Watch: Tucker Explains The Chilling Future Of 9/11 History Lessons In Our Nation’s Schools

(Tea Party PAC) – There is a terrifying rewriting of history taking place, often happening in real time as the Democrats change the narrative on anything and everything that gives them a chance to somehow twist something into the dreaded “white supremacy.”

They literally live in a fantasy world where Nazis and the KKK are running around, in a period in our nation’s history when white supremacy has never been less prominent and Islamic radicalism is storming through Europe and even in our own Congress and liberals completely deny it’s anything but entirely peaceful.

1984 is more real than ever.

On Monday night, Fox News host Tucker Carlson painted a chilling picture of the future of history lessons in our country, saying that in 20 years, every fifth grader in the US will believe that “9/11 was committed by white supremacists.”

His comments were in reference to objection from the left to President Trump’s video juxtaposing Ilhan Omar’s comments calling 9/11 a day on which “some people did something” with footage of the airplanes crashing into the Twin Towers.

Democratic pundits had the audacity to call this an incitement of violence.

“I swear in 20 years, every fifth grader will believe 9/11 was committed by white supremacists,” Carlson said on his show. “Totally true. You watch. You heard it here first. They’re the real threat, we need to fear and suppress them.”


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