Watch: New Video Reveals Shots Fired In Las Vegas Shooting After Steven Paddock Was Dead

(Tea Party PAC) – It has been a year and a half since the deadly 2017 Las Vegas shooting, and we have been left with far more questions than answers, even after the investigation was officially closed last year.

The ample 911 recordings and surveillance tapes released after the fact only present more questions, as several reports of additional shooters and shootings at several hotels on the strip were recounted by many.

The FBI has given us nothing, and neither has local law enforcement, and the reason Steven Paddock, the alleged shooter, decided to open fire on hundreds of people was deemed unknown.

Now this.

In a video published the to John E. Hover YouTube channel earlier this month, submachine gun fire can be heard some time after Paddock was already reported to be dead.

This new bit of information only adds to the many factors that raise questions of a massive coverup on the part of the FBI and the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department.

Intellihub reports:

In the video titled Las Vegas Shooting: If Paddock is Dead, Who is Firing These Machine Guns..?? the publisher points out how 9 different officer-worn body cameras from the night of the 1 October shooting reveal what sounds like a small caliber submachine gun, possibly an MP5, firing 5 consecutive back-to-back three round bursts. One after another.

As the video points out, Paddock’s Mandalay Bay hotel suite door was breached more than thirty minutes prior to the audible submachine gunfire which went out over the radio at 11:59 p.m. which means Paddock’s lifeless body had already been lying on the floor for over a half of an hour at that point.

“Shots fired.” One officer said following the precision bursts of gunfire.

Dispatch reported at the same time that there were “shots fired at the Bellagio.”

“We are getting a 459A at the Bellagio,” the dispatcher said. “…a lot of shots being fired.”

You can hear one police officer saying on camera, “Oh shit! That’s a machine gun. That’s machine gun fire.”

At this point, a number of officers began to converge on the Bellagio, where the shots may have been fired.

We never heard anything more about this though.

In December of 2017, Intellihub reported that he Bellagio conservatory camera footage was wiped the night of the massacre.

Could this have been where the additional shots were fired?

The video’s publisher is very clear that SWAT shot Paddock, and that he did not die in a self-inflicted gunshot wound as reported by the LVMPD.

Nothing about this adds up at all.

What was really going on?