Watch: Why This Bold Congressman-Elect Says He Won’t “Be Silent” Or Bullied By “Bastards” Who Want To Certify Biden Win

(Tea Party PAC) – Republican Representative-elect Madison Cawthorn of the great state of North Carolina has been making waves since he first secured his surprise primary win and post-election has been no different.

The disabled car accident survivor who impressively stood for the flag during his rousing Republican National Convention speech that signaled a new star of the party had been born was one of the first incoming members of Congress to vow to object to the Electoral College vote on January 6th.

And he certainly hasn’t stayed silent since, either.

In a video urging Americans not to let their voices be canceled by the “bastards” who are trying to undermine our Constitution, Cawthorn pledged he will “not be silent” as he joins over 100 fellow members of Congress who refuse to agree Joe Biden legitimately won the presidency.

“I want to explain to you why I’m objecting,” he explains at the top of his video.

“Because the future of our very nation depends on it,” he added before diving into the “irrefutable facts” supporting the defense of free and fair elections.

“Your vote is sacred in America. A free, fair and legal election is our birthright as Americans,” he explains.

The congressman-elect then goes on to explain that mail-in voting is clearly far from secure, and anyone who tells you other wise is “lying,” pointing to “thousands of recent instances” of election fraud that have led to criminal convictions and even, in some cases, votes being overturned.

“You deserve to know when the sanctity of your vote has been violated. Put simply, the 2020 election violated our Constitution,” he continued, pointing to law establishing state legislatures as being “solely responsible for determining presidential electors.”

“So the question on the legality of the 2020 election becomes simple. Were state laws followed?” he asked. “No. No, they were not.”

Cawthorn, who will oust Democrat socialist Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) as the youngest member of Congress when he is sworn in this week, pointing to the swing state of Pennsylvania, Arizona, Georgia, Michigan and Minnesota, Nevada and Wisconsin.

These, he said, provide clear examples of where election laws were “either broken or ignored completely.”

BizPac Review notes that as many as 140 GOP members of Congress are expected to oppose the vote certification on January 6th when a joint session of Congress meets to count the Electoral College votes.

This past week, Missouri GOP Senator Josh Hawley also announced that he would object as well, becoming the first member of the upper chamber to do so.

He was quickly followed up by at least 10 additional GOP senators who were apparently just waiting for someone else to go first (brave, guys).

We can only hope that number increases between now and then.

Here’s the full must-watch message from this brave young congressman-elect. Please share and encourage all your friends and family members to urge their representatives and senators to follow Cawthorn’s lead!

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Copyright 2020.


  1. Yes you are correct, the election was illegal!!!


  2. My God bless the Men who are brave to stand for the survival of Democracy in this Great Country founded by the Colonies seeking for Freedoms!

  3. This guy has got it together. What Republicans don’t do well is unit and market your ideas through the news and social media.
    We need a good marketing firm to represent the republican / populist party in a mote focused and projected manner.
    Stand by your man.

  4. God Bless Representative Elect Madison Cawthorn. And God Bless and Save Our Beloved Democratic Republic. Our precious “Greatest Generation” did not lay down their lives in WWII so that we would have to live in a socialist “Banana Republic”.

  5. If more of your Republicans would show the same passion as you we all would be much better off.

  6. Thank The Lord God that there are people who are willing to “stand” for the laws, i.e.freedoms, of the United States of America. We pray for strength, courage, and wisdom for our people (especially elected officials) who want to secure liberty and justice for all. And to the “bastards” that want to destroy the Nation that God established and ordained, remember, there IS a GOD, and He keeps good records. His Word promises that we “will be rewarded according to our deeds.” Thank you, Lord, for men like Madison.


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