What Happens To This Sign As Iowa Democrat Chair Explains Caucus Disaster Couldn’t Be More Perfect

(Tea Party PAC) – If there’s one thing the Democratic Party has proven they have mastered, aside from hypocrisy, it’s the whole “pass the buck” thing. When’s the last time you’ve ever heard a Democrat actually take personal responsibility for failing at something? It’s fairly typical for someone on the left to immediately point the finger in a different direction when they screw something up, and that was precisely the case when the debacle with the Iowa caucus happened last week.

The Iowa Democratic Party royally screwed up one of the most important events in a primary season, the Iowa caucus, due to the failures of an app — which was funded by Hillary Clinton and winner of the caucus, Pete Buttigieg — that caused a serious delay in the reception of the results of the vote that took place.

Former South Bend Mayor Pete Buttigieg took the caucus, though many fans of Sen. Bernie Sanders are calling those results into question, believing the election may have been stolen from their favorite crazy-haired uncle. All of this confusion has left folks feeling unclear who actually did win the caucus.

Well, on Monday, during a presser held by the Iowa Democratic Party, a Democrat sign crashed to the floor, perfectly summarizing the disaster that was the caucus and the ineptness of the folks running the Democratic Party in that state. The incident happened while Iowa Democratic Party Chairman Troy Price was answering questions.

Ineptitude and the Democratic Party seem to go together like peanut butter and chocolate, don’t they? Folks who are fans of Bernie Sanders really do have a reason to be concerned about the potential theft of the caucus and its delegates away from their candidate. No one knows what really happened to the app, and given the fact that Buttigieg was an investor for it really doesn’t help improve the optics of the situation any.

It wouldn’t be the first time Bernie has had the election ripped out from underneath him. Many believe that the election was stolen from him back in 2016 by fellow Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, who was the party favorite at the time.

The establishment worked hard to make sure Sanders didn’t receive the nomination, believing that only Hillary, their golden child, could possibly take on whoever the GOP chose to represent their party. Donald Trump won the primary and many believed he would fall flat on his face and that it was now a given Hillary would be president.

My, my, my, did things ever take an unexpected turn. It makes you wonder how this year’s election is going to turn out, doesn’t it? It seems likely that Trump will remain in office for another four years, as the left has imploded thanks to focusing all of their time and energy on impeaching the president instead of revamping their policy platform. These folks will just never learn, will they?

Source: thegatewaypundit.com/2020/02/perfect-democrat-sign-crashes-to-the-floor-as-iowa-democratic-chair-explains-caucus-disaster-video/


  1. Well, in my opinion it will be a cold day in hell before true Americans will put a homo in the WH. What would he/she be called? Madam President or Mr. President—–really! Get serious. I would say that most of Buttbumper’s donations are coming from the likes of Ellen Degenerate and her buddies!

  2. Well,,,,it is increasingly apparent that Buttpumper and the DNC are working hand in hand to steal the communist Sanders delegates and rig another primary,,,poor old Bernie just can’t get his shit together,,,,lol,,,,,well,,,just shows the ineptitude of the entire DNC and their band of rag tag delegates,,,,,they switch their agendas and their positions on the nations interests daily,,,, none of them can decide wtf they want to promote from day to day,,,,,Buttpumper is indeed racist,,,,has to use an applause machine to appear relevant,,,,to me,,,,NONE of you a—holes are relevant,,,,,,you don’t represent America,,,,socialist commie pigs and forever lost in the mainstream of what America wants,,,,you are losers,,,,now and forever

  3. Blue collar dems should be ashamed of these progressive bozos and their platform. Awaken folks: DJT has done more for labor both union and non union than any president since Reagan. Every other POTUS wanted to “help the world” by exporting our jobs to other countries with dirt cheap labor. Basically helped themselves to unprecedented gains in the market due to increased profit margins when these companies didn’t have to deal with the American worker. Trump has tried his best to rectify that situation and conservatives both dem and rep should be in back of his efforts 100%.


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