Watch: Kamala Harris Utterly Falls Apart When Confronted About Biden’s Failure To Reopen Schools

(Tea Party PAC) – Kamala Harris is easily the most dislikable, unwanted, and unpopular VP in modern history. Harris couldn’t even win a primary in her home state and now she’s second-in-command. It just doesn’t make sense.

Much like Joe Biden, who clearly suffers from dementia, Harris lacks substance almost every time she opens her mouth. She rambles on senselessly, morally postures, virtue signals, and gives really uncompelling non-answers.

This was certainly the case in a recent interview with NBC’s Savannah Guthrie.

On Wednesday’s episode of NBC’s “TODAY” Harris all but fell apart when asked about schools reopening, something Biden has promised to accomplish within the “first 100 days” but has also walked back and contradicted.

Guthrie seems to actually understand the frustration of Americans across the country whose children are still not back in school despite schools not being considered hot spots for infection and spread of the virus.

Guthrie pointed out to Harris that while the CDC says schools should open they also recommend that schools in “red zones” stay closed and 90% of students in the US are in “red zones.”

She asked Harris not once but twice on the problematic issue of the contradictory messaging from the CDC and their recommendation to keep schools in red zones closed.

Harris wasn’t able to answer the question. She was only able to ramble on about wanting children to get back to school and thinking that it’s important.

Harris also at one point during the interview suggested that we’re now making “progress” in recovering from the virus because people are “wearing masks” and doing all the things needed to stop the spread.

Just one problem, Americans have been doing all those things for months now. Americans have been wearing masks, we’ve been “social distancing,” we’ve been doing what we’re told because we want to get back to normal life.

So far, it hasn’t been paying off. The political theater that is the COVID-19 pandemic continues to rage on despite Americans’ best efforts to “slow” or “stop the spread.”

Guthrie tried really hard to get some kind of substantial answer out of Harris but it was just repeated rambling about how important it is for kids to be back in school.

When Guthrie asked Harris if teachers who are not vaccinated should be worried about going back to school, Harris, again, had no answer and instead just insisted that teachers and “other front line workers” should be a priority for vaccinations.

Guthrie again tried to simplify the question and asked Harris if she could just simply reassure teachers who are not vaccinated that it is safe to go back to school, Harris just went on rambling again about how the administration thinks teachers should be a priority to get vaccinated.

Biden and his administration are beholden to the teachers’ unions and that’s why Harris refused to say anything about teachers being safe at school even if they’re not vaccinated. It’s the same reason Biden’s administration refuses to follow the science that schools are safe despite being part of the party of “science.”

The teachers’ unions are calling the shots.

It truly is hard to watch Harris speak especially when it’s painfully obvious the Biden administration has no plan whatsoever for reopening schools or bringing the pandemic to an end.

America is a complete mess.

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  1. “Hogass” is as black as obummer is. obummer was born of a white mother, and “hogass” is “chocolate” colored because of her “jamaican” ethnic group. well, i can’t really blame them for 100% of their being in power. I BLAME those that continue to vote, both dead and alive

  2. What a bumbling clueless idiot. Her sole qualification for office was and is that she is black. Biden is too stupid to realize people should be selected based on qualifications, not race.

  3. A bumbling idiot that is no where close to being qualified to hold any office in Government! Don’t care what her “opinion” is and obviously there is no plan from the administration! More lies!!


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