What Does Giving The Kennedy Center For Performing Arts $35M In Coronavirus Relief Bill Have To Do With The Disease? That’s What We’d All Like To Know.

(Tea Party PAC) – Nancy Pelosi’s new coronavirus relief bill is an absolute joke. It’s more or less just a wishlist of different things that the radical left in America wants to push through in order to see more of the transformation of this country into a socialist nightmare. This is the very definition of capitalizing on a tragedy to further a political agenda.

One of the biggest head scratchers on the list is a bit that would provide $35 million for the John F. Kennedy Center for Performing Arts, which has folks all over the board wondering how Democrats plan to justify this kind of expenditure for something that has nothing to do with the coronavirus at all.

Here’s more from BizPacReview:

It’s an obvious example of the intent by Democrat leaders to bundle superfluous, inappropriate causes with the critical rescue-funding intended to help carry the nation through an unprecedented time of public health and economic crises.

There is no explanation or defense for how funding the Kennedy Center contributes to the urgent effort to save the economy. As for the effort to contain the virus, well, the phrasing of the provision does claim to be for “operations and maintenance requirements related to the consequences of coronavirus.”

The bill reads: “For an additional amount for ‘Operations and Maintenance,’ $35,000,000, to remain available until September 30, 2021, for operations and maintenance requirements related to the consequences of coronavirus: Provided, That notwithstanding the provisions of 20 U.S.C. 76th et seq., funds provided in this Act shall be made available to cover operating expenses required to ensure the continuity of the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts and its affiliates, including for employee compensation and benefits, grants, contracts, payments for rent or utilities, fees for artists or performers, information technology and other administrative expenses.”

Look, we all understand that the creation of culture — which includes art of all kinds — is critical for our nation to thrive, but right now people need money in order to survive. So many folks have now found themselves out of work because of the current crisis and the all the shutdowns and lockdowns, financial support is absolutely necessary for some.

Why in the world would the left be focused on stuff like this right now? As stated earlier, the point is to use this crisis situation as a delivery system for their twisted big government ideas. They know if they hide this stuff in the bill, Republicans will not be able to vote no without it hurting their election efforts, due to not providing the relief folks need. It’s dirty and underhanded.

Right now is not the time to being playing politics, especially since so many people are in financial dire straights right at the moment. The American people and their needs should be the top priority. The fact it isn’t should tell you how little Democrats care about the little people and why they shouldn’t have control of the White House come November.

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Source: bizpacreview.com/2020/03/24/people-want-to-know-how-dems-will-justify-35m-for-kennedy-center-for-performing-arts-in-coronavirus-stimulus-bill-900758


  1. The house needs this removed. Anything that does not have anything to do with the virus needs to be cut from the bill. Hope our president will not sign such a crazy bill. Read this bill before signed. We cannot let Pelosi and Schumer get away with this. They will destroy our country.

  2. Maybe it’s time to look a bit closer at the Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts……..maybe the dems are using as a front for some other “political” activity? Maybe the funds for “the Arts” are going elsewhere?

  3. It’s people tax payer money the Kennedy center is hot nothing to do with the pandemic! It’s time to get rid of these Pelosi and Schumer bullshit! You don’t care about the people! You care only for your benefits! People are hurting financially and all you think is your friends! Really?!!! Wake up people they don’t care about us and God sees everything and that’s the reason why Our almighty Father punishing the whole world.

  4. F THE KENNEDY CENTER , F PELOSI (it’s probably been 40 years) – she may need some W-D 40 and a DustBuster mini vac and instructions) . F SCHUMER – he’s the fktard that wants to kill the SCOTUS JUSTICES – wants to be able to kill babies up until the day of birth for their body parts -that sick POS !!! , F Adam SCHITTforbrains -the LYING sack o’ shit Pinocchio S.O.B. that cost US TAXPAYERS HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS for the IMPEACHMENT HOAX BS , – last but not least F ALL DEMOCRAT SENATORS , F ALL DEMOCRAT HOUSE REPRESENTATIVES . YOU are the WORST ANTI-AMERICANS THAT EVER DREW A BREATH . Use OUR HARD EARNED TAX $$$ FOR THE CASH STRAPPED AMERICAN WORKERS!!!!!!!!!! NOT SOME BS BUILDING THAT ONE CARES ABOUT- $35 MILLION COULD HAVE BEEN USED FOR AMERICANS THAT ARE TEMPORARILY NOT ABLE TO PAY BILLS AND FEED THEIR FAMILIES . Ok I’m good now, had to get it off my chest ; )

