Watch: Nadler Has To Drop Gavel To Stop Rep. Gaetz From Exposing His Horrible Witness John Dean

(Tea Party PAC) – On Monday, Rep. Jerry Nadler’s (D-NY) House Judiciary Committee dragged out Watergate star witness and open Trump-hater John Dean to testify on their “impeachment lite” hearing.

No, Dean doesn’t have any particular knowledge about the Mueller investigation, he just really hates Trump.

Which is exactly why the GOP members of the Judiciary Committee slammed Dowd and Nadler for this preposterous charade.

Dean was convicted of obstruction of justice in the 70’s, which is hilarious, because Nadler was trying to use him to prove that Trump himself had obstructed justice somehow.

Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) called out CNN-employed Dean for grifting off of accusing Republican presidents of “acting like Richard Nixon.”

Dean even once wrote a book declaring George W. Bush was worse than Nixon!

Gaetz shredded Dean for being a grifter who make money off bashing Republican presidents.

Not long after Gaetz asked Dean point-blank how much money CNN pays him to bash President Trump Nadler banged the gavel and interrupted the GOP lawmaker.

“I think I’m going to object — this is too personal,” Nadler interjected.


Gaetz ignored him and kept slamming Dean.

President Trump also ripped into the Democrats for dragging ou Nixon’s former White House Counsel.

“John Dean is a CNN contributor,” Trump said in a tweet Monday afternoon.

Dean has been a regular figure in Deep State coups like that attempted against Trump.

In the 70’s, Dean worked with those who attempted to remove Nixon from office.

The book “Silent Coup: The Removal of the President” discussed the role Dean played in the coup that led to Nixon’s eventual resignation.

The authors of that book explained the research they covered in their book to CSPAN in 1991:

…the authors said that White House aide John Dean was responsible for the cover-up of the 1973 Watergate break-ins, that General Alexander Haig was attempting to unseat President Nixon, and that General Haig was also “Deep Throat.”

John Dean Pulled Off a Hoax –

Because John Dean pulled off an incredible hoax. He pulled it off on the Watergate Committee and he pulled it off on the courts and he pulled it off on the American people, and in a sense he erased the election. If you take John Dean out of the story, it doesn’t matter what Woodward and Haig do because it will be a series of leaks that will mean nothing. There’s no Watergate. It will be traditional Washington leaks that may nick the president a little bit, but it’s not going to drive him out of office. It is the John Dean story that is just absolutely the most important story in the book.