Welcome To The New Faces Of Terrorism

(PCC)Tea Party, Patriots and MAGAs To Be Classified As Terrorist! America is sinking into a deep pit of inflation, and what do we have to show for it? Our great nation has become the laughingstock of the entire world! And yet, instead of focusing on fixing this dire situation, those Alphabet Agencies have the audacity to waste their time labeling, tracing, and harassing patriotic American citizens who are willing to shed their blood to protect our beloved country! It’s an absolute disgrace!

Conservative activists are appalled by federal law enforcement’s classification of Trump supporters as terrorists as the 2024 presidential election near. This disturbing trend violates our fundamental rights and is blatantly biased. It insults the millions of hardworking, patriotic Americans who proudly backed and still support our beloved former President Donald J. Trump.

The FBI, intended to defend our nation from domestic terrorism, has cynically created a new class of radicals they are targeting and suppressing Trump loyalists, it’s the middle-class conservative Patriots!

The FBI “non-partisanship” is a sham! Their “anti-government” investigations clearly target Trump supporters unfairly.

Liberal ‘Think Tanks’ conducted a “comprehensive investigation” on terrorism. Incredibly, they interviewed “experts” who were likely left-wing government personnel. Standard establishment media slant! Cowardly leftists hiding behind anonymity because they’re unwilling to speak out on this vital issue or question the leftist agenda.

This skewed FBI data, neatly modified by the Biden administration, shamelessly displays a claimed increase in investigations targeting innocent Trump supporters. This is a desperate attempt to slander and silence patriotic Americans who oppose the left’s extremist agenda. It shows the Biden administration’s hatred of democracy and continuous suppression of conservative views. President Biden and his allies have blatantly presented Trump and the MAGA movement as a cataclysmic threat to our core principles, democracy, and American safety. It’s an egregious attempt to discredit sincere Americans who have fought to make America great again.

The liberal FBI wants Americans to believe domestic terrorism is still a threat. But folks, this is just another deep state attempt to destabilize our magnificent nation. They want to divert our attention from the genuine issues and promote their talking points!

After the January 6 scandal, the FBI brazenly expanded their definition of Anti-Government, Anti-Authority Violent Extremism (AGAAVE) to cover any political or social agenda doesn’t fit their liberal narrative. This is a clear attempt to stifle conservatives and declare anyone who challenges their socialist agenda a threat to society. This is another example of our law enforcement organizations’ deep-rooted bias, and we must reveal their true goals and fight back against this authoritarianism! This disgusting exchange blatantly characterizes Trump and his faithful fans as domestic violent extremists, even though the FBI publicly denies any political-biased inquiry.

They say it’s to deal with threats who don’t fit into existing extremist groups. What nonsense! While unfairly attacking Trump supporters, the mainstream media ignores left-wing extremist violence and devastation. This apparent double standard shames democracy and insults millions of law-abiding Americans who gladly support our President. We must expose society’s hypocrisy and bias and demand impartial reporting.

The FBI’s aggressive targeting of patriotic Trump supporters has exacerbated political tensions ahead of the 2024 election. It’s aggravating  we have to waste time on “thoughtful discourse” about whether “terrorism” appropriately describes our country. Radical extremists aim to destroy our way of life; thus we should call it what it is!

The liberal national narrative is upsetting because some people are so naïve and dangerous  they designate other Americans terrorists. It is incomprehensible  they cannot understand the necessity of clear proof and proper process before making such damaging charges. It degrades our intelligence and violates our nation’s founding beliefs.

Final Word: Is it true? Has America already crumbled under the iron grip of a radical leftist agenda? They’ve infiltrated the education system, the media, the judicial system, and practically every corner of Congress! Wake up, people! Because we love America and are willing to fight tooth and nail to preserve its greatness, we find ourselves marginalized and treated like outcasts in our very own nation. We are being labeled foreigners in our own land and terrorists because we want peace and prosperity!




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