What Had To Be Done To Soleimani’s Body In Order To Get It Back Home To Iran Will Make Your Stomach Lurch

(Tea Party PAC) – One of the many things we all love about President Trump is his ability to take counsel from the intelligent folks he surrounds himself with, realizing that he doesn’t have all the answers or know enough about every single field of expertise in order to make solid decisions on his own.

Therefore, he gets the best people and puts them around him so that he can listen to their counsel and make good decisions. Like wiping out a deplorable terrorist who threatened to kill American citizens and had actual plans in place to do so.

Just how bad was the strike against Gen. Qassam Soleimani? Well, in order to get his body back to his home country of Iran, he had to be scraped off the airport road, packed up in a box, and then flown back home.

Gruesome, right?

Here’s more from Gateway Pundit:

The former al-Quds leader took up 2-3 seats on the plane back home, reported The New York Post in a cardboard box.

The regime didn’t even send an official military plane for his remains.

Iranian hardliners were waiting for Soleimani’s remains at the airport when they arrived.

Here’s more information on what Soleimani was planning to do via the Daily Wire:

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo told Fox News’s Sean Hannity of Friday that Iranian terrorist leader Qasem Soleimani was planning an “imminent” attack – dubbed by the Iranians as “The Big Attack” – that could have killed “hundreds of Americans”.

“This was an amazing group – our intelligence community working with the best military on the face of the earth, the best intelligence forces, your State Department, and the president made this decision very quickly in response to what was a real threat,” Hannity said. “What can you tell us?”

“It in fact was an all of government effort directed and led by President Trump. We identified a risk. The president talked about today that Soleimani, the terrorist, was engaged in active plotting,” Pompeo responded. “There was an attack that was imminent that could have killed dozens or hundreds of Americans. We found an opportunity, and we delivered. ”

“We brought all of America’s best and brightest together, found an opportunity, and took this guy – who you described pretty accurately as one of the worst terrorists ever to walk the face of the planet – we took him off the battlefield,” Pompeo continued. “We were successful at eliminating the risk that he would ever conduct a terror campaign anywhere in the world again or that he could put any American at risk one more time.”

Hannity continued by noting President Donald Trump’s words from earlier on Friday, when Trump said, “Soleimani was plotting imminent sinister attacks on American diplomats and military personnel, but we caught him in the act and terminated him.”

“We know the U.S. special representative for Iran, Brian Hook, also confirmed that,” Hannity said. “I was listening very closely to your comments yesterday, and I felt you were saying the same thing. How bad was this potential?”

“Yeah. We caught him, and we stopped him. That’s a good thing for the world,” Pompeo responded. “He was traveling the region when he landed in Baghdad. The travels before that put him in places all around the region which were aimed solely at building out what they were referring to as ‘the big attack.’ They were aiming to take down significant amounts of Americans.”

“It would have undoubtedly killed locals, too, Iraqis, Lebanese, Syrians, perhaps, people all throughout the region,” Pompeo continued. “This was an attack that would have been to some scale. We can’t talk much about the details, but suffice [it] to say, the American people can know that the decision that President Trump made to take Qasem Soleimani down saved American lives.”

At the end of the day, like it or lump it, President Trump made a tough call and it was the right decision. American lives were saved and that’s exactly what a president must do in his or her role as the commander-in-chief of the armed forces.

Let’s all celebrate the death of a madman who was plotting to hurt our fellow citizens.





  1. A CIA ninja missile should have been used. Then this evil terrorist would have been sliced and diced into little fragments that could be returned to Iran to frighten other terrorists. Maybe this bastard would have suffered more, as well.

  2. This terrorist general got a TASTE of where he is going . . . And there Aren’t 72 “virgins” awaiting him. He’s with ALLAH, and they’re BOTH in HELL with MOHAMMAD their false prophet. More are going to JOIN him if IRAN keeps it up. Team Trump and his allies 2020.

  3. The democrats will still cry foul, but that’s what the democrats are is foul. If iran had pulled off that attack that would have meant war. Not only did Trump save a lot of lives by killing soleimani but probably 3 times as many from battles afterward.

    • Right. We should just sneak another few billion to buy them off…NOT! They have greater ability than ever b/c the last failed president and sec of state were so good at what they did, which was build up capabilities of our enemies and kill Americans, but to quote Killary, “What difference does it make?!” The difference is that she is not the president. Trump 2020!!!!!

  4. Soleimani didn’t get EVERYTHING he had coming, but what he got was sufficient to do the job! I hope for his sake that he’s enjoying the seventh level of his Islamic HELL!

