Watch: President Trump Just Drops Bombshell…Adam Schiff Was Not Expecting This

(Tea Party PAC) – President Donald Trump wants an impeachment trial.

This is what impeachment inquiry architect Adam Schiff (D-CA) was not expecting. The Democrats think that they can discredit Trump by even giving the impression of wrongdoing (because Lord knows they don’t have the evidence–LOL!).

What they can’t have been banking on is that Trump is perfectly happy for all the facts to come out.

Because he’s completely innocent.

Did they not learn after the Mueller report?

I guess not.

In a telephone interview on Fox and Friends on the Fox News Channel this morning, the president stuck it to Schiff, who he slammed as a “nutjob.”

The Gateway Pundit reports:

During their discussion President Trump touched on nutjob Adam Schiff, incompetent Pelosi and the insane impeachment fiasco they held in the US House the past two weeks over nothing.

On FOX and Friends President Trump had this to say, “There’s nothing here… Number one there should never be an impeachment. Nancy Pelosi is totally incompetent. They just got obliterated. Adam Schiff is a nutjob.”

GOP leaders and the White House plan to put on a full trial in the Senate if the House Democrats impeach. President Trump wants to mount a public defense, rather than force a quick vote to dismiss the charges.


We were just subject to two weeks of public show trial hearings from Schiff’s committee.

The GOP members of the committee systematically dismantled the narratives the Democrats had spun about every single witness they brought before them.

There was no quid, no pro, no quo.


Not one witness could put forth any evidence of any crime or any impeachable offense.

Of course the president wants impeachment. The Democrats have committed this far to their sham impeachment. They had better face the consequences when it comes out they have ruthlessly lied to the American people!


  1. 1) There was a “quid pro quo” (even if Trump doesn’t know what the phrase means)
    2) Trump only released the aid to Ukraine AFTER he caught!
    3) Trump’s actions are benefiting Russia — our enemy. That’s the VERY definition of TREASON in the Constitution!

  2. Obama usurped our constitution using treasonous executive directives/ orders, yet was never confronted or questioned of their legality or inappropriateness. HE should be investigated. HE would definitely be found guilty.

  3. Hillary the sore loser and George Soros, the evil one, should repay the American taxpayer for all the time and money they have wasted on this hoax. Don’t forget Obama and Biden. During the Ukraine interview when Biden talked about withholding funds, he was told that he was NOT the president and Biden them replied, “Call him.” Obama was deeply imvolved because he wanted to protect his crooked legacy and HRC would have done that and President Trump would not.

  4. The shitlist of known and suspected criminal Democrats just keeps getting longer…and longer…and longer! It’s way past time to cull the roster just a mite!

  5. I’m actually shocked that anyone would/could be impressed with the pudgy clown in corrected lenses who shows-up in dress blues to commit treason against the Commander and Chief. I Commanded units in 5 various nations on 3 continents and I never met nor heard of a pudgy Officer requiring corrective glasses give false statements about the Commander and Chief in order to make himself look important. He didn’t even wear his uniform properly. What a flake.

  6. This Bug Eyed California criminal so called Democrat will meet his match one day.He should be hauled in for sedition,treason and all the Ukraine crimes he was involved in.Hang the bastard

  7. I am so sick of all of their holier than thou crap. I listen to liar Schiff and another liar Pelosi and they make me beyond sick. I saw Chris Wallace and how one sided he is. How can he still be on FOX. He should be on CNN or MSNBC he is a Trump hating Democrat. I want Trump to take it to all of them and I want to see them charged and tried for their crimes including: Biden and his stupid son, definitely Schiff, Pelosi, Hillary, and I want to see Obama having to testify as well. the so called Whistelblower needs to be exposed for lying as well and all the rotten deep state. Anyone who doubts that this isn’t war has their head in the sand. We must preserve the Constitution and rule of law, and get rid of the Socialists who want to destroy us. Enough said. I am so angry at what they are doing to this great country.

