Watch: Jim Jordan Shreds Deep State Hack John Dean, Forces Him To Retract Major Lie

(Tea Party PAC) – On Monday, former convicted Watergate operative and CNN hack John Dean was dragged before Rep. Jerry Nadler’s (D-NY) House Judiciary Committee to try to convict Trump of obstruction of justice.

There were a few problems.

First of all, Dean is an open Trump-hater, who takes every opportunity he can to slam the president from Twitter or the safe airwaves of CNN.

He himself was also convicted of obstruction of justice and served time in prison for it!

What’s more…he doesn’t even know anything about the case! He literally just dislikes Trump and makes money comparing Republian presidents to Nixon.

Well, the GOP Reps. on the panel did not let him slide away without acknowledging the very poor position he was in to accuse the president of anything at all.

Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) SLAMMED the Democrat’s “star witness.”

He began his questioning time by reading some of Dean’s tweets back to him.

There was also this one, from a few weeks back.

Mediaite posted the transcript:

Regarding “As POTUS he is incapable of accomplishing anything,” Jordan asked, “When you made that statement, what did you have in mind? Thinking about the 3.2 percent economic growth rate we had in the last quarter? Thinking about the fact we got the lowest unemployment in 50 years? How about the fact that hostages are back from North Korea?”

Dean responded, “I think that under the parliamentary rules of the House, I’m refrained from addressing a full answer to your question.”

Jordan went on to bring up comments Dean made on CNN prior to Michael Cohen‘s testimony to Congress about how he should hold his testimony from Republicans as long as possible.

Jordan asked if he gave advice to Cohen or Lanny Davis prior to that testimony. Dean said, “I have known Lanny Davis for a couple decades and we have talked about it. I did say as soon as you turn your testimony over it will be picked apart.”

After originally denying he gave any advice to Lanny Davis – Dean later changed his testimony after Jordan caught him in the misrepresentation.

Jim Jordan put Dean in his place!