  5. President Obama put how many millions $800 million into shovel ready projects that till this day we can’t find the money screw the extra money in the deal so the Democrats can get elected

    Stop the Democrats from putting all what they call Pork Additions to get what they want in the stimulus package the Kennedy Center will survive screw the new green deal that the Democrats want it’s time to take care of the small businesses and corporations employ all the people that work and hopefully y’all will be a person gets a government check my opinionPresident Obama put how many millions $800 million into shovel ready projects that till this day we can’t find the money screw the extra money in the deal so the Democrats can get elected

  6. Politicians sometimes have to make hard choices! That’s why it’s called “politics.” It may pass the House in its current form, but it shouldn’t pass the Senate! It needs to be rejected out of hand until the elections in November, when the Republicans win back the majority in the House and retain the majority in the Senate! Then all this Deep State Democrat shit 💩 will dry up and blow away, hopefully never to be resurrected!

  7. I was very surprised that Trump allowed this to remain. Even though he reduced it by $10 million, his explanation was weak. All performing art centers are suffering, why should this one be the only one receiving aid, for $25 million, and not others.

  8. words cannot describe the selfish partisan action of dem leaders to use
    humanitarian relief as a vehicle to forward
    their otherwise failed policies at taxpayer


  9. Why would the Kennedy Center get tax payer money at all, forget about during a crisis.
    This thing should be operating as a private business.
    It has Someone’s Name On it, so it should be a private sector operation regardless of Any national state of emergency or not.

  10. What are we dealing with idiots in the house? 35 million to the Kennedy Center isn’t helping the American people unless Nancy Pelosi is inviting all Americans to go for free!! She just wants to entertain her rich friends!!!

    • That’s the Demoncrackhead Vermin Cong Party for you. They don’t give a Rats ass about the American people. They only care about themselves, special interests and Illegal aliens. And forget about increasing the National debt.

  11. We CAN’T go to the Kennedy Center because of “social distancing” so WHY are we funding it instead of helping Small Businesses and working Americans?!


  12. WHAT EVER HAPPENED TO LINE ITEM VETO? I will be very disappointed if this crap is in the bill and President Trump signs it. Maybe he feels like he is boxed in but he is not its time to stand up and send this bill back to congress and tell them he will not sign this bill if this crap is in it.

    • The proposed line item veto was ruled Unconstitutional by the Supreme Court in a controversial decision. Successive attempts to reverse this decision have proven futile!

    • If I am not mistaken, the line item veto was declared unconstitutional by the (at that time) majority liberal Supreme Court.

  13. This Kennedy Center for Performing Arts is there SINCE it’s inception in the 1970’s for ONLY one purpose and that is to give awards to performers who are 100% Democrat. You can make a performer kill their family for an award. Pathetic group. I turned down a position there once.

  14. What an IDIOTIC requirement , for this bill ! The Kennedy Center has NOTHING to do with the Corona Virus, and Nancy Pelosi, by insisting on this, is proving, how LITTLE she cares about the suffering American people !

  15. what does STUPIDITY in voting Democrat have ANYTHING to do with being SMART? . . . That’s what I’D like to know. However, I’m will to bet – NOTHING!. Don’t vote for these Democrat TREASONISTIC CLOWNS if you VALUE your country! Team Trump and his allies 2020.

  16. 35 million for something that the American people never get to use. It’s used to glorify the elites. I will never understand the thinking of a liberal. Biden is so far out in la la land yet they’re using millions and millions to put him in office. How does anyone justify voting for that lunacy.

  17. The Democrats do not give a damn about ordinary working American CITIZENS. Their main concern is illegal aliens, especially if they are violent criminals. Anyone who would vote for a Democrat needs to have his/her head examined and consult a good psychiatrist to discover exactly why he/she wants to commit suicide by blatantly giving our country away.

  18. My thoughts keep going back to what Rahm Emanuel said ,when he was in the President Obama Administration, “you never let a serious crisis go to waste”.

  19. WTFUDGE!!!! That 35 Million could have helped the poor and the Middle class homeless, Vets, Etc….. I hope all you Democrats Voters out there are happy with this!!!!! This should have went to all of us Americans and Small businesses. I hope your happy now Democrats voters!!!!!

  20. Once again, stupidity from the Democratic Party! Has nothing to do with the COVID19! Damn, what a bunch of dunderhead imbeciles!

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