  5. Now that President Trump is in office, it’s time for the world to recognize that America will not be the push over that it has been under the demonrat or the RINO republican rule. As long as this president is in office the rest of the world can not screw with America!!! TRUMP 2020!!!!

  6. God Bless President Trump and God Bless America
    I hope that President Trump can do away with the domestic TERRORISTS in our political arena through any and all LEGAL ACTION available to expel the domestic threat to us our country and our WONDERFUL President.

  7. Isn’t the old saying “Live by the sword, die by the sword”? IMHO there is no place in the world for hate driven people like he was unless they are isolated.

  8. The other terrorist will probably make a meal of him so he’ll be a part of the. After all they enjoy that kind of radical crap. Couldn’t be happier. The world is a much better place. Maybe this will be retribution for the hundreds of thousands families of his victims. Maybe they can find some peace knowing this horrific man can no longer kill innocent people. Amen and good riddance to him. Let the democrats, particularly Nancy join him in Iran. Maybe then she’ll sing a different tune. Shame on them for taking the side of the terrorist instead of protecting those who are sacrificing their lives to give America a better and safer place to live. AMERICA RULES AND COMES FIRST BEFORE ANY TERRORIST. we have them in congress already with the squad.

  9. Not that any one cares, but does anyone know what color eyes he had ? Well after they blew up the car he was in he had Blue (BLEW) eyes, one blew this way and the other blew that way. May he burn in HELL with Jeffery Epstein.

  10. This old farm boy keeps life simple!
    1. Fecal happens 💩
    2. Life is circular – – > what goes around – comes around! O
    3. You _uck with the bull ya get the horn! 🦏
    4. Do not cause your alligator mouth to over load your humming bird _SS!
    5. The pigs get fat – 🐷🐽🐖 and the hogs 🐷🐽🐖 get slaughtered!

  11. Now we need to locate every drug cartel leader and do the same. Let’s bring proactivity to our region and stop the assault here at home as well.

    Does anyone think after what Oboy the pres did with Iran that we have people looking out for us making decisions?

    My gut tells me there are a lot of paid off proxies sitting in congress on the take. All the ones who tell us there is no problem.

  12. Watch ABC produce a new show called The $1 billion dollar man where they piece the guy back together to be better, faster and even more sinister then before. Or CBS produces a Macgyver episode where Macgyver uses a roll of duct tape and is able to put him back together so he can help rid the world of peace.

  13. This will be a never ending cycle of threats and small attacks from Iran. It will take a strong President, Donald Trump, to decide the fate of Iran. The people of Iran want change, change they will have to make. Our response to Tehran must be measured and convey a message that YOU MUST CHANGE OR FACE A TERRIBLE FATE. No more plane loads of cash, no more ignoring this terrorist regime and no more diplomatic stalling. The time is now to correct 40 years of weak and ineffective actions.

  14. It’s sad how our government is run !! The last good president was Reagan and now finally we got another on Trump. The presidents in between made promises that never were kept. Now more than ever it’s a political war amongst our government, caring less about the people.

  15. According to Gods example on one that died with out being born again by faith in Jesus our redeemer was That person opened their eyes in hell and cried out
    let me or send some one back to warn my family of this place. The answer was no, they have my word as you hard but would not believe.

  16. Iran’s great revenge attack for this guy turned out to be `5 missals? Is that all? Soleimani should be insulted! Trump’s response wil be very interesting.

  17. Thank you President Trump for being a commander in chief that can make the difficult decision to protect our troops and America instead of the Muslim loving coward Obama.

  18. It never fails,”the enemy within” we have a government full of those bastardos they are Democrats, our biggest enemy.

  19. I find it disgusting that Democrats are using this for political gain and defaming our president. The international damage this will cause will make it more difficult for our country to continue in our long time role as peacekeepers of the world. Our respect from other countries will be heavily impacted by this misuse of only political gain over reach by Democrats and will present the United States as a terribly divided weak country ripe for the taking.

  20. Would like to hear more about the reported attack they were planning. You know the American people will want more details especially the MSM. Until then they will continue to say he was on vacation or on a diplomatic mission.

    • Do u think if this great terrorist had been able to carry out his plan and kill all those people, do u believe he would have made sure our people got back home? Of course not he would have let the buzzards pick their bones. Where is ur mind?

  21. This cruel and savage terrorist sshould have been done away with long ago. I applaud Pres. Trump for his resolve decseveness and spine to get it done!


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