Watch: This Horrific Incident Leads To Death Of Rioter Who Was Helping To Block Street In St. Louis

(Tea Party PAC) – All across the nation, cities have been overcome with violent rioting and looting which devolved from protests meant to honor the memory of George Floyd, who was killed by a Minneapolis police officer earlier this week.

These events have done anything but.

While protests have been raging since, on Thursday night as protests spread to cities beyond Minneapolis, far-left protesters attempted to loot a moving UPS truck.

How is this a protest? How does this achieve justice? This is not protected by the First Amendment.

This is a crime.


Then, as The Gateway Pundit reports, on Friday night, far-left protesters blocked Highway 70 heading into the city, then rushed on to the highway to intimidate drivers.

As one semi truck, driven by a no doubt decent, hard-working American with a responsibility to deliver his load, attempted to get away from the mob, a protester was caught between his two trailers.

The driver was unable to see the man.

He was dragged down the highway, and later confirmed dead.

All in the name of…justice?

So this driver has to have the death of another fellow human being on his conscience, at absolutely no fault of his own, because far-left anarchists blocked the highway he needed to drive on?

It makes no sense.

TGP has the story:

Jared Arms filmed the protester being dragged by the FedEx truck after the protester CLIMBED BETWEEN HIS TWO TRAILERS!

The mob was banging on his truck.

You can see the protester was stuck between the trailers.

The more the mob banged on his truck the more the driver was determined to get away.

No Justice, No Peace!! #LiveProtest #Rip #GeorgeFloyd

Posted by Jared Arms on Friday, May 29, 2020


  1. in the video its a UPS truck, not a fed ex truck. when rioters block the highway ( or any street ) it presents a perfect opportunity to repeat the muslim tactic from France. Drive right over them, get as many as you can.

  2. The history of terrorists posing as rioting protesters is clear. One only have do is remember 1992 at the LA Watts riots. A truck driver (Denny) was stopped by the terrorists in the street. where one of the terrorists used a brick To re-arrange Denny’s head. This set the standard from 1992 to today. A terrorist blocks the path of a vehicle, and it’s the right of the driver to survive and not RISK their lives. NO JUDGE, NO MAYOR, POLITICIAN can pass a law forbidding a person to allow a criminal to take their property or life. Better to defend, and ask for forgiveness later.

  3. whew !!!! just call this one “DEATH RACE 2020″……yup….Fed-EX and UPS should get an award for their patriotrism.

  4. May need to do a LOT more of that! . . . It MIGHT cure a SEVERE case of the TERMINAL STUPIDS – PERMANENTLY. One Grateful Patriot. Team Trump and his allies 2020.

  5. sounds like one less street thug, crfiminal rioter on the street. Maybe when people go on freeways more of this is needed and less of understanding of the idiocy of these spoiled fools.

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