Watch: National Guard, Police Abandon Minneapolis Streets To Let Rioters Loot And Burn

(Tea Party PAC) – On Friday night, Minneapolis headed into its third consecutive night of protests and riots in reaction to the killing of George Floyd.

Floyd passed away after a Minneapolis police officer restrained him with a knee in the back of his neck for several minutes, an incident which was captured on video and ripped through social media like wildfire.

The officer responsible was immediately fired and was charged on Friday, but nonetheless, the lawless took to the streets, destroying private property and causing mayhem and chaos.

This was the last thing our nation needed in the middle of one of the greatest crises in modern history.

On Friday, the national guard was called into respond to the looting and riots in Minneapolis.

At least 170 businesses were damaged or totally destroyed this week, The Gateway Pundit reports.

Police announced an 8PM curfew…and then disappeared.

According to Fox News’ Mike Tobin, who reported from the scene, it appeared law enforcement retreated and simply allowed the “protesters” to continue to riot and loot.

Partial transcript from his coverage, via TGP:

Mike Tobin: No police presence, Shannon.

Shannon Bream: Mike we all saw the extensive press conference today with a number of different authorities including the Major General who oversees the Minnesota National Guard. And everyone talked through what their role was going to be and the fact that they would be out there local time 8 PM curfew… What are you seeing with respect to any National Guard anywhere near to where you are.

Mike Tobin: Ever since about 45 minutes after they gave that warning over that loud speaker we saw them back up to the area of the bridge at… Highway 55. They seemed to form up. The crowds got thick. The smoke got thick and at some point all the National Guard vehicles and all the personnel that I could see were just GONE. So it’s another night of anarchy another night of mob rules the street.


  1. As far as I am concerned, if the locals in Minneapolis or other cities want to act like brainless animals, without a shred of self-control, then they should have to live with the results of their actions. All of the business owners should, when they get their insurance checks for the damage caused by the rioters, keep it and either invest in safer things like bonds or gold or reopen businesses in safer areas, but NOT downtown. Why risk getting burned out again the next time the locals get mad about something? Talk about throwing good money after bad! These people who rioted should have to live with the results of their lack of adult self-control. Let them live in the ‘war zone’ they created. Let them go farther to get their auto parts, hair cuts, groceries or wait 20 more minutes for the cops to arrive next time they need them. Maybe they might learn something. They WON’T learn anything if you keep rebuilding so they can ruin it again next time they ‘gotta show the finger to whoever’. They wanted attention, they got attention. They now have most people in this country looking at them and shaking their heads at how immature and violent these inner-city folks are. They sure don’t know how to show self-control, that is FOR SURE! You DON’T go burning down your OWN neighborhood to demonstrate your anger at SOMEONE ELSE! THAT IS TOTAL STUPIDITY! ‘NUFF SAID!.

  2. Trump needs to sign an executive order naming Antifa & BLM terrorist organizations then send in the military and start shooting them ! They are not what Americans are they are George Soros army !!!! Treat them like a foreign army attacking America !!!!!! Show up at my home and I will show you what you are !!!!

  3. Wake up America!!! This has, in reality, nothing to do with George Floyd…. this is part of an orchestrated movement against conservatism and true patriotic Americans. It is probably funded by global socialists like George Soros, Bill Gates,etc. who would love nothing more than to see our great U.SA. fall into decimation!!! When you have “pallets of bricks being brought in to protestors “ and police standing down (because the Democratic mayor or governor ordered them to) what do you think is really going on here???!!! It will be up to the true red, white and blue patriot to defend their towns, cities and states!!!! God Bless America!!!!

  4. This is such a terrible thing. First the apparent murder of George Floyd and now this destruction by not a very large group of people. Enough is enough. I feel for the people who are losing their businesses because no one is protecting them.

  5. The only reason they are rioting, instead of peacefully demonstrating, is so that they can rob and loot homes and stores, it’s their excuse. Just this one mans opinion.

  6. Let them burn down everything, then replace them with parking lots, then let see where they will live, and shop, there only hurting themselves.

  7. What is wrong with people? There is a difference between protesting and rioting. Don’t they realize that after all is said and done that their taxes are going to go through the roof because the city has to rebuild and they are the ones responsible.
    I say if they are going to act like thugs then treat them like the thugs they are.

    • Not to mention all the jobs that will be lost because of all the innocent employer’s who have now lost their businesses! Stupid is as stupid does! If you are angry why attack someone who has done nothing wrong? The reason is these rioters saw an advantage to rob these businesses to benefit themselves. This was not about the murder of George Floyd this was about getting free stuff!

  8. Stupidity abounds with some people. Why destroy property and loot in the name of someone you don’t even know! It was sad that the man died & we all know this but that gives no person the right to go & destroy private property & steal whatever they want! I’m sure Old George Soros & the Democrats helped fund & organize the insanity!!! After all that’s what they do, they do nothing to help they destroy & these people are too dumb to realize how they were used. I’m fed up with these idiots. Could a prayer not be said, a kind gesture be made or a constructive action be done in honor of a persons life? We will all only remember the destruction, chaos & hate displayed when this mans name is mentioned. Way to go all you morons who have trashed the lives of many because of your stupidity & lack of self control & not thinking for yourselves!!!

    • Have no doubt the democrats and Soros is involved, after all, one step towards his goal to social to social is chaos. When the riots stop the democrats will expect Trump, the federal government to pay. Don’t you know they’re already saying it’s his fault. How? I guess if they say it enough people will believe it. Isn’t the National Guard a part of military which is supposed to listen to Trump? Is this is what going to happen if we war with the democrats? Obama and the democrats tore down our military. Trump built it up. You’d think that would listen to him and respect their commands. Will they not do something with China if commanded? Will the military just sit back and follow the commands of the socialist democrats? This is scary stuff. My last question is why don’t white people do this when there’s misjudgment to them? Antifa is a terrorist group like Isis and should be dealt with the same. They are lowlifes that have no idea what they’re doing to America. This is Obama who set this chaos all in plan and is sitting back laughing. Why do they want a socialist country. Do they really want to give their freedom, which their parents fought for, up? That’s a steep price for free healthcare which they’ll find out is crappy if this ever happens again. There’s a lot of things that people will need medically which will be denied. These young don’t understand that when it’s too good to be true it is. There parents have to be appalled as to what they’re doing.

  9. Arrest the responsible Mayors, police chiefs and Governor for their dereliction of duty and breaking their oaths of office! Grow a backbone!

  10. on behalf of President Trump we would like to thank the democrat governors and mayors of these states and cities for making 2020 in the bag for PRESIDENT TRUMP.

    • Yeah but people are stupid and will blame him like the democrats are doing now. We all know they’re the ones bringing the rioters in.

  11. Well they got what they wanted no police violence! To bad for those that had business destroyed by the mob! Pretty soon they will call the police that they are being burglarized in there home, an the police will tell them they will be there when they are done to take a report! When asked why not right now? Well we do not want to get in a fight with criminals they will blame us for anything that happens to them. We need to know the police is the strong arm of the Law not the Lawyers, or Judges which determine what is right or wrong from the comfort of an easy chair. They are also people which can make a bad choice an need to be held accountable, not by untrained mobs. Rather than their superior officers, or by the legal system which is the authority over the actions done by the police.

    • It’s a shame for the business owners. They were already hurting and on the verge of bankruptcy before this happen. Now they destroyed their livelihood . When the stores close and they don’t want to open I hope they suffer for it. The rioters that is.

  12. Why hang around when they cannot do their job they say let it burn! They cannot defend themselves Democrats governors and mayors will not let them. I would leave too.

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