Watch: This Heckler Interrupting Bill And Hillary’s National Speaking Tour Kickoff Will Make Your Day

(Tea Party PAC) – Apparently, Bill and Hillary Clinton have kicked off a national speaking tour.

Who is going to be in attendance, it’s hard to say, but it’s unlikely the speaking engagements will have any more attendants than Hillary’s pathetic 2016 campaign rallies, in which the adoring cameras of the mainstream media had to strategically plan their shots so as not to show the half-empty high school auditoriums.

The Clinton family has been mired in controversy for as long as they have been in the public eye, but as their light of crooked leadership of the Democratic party continues to fade, it seems the diehard loyalty they once enjoyed is quickly fading.

There’s no doubt as Hillary inches closer to indictment, the deep state figures who fought so hard to get her in the White House will soon be turning their backs on her as well.

Then there’s Bill’s chummy connections to pedophile Jeffrey Epstein, who’s case is being reexamined after it was uncovered that the prosecutor who gave him such an outrageous plea deal broke the law by doing so.

Hilariously, one brave heckler showed up at Bill and Hillary’s speaking tour kickoff to, well, ask the former royal couple of the left about Epstein.

This is great!


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