Watch: Iranian Regime Releases Video Depicting Mass Acts Of Terror On US Government… But This Is All Trump’s Fault

(Tea Party PAC) – Iranian regime officials, including members of the Supreme National Security Council, are vowing “hard revenge” on the US.

Iranian operatives, The Gateway Pundit reports, are using the hashtag #Hard_Revenge on Twitter to perpetuate their brazen threats.

This week Iran released a short film “Hard Revenge” where Iranian operatives blow up the US Capitol Building and kill President Trump in the White House.

The film shows the top of the US Capitol Building getting blown up.

Consider this: members of the US Congress have been accusing President Trump of committing war crimes by eliminating top Iranian general and terrorist mastermind, Qassem Soleimani, and the Iranian government is threatening to blow them up!

Not only are these cold-hearted traitors so obsessed with politically slandering Trump that they are taking the side of our enemies….and our enemies still want to kill them!

What is wrong with these people?

The film also displays an Iranian hit list including President Trump, Prime Minister Netanyahu, Secretary of State Pompeo, the Saudi Leader, and another leader.

The video’s terrorists also raid the White House and murder President Trump.

Twitchy reports:

In reality, Iran responded to the killing of Qasem Soleimani by launching 15 missiles at coalition bases in Iraq, fortunately killing no one — it was a far cry from World War 3, which started trending on Twitter.

However, the Fars News Agency, pretty much a propaganda arm of the Iranian government, seems to be airing a fantasy retaliation in which members of Soleimani’s Quds Force avenge him by coming to the United States, blowing up the Capitol building, and then moving on to infiltration of the White House, where a terrorist lobs a grenade into the Oval Office. (We think President Trump had already been killed by gunfire though.)

Also, the whole thing appears to be planned and executed by a group of about six to ten men.

Via Heshmat Alavi:


  1. Think back. Wasn’t a comment made years ago that the radicals , knowing that they could not defeat the mighty US from the outside had decided to slowly infiltrate our Government with operatives and defeat us from within? Possibly that is why the Left ( I won’t even mention who that might be) is so anti Trump and anti American? There is an old saying that when you point 1 finger forward, you still have 3 pointing back at you!

  2. Question: How would Iranian operatives get into the White House? ANSWER: Main-stream media “Reporters” and democrat congress members are often at the White House!

    • Are these propaganda video’s by Iran suppose to have the American people cowering in a corner somewhere? IRAN! Don’t wake the sleeping tiger! You won’t like the results!

  3. Time to send another message to Iran and their leadership. One more act of violence and many Iranians will be eliminated, including many of your leaders. We stand with the freedom loving Iranians that know we support them and their quest for true FREEDOM.

  4. You know… Im about sick and tired of demoRACIST threatening me because “I SUPPORT PRESIDENT TRUMP!” Now we have the sorry ass moolahs threatening TRUMP supporters because he “KILLED A MASS MURDERER(TERRORIST)!” I am SICK of all this talk BS, YOU WANT SOME OF THIS…COME AND GET IT MF’ERS I’LL BE STANDING BY JUST WAITING FOR YOUR SORRY -SSES!” FLOCK ALL YOU MF’ERS!

  5. I would bet a lot of the oppressed Iranian women are tired of the BS being heaped on them requiring them to wear what the regime requires of them and not allowing personal choices. Having to wear a black tent to appease the regime and their husbands is just a measure of how out of date that society is.

    • Unicorn76,
      Are you kidding me ….. those Iranian women are as brainwashed and Radical as the men ! They don’t think it is a burden to wear that garbage, they have been brainwashed to conform.

  6. This little piss ant nation hs caused the US far too much grief, its time to take them out lget together with Israel, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, UK, the Iranian resistance, and any members of the EU which are honest with themselves and the rest of the world plus any other freedon loving, God fearing people and go in and take out the entire leadership in Iran all at one time in one massive raid and stop the screwing around with these goofy leaders> Then the entire world can get on with working out a good plan working with the US.

  7. These Iranian leader are foolish to the core. Lord get their good people out and deal with the hostiles. This article depicts a threat and there is no other word for it. Pelosi and her people have become enemies of the state as far as I’m concerned. I had democratic relatives. They were nothing like today’s breed of democrats.

  8. Pelosi is pandering with terrorists foreign and domestic. Most of the Congress are not America loving citizens any longer, sadly they are what our forefathers would call and warned us about. They are homegrown enemies of this country and its people. They threatening our very existence and way of life. Yet, look at how many listen to every word the spew like it is the truth when true Americans know that the Democrat, Socialist, Liberal truth is to become a sitting group of dictators at the expense of everyone who lives here. We will be working for their greed for wealth and power. They will no longer work for us. Heck, they are not working for we the people even now. Wake up America the end is coming for this country we love if we do not do something, now! Shout your support of our President who does love this country, God and it’s people. Tell Pelosi and Congress we will not recognize the impeachment of our President. We are the true rulers of our own country, not them.

  9. Not that I condone Wars, But I think Like This……… We would be so much better off if we just turn that country into a giant parking lot~


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