Watch: MSNBC Pundit Says Mueller Report Exoneration Has “Dangerous Implications”

(Tea Party PAC) – As we have been reporting extensively and with no small sense of schadenfreude, the Mueller report submission to the DOJ with no further recommendations for indictments has sent the liberal mainstream media into hysterics.

Rachel Maddow could barely deliver the news without crying, Chris Matthews had an absolute fit on his program, and everyone else is somewhere in between coming up with new conspiracy theories or just sitting huddled up in the corner rocking back and forth.

Of course, while the first stage of grief is denial, the second is rage, and the MSM is somewhere between these two right now.

They’re having a really hard time.

MSNBC’s pundit Mehdi Hasan argued Saturday on “AM Joy” that the conclusion of the Mueller investigation exonerating the President has “dangerous implications,” because of course he does.