Watch: US Postal Worker Caught On Camera Doing This…And We’re Not Supposed To Be Worried About Mail-In Voting?!

(Tea Party PAC) – A US Postal worker was caught on video trashing a stack of GOP congressional candidate campaign mailers in a dumpster.

This comes as Democrats continue to push for widespread mail-in voting and the GOP sounds the alarm about mail fraud.

Sheriff Troy Nehls is running for Texas Congressional District 22, The Gateway Pundit reports.

Mr. Nehls is a conservative, who is pro-Trump, a God-fearing Christian, and a law-and-order man who is tough on border security.

Is it any wonder the left is targeting his campaign for meddling?

“A US Postal worker was just caught on video throwing a stack of my campaign mailers in a dumpster. Some patriots nearby heard a noise when she tossed them in & went to investigate. They found a stack of them and called me. No wonder people are skeptical of mail in voting.” Sheriff Nehls said.

Photo of the trashed campaign mailers:

Sheriff Nehls has said his campaign relies on mailers as they don’t have any money for TV advertising.

If a postal worker is willing to do this…who is to say they aren’t willing to trash ballots too?


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  3. lets see we have NJ democRATS caught for voter Fraud , Michigan democRAT caught for Voter Fraud , We have voter ballot requests from one of the Carolina’s , Now this !!! this regular list of voter law violations continues . mail in voting is prone to Fraud & should not be allowed in mass !!! Mail in ballots should be limited!!!

  4. This is the only way Liberal Democrats can win an election, lie, cheat and steal. This postal worker should be fired. No mail voting at all. If this doesn’t show the truth in voter fraud nothing will.

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  7. This person needs to be terminated, lose her entire pension and be prosecuted for mail fraud! We need to stand up and make an example of these losers!

  8. That worker should be fired, jailed, and loose their pension. She should be made an example of so other workers will know of the severity of tampering with federal mail.

  9. That Postal Worker broke the law. Should be fired and should do at least 90 days in a Fed detention center and have it on her record forever. What the hell do these people think is going on. Do laws mean nothing?

  10. ARREST this Postal worker ! What she has done is a FEDERAL offense, and she deserves to be punished for it !

  11. It’s a Federal offense for a Postal employee to throw mail into the garbage, doesn’t matter what type of mail it is. If in fact you have the identity of the carrier/person you need to have the carrier arrested and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. If the carrier is tampering with mail from a local election they’ll do it when it’s the National! They will/should lose their job and they deserve to. You need to notify the Postal Inspection Service, they do not fool around, they take this type of behavior very seriously.

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  13. The thought of how many elections that were lost by Republicans to voter fraud is a terrible thought. The voting age should be 21, be in person and approved voter ID required. A person needs a little experience in life before being able to vote. That’s why it was age 21 before. As far as ID, for crying out loud. We have to know if you are legit and are able to vote in your district. After all we are talking about a lot of things here, like school levees, taxes, people running for office and etc. Voting by mail should never be allowed. A person taking the time to go to a place to vote is someone that you what voting. it proves that they care about what is going on and wants to take part in the process.


  15. Mail-in ballots is an invitation to fraud, which is why the Democrats support it. It’s the same reason why they support ballot harvesting and open borders.

    Also, interfering with the mails is a Federal crime.

  16. They found the postal worker and he said he refuses to deliver and Republican Champaign mail. Is there any wonder why the US post office is a thing of the past?

  17. Face it tony..we r @ war w the anarchists, yet the do nothing republiCANTS wont even talk about it.where is the talk to shoot & kill looters,arsonists,anarchists? Exactly.
    .so the destruction continues. When just one worthy statue comes down every blm statue starting mlk in DC should all fall

  18. when a postal worker delivered a $75 ebay package to my neighbor and the USPS did not recover it, I got very suspicious of mail-in balloting.

  19. And the Democrats keep telling us there is no such thing as voter fraud. I think this would actually be a Federal Crime.

    I have an idea, Democrat votes only count for 1/2 of a vote and if any votes can be proven to be cast by the terrorists would not count at all. Those people would be tracked down and thrown in jail on a Federal warrant. Alas, I know it can’t be done, but I am sick of the Democrats and Terrorists getting away with anything they please and nothing being done about it! (Oh, and most media people couldn’t vote either)

  20. Am pretty sure this will be an EX-USPS employee when the Postal Inspection Division sees this video.
    It’s even possible it wasn’t a political act and just one of laziness, avoiding putting one mailer in each postal customer’s box. Tough job….

  21. THE STUPID postal worker is just that – STUPID. She has no idea how socialism/communism go hand in hand and the postal workers will rank up there with the news media, they will be told who,what,when and how to do their jobs and if they bulk or cry about freedom they will be shoot or simply disappear. I lived half my life in a socialist country and saw and heard all the shit you have thrown at you, all but the ELITES, they are like little tin Gods. WAKE UP AMERICA!!!

  22. The only way the democrats can win is by lying and cheating. They have absolutely no shame. My question though, is why aren’t the republicans fighting back? Where is their righteous indignation over this? If this would have happened to a democrat office seeker by a republican postal worker, it would be a non-stop news story all over the liberal, lying, news medias for days. Come on, GOP … get some back bone!

    • That’s the point, the liberal media out guns conservative media 8 -1. That’s why the conservatives don’t have the Volume no matter how much they complain— it won’t go out on the MSM.

  23. Find that POSTAL WORKER and PROSECUTE this worker under the STIFFEST PENALTY possible! This is WHY ‘MAIL in” voting” er/ FRAUD is a BIG “NO,NO”! One Disgusted and ANGRY Patriot. Team Trump and his allies 2020.

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