Watch: Sara Carter Reveals FBI Outsourced Their Spying On Trump

(Tea Party PAC) – We have long suspected that Obama’s federal agencies relied on a little help from other nations to try to entrap and spy on the Trump campaign so as to circumvent any pesky legal problems they may have here in the US by doing so.

Sara Carter, the hard-working investigative journalist who has exposed much of the Obama administration’s devious efforts to try to influence the 2016 election as well as to cover up the crimes Hillary Clinton clearly committed during her time as Secretary of State, has revealed that the US was in fact outsourcing their surveillance efforts abroad.

On Tuesday night, Judicial Watch founder Tom Fitton broke the news that the Obama State Department had worked hand-in-hand with ex-British spy Christopher Steele, who was also hired by Clinton’s opposition research firm, Fusion GPS.

Fitton and his watchdog group Judicial Watch, which has been uncovering troves of documents relating to the Clinton email investigation and the attempted Deep State coup on President Trump, now have documents revealing that the State Department had worked with Steele.

Coup Update: Harassment of @RealDonaldTrump continues with abusive fake “contempt” moves by Pelosi House PLUS @JudicalWatch new docs show Obama State Dept worked hand in glove with Clinton spy Christopher Steele. This and more with @SeanHannity tonight at 9pm, @FoxNews

He appeared on Hannity to explain these findings.

Also on Hannity was Carter, who discussed how the Obama FBI had outsourced spying on Trump campaign officials to the UK, Australia, and Italy.

Sean Hannity asked Carter and fellow guest Jim Jordan, “Do you believe that, in an effort to circumvent American law, American constitutional rights, civil liberties of Americans, do you believe that there was the outsourcing of the intelligence gathering by top intelligence officials in this country to allied country like Italy, Britain, and Australia, and if so, what does this mean?”

Carter replied, “Absolutely, and part of this investigation should be requesting from our allies, overseas, exactly what was asked of them. Because think about this, Sean, what they could have been asked was, ‘could you please monitor this person?’ because w e believe the Russians or these people, are connected to something that is going on in the United States with our election.”

She continued, “I believe that some of our allies had no idea in the beginning what they were actually doing, I believe that some of these allies were very upset that they found out that they were upset that they were part of a, they were coerced into basically gathering intelligence into a presidential candidate and I believe that some of these allies will come clean and tell the DOJ exactly what happened.”

Jordan weighed in as well, saying, “Understand this fundamental fact: the FBI was on notice prior to October 1, 2019. Prior to going to the FISA court. They were on notice from both the Department of Justice and the State Department about Christopher Steele, the key player in this the guy who put together the dossier, who was paid for by the Clintons. They were on notice of all kinds of problems but when they went to the court, they didn’t tell the court that the clinton campaign paid for the document, they didn’t tell the court that Christopher Steele was biased, so much so that he had communicated directly to the DOJ that he was desperate to stop Trump, and they didn’t tell the court that he was terminated when he got caught leaking information.

Sean Hannity asked him if he thinks that the US had been outsourcing their intelligence gathering, to which he replied:

“I do not know, but I think Bill Barr and John Duraham and the folks and the justice department are asking the right questions.”

They sure are, and soon we’ll know the truth!