Watch: New Jersey Gym Opens Up In Defiance Of State Lockdown, You May Be Surprised What Happened When The Police Showed Up

(Tea Party PAC) – A New Jersey gym has had enough of Democrat Governor Chris Murphy’s tyrannical lockdown order, and have taken matters into their own hands.

And neither are local law enforcement.

This is awesome!

Atilis Gym co-owner Ian Smith announced quite publicly that he planned to violate Murphy’s order because, like so many small businesses around the country right now, he needs to be able to do business in order to survive.

“We’ll see the reaction from law enforcement, we’ll see the reaction from Governor Murphy,” Smith said. “We’re here, being civilly disobedient, being peaceful, I’m running a business as I should be able to.”

Shortly afterward, the Ballmawr police showed up, declaring that the gym violated Murphy’s shutdown order.

Then told the large crowd of supporters to have a nice day.

“We are and were ordered here today for everybody’s safety, we planned for the worst and hoped for the best, and it looks like that’s what he have out here today,” the officer said.

“Normally, you’re all in violation of the executive order,” he continued. “On that note, have a good day, everybody be safe.”

The crowd responded with a lively chant of “USA! USA!”

What will these Democrat tyrants do if they can’t even get law enforcement on their side?


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  3. This is what happened first, but there is more to the story. More police arrived later and handed out summons to the owners. They opened the next day as well. Again police were there. One gym member, upon exiting the gym, was arrested when he asked what they wanted to know his name for, from what I saw. My understanding is that everyone leaving the gym was issued a summons. I was not there. Please reach out to someone who was and get the full story. Also, reach out to the PD.

    Side note/corrections – *Bellmawr. *Phil Murphy Please proofread before publishing.

  4. The police are supposed to keep people safe which no unsafe thing was happening here. The governor’s of these blue states are to be the ones locked up

  5. I hope that the citizens of New Jersey (I used to be one and have now seen the light) remember the actions of these socialist Governors, Cuomo included, when November 3rd rears its ugly head !!
    Have you noticed how ugly these socialists are ?!!

  6. These libtard governors can make all the RULES they want to,,,,but they do not have the right , nor the power to usurp the Constitutional LAW,,,,,if we abide by the constitution we are not in violation of the law,,,,and judges don’t make laws,,,they enforce the CONSTITUTIONAL LAWS,,,,,,it is time that we the people take back control of this country,,,,,it is time for ALL small businesses to reopen and get on with our lives,,,,,it is just as easy to maintain spacing in mom and pop businesses as it is in Walmart, etc,,,,,,

  7. I agree with the opening of the Gym, but I also believe that they should wear masks, and wipe down the equipment after each use. Gyms are one of the easiest places to pick up all different diseases, so they have to be kept very clean !


  9. Seems the libtard bots are violating the stay at home order and flooding these sites with their work at home crap. Mean while it is refreshing to see law enforcement up holding peoples constitutional rights and leaving them be.

  10. Good For You People of New Jersey. Thank You Law Enforcement For Your Continued Hard Work and Understanding. God Bless and Be Safe.

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