, as they gathered for a closely-watched Trump rally in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

While the nation is acting like these people are getting together will surely kickstart the second wave of the coronavirus all by themselves, the gathering began with absolutely no resemblance to the chaotic, unsafe protests that have been happening across the nation.



The leftists, however, were there to incite violence.



  1. Robert: I don’t know where you get the impression that the majority of the world wants religion out of government. Have you personally polled a multitude of people? I don’t think so because if you did a poll of 20 people, you’d probably find that most people believe in our laws just as they are. You do realize that this country’s laws are based upon Judeo-Christian beliefs, such as the Ten Commandments?

  2. The covert Satan worshippers are getting louder and louder now, because they know this is the last chance to save their New World Order agenda.

    Have faith. The Patriot movement will prevail certainly, because the Lord God is behind it. In future time lines, we have already won. Swamp to be drained fully shortly.

    Trust in the Lord with all your heart, might, mind and strength. The real enemy is “unseen,” as is the true God. Let your trust and certainty empower you against the appearance/charade/PSY-OPS. NOTHING IS AS IT APPEARS!

    • You are one religious nut yet you support a guy who has assaulted numerous women, has run many scams that stole money from people, didn’t pay many employees, and has committed treason in begging countries to fix two elections to let him win. You should be ashamed but your religion doesn’t allow you to see your sins.

  3. Now comparing Trump rally which was qute hyped up and fizzled, because a lot did not want to expose them selves or family to th virus. Now Trump seem to try to blame the low attendance on protesters but fottage by Reuters Media, the only media considered Non Biased politically, does seem to prove that wrong, when in the almost 2 hour video it shows no protester even close to the persons being screened for the Trump rally.

  4. Democrats got the “devil”! Republicans have GOD ALMIGHTY GOD of ISRAEL, the PROMICE of ABRAHAM ISACH&JACOB!

    • Joe the american
      now that is exactly what is wrong with politicsa and been wrong for a long time. Now people should head Ben Franklin’s statements in both the Constitutional Convention and in other speeches. “Religion belongs in the Temple and in the hearts of believers but never in Government.” To long this USA has been ruled by religion which is against exactly what the founders saidin the Bill of Rights. this is a freedom of religion or no religion country, which by any reasonable interputation means no laws will be based on any religion. ANY RELIGION. now how would you like it if they started making laws based on Hindu, Muslim, or any other religion. The majority of the population in the World want religion out of Government in their respective Government and the USA is no diferent.


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