Watch: Steve Hilton Explains That Trump Was Right About China Decades Ago And He’s Right Now. It’s The Establishment That Got It Wrong.

(Tea Party PAC) – The top news this week has been faux-fear over Trump’s game of hardball with China over trade negotiations.

Trump is refusing to back down.

He tweeted Sunday:

“We are right where we want to be with China. Remember, they broke the deal with us & tried to renegotiate. We will be taking in tens of billions of dollars in tariffs from China. Buyers of product can make it themselves in the USA (ideal), or buy it from non-tariffed countries.”

Steve Hilton of Fox News is arguing that the President has been right about China for decades, while the establishment that he came to Washington to replace has been wrong. He quotes President Clinton, who said:

“Everything I have learned about China as president and before — and everything I have learned about human nature in a half-century of living — convinces me that we have a far greater chance of having a positive influence on China’s actions if we welcome China to the world community instead of shutting it out.”

Clinton’s successor, George W. Bush put it like this: “Open trade is a force for freedom in China, a force for stability in Asia, and a force for prosperity in the United States. When we open trade, we open minds. We trade with China because trade is good policy for our economy, because trade is good policy for democracy, and because trade is good policy for our national security.”

And Bush’s successor, Barack Obama, said, “The United States welcomes the rise of a China that is peaceful, stable, prosperous, and a responsible player in global affairs.”

They all told us if we were nice to China, they’d behave, Hilton says.

China didn’t. They were wrong.

“What idiots! China never had good intentions. Since the late 1980s, its stated aim has been world domination, technologically and militarily. Their path to that was economic domination, achieved by hacking and stealing the West’s technology and exploiting its own workers and the environment. The establishment idiots were too naive — or too corrupted by Chinese cash — to see it,” Hilton writes.

There was only one man, one lone voice who expressed a need to be tough with China:

The President.

Twenty years ago, private citizen Trump said the following:

Our biggest long-term challenge will be China….The Clinton administration, like the Bush administration, follows a policy of “constructive engagement” with China. When China disappoints expectations and ignores lofty lectures, we issue a few condemnations, hammer out some meaningless resolution at the UN (if we can get it by China’s UN delegation), and call upon them to comport themselves like citizens of the community of nations. Then we get back down to business as if nothing happened. How’s this policy working? It isn’t.”

In a 2010 interview with Larry King, he also said “If you look at what China is doing to our country, it’s disgraceful … They’re making all of our product. We’re not manufacturing anything. They’re making all our products, and they’re selling it to us. And then they’re loaning us the money … They take the money, then they loan it back to us. We should be fighting China.”

Trump was mocked for this.

Turns out, he was right all along.

Naturally, the whole establishment has been finger-wagging at Trump for playing rough with the Chinese regime, but their methods don’t work.

They try to tell us the American consumer will pay for Trump’s battle with China, but Hilton argued on his Fox News show this week that we don’t need China.

“We can easily afford to fight China. To hear some people talk about it you would think we’re totally dependent on China,” he explained.

“That is absolute rubbish. Our economy is huge and thanks to President Trump’s pro-enterprise agenda its growing fast. Imports from China are just 2.7% of its total. Exports to China a naught point nine (0.9) percent. Over 96% of our economy is not trade with China. We could totally disengage with China and we’d be absolutely fine.”

“The snooty establishment call Trump the ignoramus. He was right about China. The entire establishment got it wrong. Now as president, Donald Trump is delivering exactly the tough stance he called for as a private citizen two decades ago…”