What German Police Are Doing To So-Called ‘Right-Wing’ Journalists Will Seem Very, Very Familiar To Those Who Know History; Here’s What’s Happening

(Tea Party PAC) – When people tend to hear about liberals and conservatives, they think strictly of American politics, because, well, that’s the culture and society the vast majority of us live in and experience on a daily basis.

However, the battle for freedom against tyranny is also being waged across the globe, including in Europe. In fact, German police are now on the hunt for “right-wing” journalists, going out of their way to silence their free speech and prevent them from daring to part ways with the officials groupthink of the nation’s government. This move seems oddly familiar, right?

Sounds a lot like the gestapo.

Here’s more from Gateway Pundit:

Conservative Journalist Hermann S. (pictured at top) and his wife were arrested on Friday in the south German city of Landshut on suspicion of having sent “right-wing hate mails”, their house was searched, computers and electronic devices seized. Now they are being investigated for “illegally owning weapons” because Hermann, a career police officer of 29 years, owned two unregistered antique pistols inherited from his grandfather, a WW II era P38 and a 100-year-old Belgian revolver, along with a dummy “pump gun” style shotgun. They have since been released.

The charge: Hermann S. is accused of having sent 6 “hate mails” to leftist politicians signed “NSU 2.0”, a reference to the “National Socialist Underground”, a 10-year old gang of skinhead East German hoodlums who randomly murdered 9 mostly Turkish migrants and killed themselves when the cops were closing in 2011. The doltish and ham-handed “NSU” is universally condemned by all conservative politicians in Germany, but still routinely cited by the Left as evidence of a “vast right-wing conspiracy” in German society.

Now, apparently, the moniker is being used to tar conservative bloggers like Hermann S., who had no idea about the e-mails written in his name. Speaking to Gateway Pundit Wednesday, he said, “Whoever wrote the mails signed them with my full name and address, as if that was a likely thing for underground terrorists to do.” When he asked the investigators about this glaring contradiction, the police told him maybe he accidentally signed the mails with his address. Hermann now faces a lengthy court case and may lose his police pension.

Could the German government be working together with Antifa or other left-wing extremist groups in order to silence conservative voices? Well, that certainly wouldn’t be beyond the realm of possibility. We of all people know that conspiracies against conservative thought really do exist.

Just look at “spygate” unfolding right now. And let’s not forget the IRS targeting scandal from a few years ago either. Radical leftists will do whatever it takes to smother out the opposition.

Even worse is the permanent tarring of his reputation, however. The obviously ridiculous charges were immediately leaked to mainstream media without any presumption of innocence or protection of his identity, listing his online moniker of “Eugen Prinz”, a reference to Prince Eugene of Savoy, who led the battle against the Ottoman Turks after the Siege of Vienna 1683.

Hermann S. is fairly sure he was set up by left-wing activists, who are coming after all conservative journalists and politicians world-wide now. He writes for leading German alternative news site “Politically Incorrect” (PI News), which was founded 2006 after the Mohammed caricatures controversy. PI News is staunchly pro-USA and pro-Israel, as its editorial guidelines state: “We support Israel and its citizens in what is their natural right: The right to live in freedom and peace.”

Hermann S. has also written about increasing anti-Semitism in Germany, saying in August 2019, “If there is one country in the world with an obligation to do everything to make Jews feel secure, it is Germany.” Nevertheless, the MSM continue to smear Hermann and PI News as “far right” and insinuate ties to neo-Nazis without any evidence. Even when Hermann is cleared, however, the charges will be on Wikipedia and Google forever and be used to attack PI News as “neo-Nazi” from here on out.

So wait a minute. Anti-Jewish sentiment is springing back up again in the nation of Germany? Maybe it’s true what they say. A leopard really can’t change its spots. How in the world are the ideas of Adolf Hitler, one of the most evil, vile men in world history, still alive and well in Germany? Shouldn’t leftists, on their crusade against racism, have vanquished the foe of anti-Semitism? Oh. That’s right. Hating on Jews is something that’s acceptable to the left.

The mainstream media also immediately sought to smear the conservative AfD party with the trumped-up charges against Hermann S., as well, citing that he had “attended a media conference” in the Bundestag organized by the four AfD MPs, Uwe Schulz, Udo Hemmelgarn, Petr Bystron und Nicole Höchst. The conference in May 2019 dealt with topics like “Legal Assistance for Conservative Bloggers” and also featured a speech by gay British pundit Milo Yiaannopoulos after hours.

“The Antifa in Germany acts like the radical left-wing in the USA: They are burning down cities and rioting in Portland, just like in Hamburg at the G20 riots 2017, but the police come after a blog for the crime of criticizing mass migration and Islamization”, MP Petr Bystron told the Gateway Pundit. “Fortunately, these trumped-up charges are so ridiculous they have already begun to backfire and expose what a complete set-up this is. It’s time for conservatives to unite and stand together, and spark a world-wide wave of protest against these Gestapo methods of the radical left. Democracy and freedom of speech are under attack all over Europe, and Germany has become a case for OSCE election observers, due to the incessant attacks on conservative parties and media.”

Last week, state-run public broadcaster ARD launched a media attack on a German Army social media officer for alleged support of “right-wing” posts on Twitter – which turned out to be three “likes” on posts by someone the man had never met. The story began to backfire when it turned our the reporter of CNN-style “Panorama” magazine never bothered to contact the man, and relied on the testimony of an “expert” who was deeply tied to violent Antifa groups and the G20 riots. No raids have been ordered on left-wing journalists with extremist ties.

When you say a little prayer tonight for all the brave souls fighting against tyranny in our nation, let’s not forget to lift up those in other nations around the world who are joined with us in the battle for liberty, especially journalists in Germany.

Source: thegatewaypundit.com/2020/07/jackboots-dawn-german-gestapo-comes-right-wing-journalists/


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