Watch: Rudy Giuliani Slams “Crook” Joe Biden, Explains Exactly Why He Needs To Be Investigated

(Tea Party PAC) – During an appearance on Fox News Channel’s Justice w/ Judge Jeanine on Saturday, former New York City Mayor and personal Trump attorney Rudy Giuliani responded to attacks from House Judiciary Chairman and impeachment manager Rep. Jerry Nadler (D-NY) during the Senate impeachment trial this past week.

Below the video is a partial transcript of the must-watch conversation between Giuliani and host Jeanine Pirro, via Breitbart News.

PIRRO: OK, Rudy, you heard Nadler. He is a long-time New York Congressman.

GIULIANI: Yes, yes.

PIRRO: You know him well from your New York days.

GIULIANI: Yes, a long-time hack.

PIRRO: He claims you wanted Ukraine to announce the investigation.

GIULIANI: Yes, basic long-time New York hack.

PIRRO: Talk to me, and he says it personally benefited you.

GIULIANI: Yes, I wanted them to investigate. Yes, I wanted them to investigate it because it would help to exculpate my client. It had nothing to do with dig up dirt on Biden.

It was handed to me in November of 2018. The Biden family pulled somewhere between $8 million and $20 million out of Ukraine, totally corruptly. Biden was involved in two massive bribes. Zlochevsky bribed him. He bribed Poroshenko. He disgraced the United States of America. And Nadler should be ashamed for covering up for him.

He also did the same thing, by the way, Biden did in Iraq where he was point man and his brother got a piece of it, $1.5 billion housing project. And he did the same thing in China when he was point man. And the kid got a $1.5 billion investment from China in a hedge fund for himself, Kerry’s kid and Whitey Bulger’s nephew.

Biden is so dirty that you and I would have had him indicted six months ago. And Nadler is doing what a hack Democrat usually does. He’s covering up for a crook.

I don’t care if he was Vice President. I don’t care if he’s running for President of the United States. I’ll say it straight out, Joe Biden is a crook. And he sold out the United States of America in Iraq, in Ukraine, in China, and if we can’t prosecute him, we do not have justice in America.


  1. typical forked tongue lib dem. he’ll cover for crook dems and call out on Rs.
    no accountability for elites / ever.
    i’m done with them all ; lifetime pols

  2. Time for Biden, Hunter, Schiff, Nadler, Hillary, Pelosi, Schumer, Mental Case Maxine, and all the other criminal Democrats be investigated and prosecuted.

  3. Get them sir
    It’s disgusting what had been going on under Obama ,and how they tried to bring down trump.we must fight expose it all and prosecute

  4. America would rather believe the BS from the Democrats than hear the truth from TRUMP and Giuliani. Most Americans are sheep. Turned off all the fake news. America has had enough of their BS

  5. Now we need him to investigate Pelosis kid who is sucking up money the same way Biden is. After he exposes her sic him on Schiff.

  6. Giuliani has done the US public a huge service: the last thing this country needs is that kind of crook in the oval office. Real question we all need to address is why we keep electing guys like this to public office. Is it because they all promise us the moon?


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