Watch: Trump, Sean Hannity Warn The Other Shoe Is About To Drop For The Deep State

(Tea Party PAC) – For the last two years we have been watching in horror as the Deep State FBI-DOJ and their cohorts in the media conduct the biggest witch hunt in the history of our nation.

But we all know by now the witch hunt has just been a cover. They’re not really out to expose Trump, they’re out to cover up their own crimes.

And day by day the evidence continues to mount in support of this reality.

On Wednesday, after crooked FBI Lawyer Lisa Page’s closed-door testimony before Congress last year was finally released, Trump warned that the “corrupt and broken” Obama Deep State that things are about to change.

Last week, Trump friend and confidant Sean Hannity was also clear that the Deep State will soon be exposed for their crimes.

“I know you’ve been saying to yourself, what about all of the people that we know have been abusing power, committing real and serious crimes. Hillary Clinton is one. We’re looking at people like McCabe, and Comey and Strzok, and Page and many, many, many more. What about the FISA abuses. Stripping Americans of their constitutional rights. What about the rampant conflicts of interest at some of the highest levels at the DOJ and FBI. Tonight we have great news. According to my sources, everything we have been revealing about the Deep State for two years will very soon result in major serious ramifications,” he said.

Via Hannity:

We’ve known this all along. The Trump-Russia investigation was always a hoax.