  8. He and Nancy both need to pay for their crime. Lois Leiner and Hilliary Clinton need to pay for their crimes. The ring leader Obama needs to be total exposed the evil person he is. Is not two world wars enough for people to know scocialist is not the answer.My last request is get our public schools back to teaching and not baby sitting. Get the liberals out of our college and public school.

  9. here is the real facts as to why they should have a Senate trial (1) the republicans will be in charge the democrats will not be able to stop any one from being called to testify (2) when the Senate holds there trial Adam Schiff will be made to testify as well as the so called whistle blower , all of the Schiff staff will have to testify and every one that lies can be jailed (3) Joe Biden and son Hunter Biden along with all of his business partners will be made to testify and the real truth will come out (4) every person that Schiff refused to allow the republicans will be made to testify and (5) the democrats already know when all this happens the s##t will hit the fan and they will be burnt badly


  11. While the Democratics are trying to impeach our president, who has to pay their salaries and who is helping the Republicans to manage the USA! LOL

  12. Amen. Agree. Yet there are many Dems out here insisting that everyone questioned under oath did not lie and that Trump is guilty of everything they are accusing him of. Unbelievable.

  13. Democrats, I hope Adam Schiff and Nancy get the vote for in impeachment I would Love to see the whole truth come out that they have done to my President Trump some people say the democrats help Trump to get reelected I say the democrats sold out the American people all together for impeachment

  14. That’s was planned already, they will take that to the Senate and they will make their own investigation, they might prolong it so that all those Democratic Senators running for Presidency will be tied up for the Senate impeachment hearing, and they can’t go campaigning LOL!

  15. Democrats have morphed into an entity so riddled with sophomoric behavior it is almost impossible to comprehend. A tremendous feat in 20 years. Extremely sad.

  16. Every real American and even Demoncrats who can read, must read two books Hitler’s Cross and Smear. Both books are a real eye opener to what is happening in America today. The comparisons are so obvious that no one can deny. The 4th Reich one world government is getting very very close. The Progressive Socialist Communist Fascist Racist Democrat Party is in full agreement and ready for another World Leader like Hitler. Sadly it will happen happen through lies, deception, brainwashing, indoctrination, Smear the truth and opponents.

  17. Unbelievably funny – can’t wait till Bug Eyes is impeached himself, along with Bella Lagosi, Mad Max and not so-Finestein.

  18. Try them all for treason , flush the garbage down the drain once and for all including Obama ( the worst president in the history of this country ) it will come out !!!!!!! Joe Biden is a traitor to this country!!!!! Him and everyone else sold the U.S. out for cash , I can’t wait to hear what he got out of China

  19. Do it President Trump, and show the sorry ass Democrats the proper way things are to be run in the years of 2016 through 2024.

  20. The message I am getting is that Sleepy Joe is a scumbag that should be tried with his son in Ukraine’s court. Which it looks like The Ukraine is intending on doing, not the American people, YET. Now if someone running for POTUS can’t be tried for wrongdoing while they are a candidate, which is a really stupid rule, I will run for POTUS too, rob a bank, then skip the country afterward with the money. We should all do it, if we know we’ll get away with it. Watch your step, Biden Boys. Oh, BTW Mr. Roman Catholic: you have a new grandchild and you need to be nice with the kiddo and it’s mother. It’s a child of God and of your son. Show some class and welcome the child to your family. Save your anger for Hunter.

  21. Yeah. It is about time. The democrats must as punishment be required to repay the federal government treasury for funds of “taxpayers” for the complete disregard of laws supporting the use of the impeachment process and the funds for the last three years to undermine President Trump. This would also be for Republicans too

  22. Since POTUS Trump is completely INNOCENT of ALL charges and they’re STILL trying to go after him, what is this called? . . . Sedition and TREASON! There is NO truth these LIARS (Perjurers) are telling. LOCK up ALL who are involved as per the U.S. Constitution. Team Trump and his allies 2020 – KAGA (Keep America Great Again).

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  24. This nutjob Shifty schiff, a pitiful excuse of a man will meet his match in a senate trial.
    Hopefully his eyes will blow out of the sockets when he’s questioned.


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