Watch: Lindsey Graham Promises To “Give A Deep Dive” On FISA Abuse As Chair Of Senate Judiciary

(Tea Party PAC) – Newly appointed Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Lindsey Graham met with Trump’s nominee for Attorney General, Bill Barr on Wednesday as the Committee prepares for his confirmation hearings this coming week.

Graham said that Barr has a high opinion of outgoing Deputy Attorney General, Rod Rosenstein, and Special Counsel Mueller, both of whom have been ringleaders of the witch hunt against Trump.

When asked by reporters if he was going to investigate FISA abuses involving Rosenstein, Graham was quite blunt in his response.

“Will you investigate surveillance abuse allegations, including those involving the Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein?” a reporter asked the Senator.

“Yeah, I told him I want to give a deep dive on the FISA warrant problem as I see…” Graham replied.

“Will you bring Rosenstein to testify under oath before he leaves?” another reporter asked.

“I’m going to do a deep dive on the FISA issue and I think he’ll be a part of it,” was Graham’s reply.

Seeing that it was Rosenstein who signed the June 2017 FISA renewal application, 20 pages of which are still redacted, he should absolutely be questioned under oath!

Graham has said that he thinks Mueller is doing a great job and will be fair to President Trump, but he has also said that there has been FISA abuses, so we certainly hope he figures out which it is very soon.

After all, considering it was Hillary’s dossier that served as the basis for the entire investigation, Mueller’s witch hunt is clearly unconstitutional.

Trump simply can’t drain the swamp as long as Mueller is given free rein over the Department of Justice looking for any pretense on which to raise criminal indictments.