Watch: Man Who Could Become Georgia’s Next Senator Says Nation Needs To “Repent” For Trump And It’s “Worship Of Whiteness”

(Tea Party PAC) – In a few days, the people of Georgia will vote on who will be going to Washington D.C. to represent them in the United States Senate.

Incumbent Republican Senator Kelly Loeffler, a pro-America, pro-life, pro-Trump Christian who believes in religious freedom and traditional values is up against a pure radical who couldn’t be more diametrically opposed.

Despite himself being a so-called “reverend.”

The Reverend Rafael Warnock is anything but—a Marxist, pro-abortion radical who touts progressive critical race theory and other such far-left ideology.

He’s made some pretty bold statements from the perspective of a supposed man of faith, twisting theology and Scripture to favor his leftist liberation theology and anti-Americanism.

Now, he has declared that our nation needs to repent for supporting President Donald Trump (although not, decidedly, of the millions of babies killed by abortion as he’s made clear he is adamantly pro-abortion).

What’s more, he’s also accused the very nation he claims to want to represent of being in need of repenting for its “worship of whiteness”.

Yup—this guy wants to be a Senator.

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  1. He’s no reverend. By claiming he is, he’s marked himself as a charlatan and God will deal with him for this sin. Surely the good people of Georgia will see through his BS and not vote for him. But as Ed commented….Dominion will.

  2. It seems to me that this brand of racism got Obama 8 years in the White House, why wouldn’t it work for Warnock? Racism is racism no matter what color you are, the difference is do you have the approval of Hollywood and the elite rich. If the Democrats succeed in tearing down America then they won’t have to hide the fact that they’ve stolen our future. Our leaders have bankrupted social security and are now printing fake money creating the most elaborate ponzi scheme ever. President Trump saw through this and truly wanted to fix America, unfortunately they don’t want it fixed.

    • You nailed it Buddy. I can’t add anymore to it except…..true Americans have to fight the liberal left to hell and back. No quarter.

  3. This man is such a BIG MORON that are no other words to describe his STUPIDITY! He should be medically evaluated along with Biden, Harris,
    Pelosi, Schumer and Schiff!

  4. The “Reverend” (?!?) needs to REPENT to GOD for his LIES and being a REPROBATE. He is NOT Senator OR preacher material . . . and NEVER will be. One Enlightened Patriot. Team Trump And His Allies 2020.

  5. I refuse to call Rafael Warnock reverend. The Holy Scripture only gives God that title. Only God is Reverend! I’m glad I support Donald Trump. Warnock needs to repent for saying he’s a man of God and for promoting abortion and many other anti-God leftist policies.

  6. The “Reverend” supports B Hussein’s “reverend” of the infamous, “Goddamm America” quote. Don’t really know if Georgians will vote for this “man”, but Dominion sure will….


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