What Hunter Biden Just Did With Court Hearing Over Child Support Is Despicable; Check Out How His Lawyer Responded

(Tea Party PAC) – Former Vice President Joe Biden’s son, Hunter, is proving that he’s a deadbeat dad after deciding that he wasn’t going to show up to a court hearing to be held over child support payments to the mother of his child, Lunden Roberts.

Hunter Biden has become a pretty famous fellow in the last few months, thanks in large part to President Trump’s fateful call to Ukraine leadership asking them to dig into corruption from both Hunter and his father Joe, who is the current Democratic Party frontrunner in the presidential primary.

This latest incident is just more proof that Hunter lacks any semblance of upstanding moral character and is probably guilty of a lot more indiscretions than we currently know about.

Here’s more from Gateway Pundit:

Deadbeat dad Hunter Biden blew off a court hearing in Arkansas on Monday over his child support payments to his baby mama Lunden Roberts.

Hunter had a child with 28-year-old Lunden Roberts (above right) after meeting her at a DC strip joint where she worked as a stripper and she is not being compliant — she is demanding a hefty child support payment!

Lunden Roberts is demanding Biden pay $11,000 in legals fees in addition to child support and she is refusing to agree to his terms.

Dustin McDaniel, an attorney for Hunter Biden abruptly quit on Monday in the Batesville, Arkansas courtroom.

Lunden Roberts appeared in court on Monday with her father by her side.

Judge Don McSpadden demanded threes years of Hunter’s tax returns in order for him to reach a decision on child support payments.

The Daily Mail reported:

The lawyer representing Hunter Biden in his paternity case abruptly withdrew on Monday while his client blew off the hearing, DailyMail.com can exclusively reveal.

Biden, 49, was not in the second-floor courtroom in Batesville, Arkansas, when his attorney former Arkansas Attorney General Dustin McDaniel quit.

But Lunden Roberts, 28, the woman who claims the son of former Vice-President Joe Biden fathered her child, was sitting in the front row of the spectators’ gallery wearing three-inch black heels.

In the hearing, Judge Don McSpadden said he would need at least three years of Biden’s tax returns before he could reach a decision on monetary support for the child, whose sex has not been revealed.

Judge McSpadden also ordered Biden’s team to provide Roberts with a valid address and phone number for him so papers can be properly served.

McSpadden made clear to all sides that he did not want anyone discussing the case in public. ‘This child is more important than anyone else in this case,’ he said.

Hunter Biden is demanding his financial records are kept secret in his ongoing child support lawsuit filed by Lunden Roberts.

Hunter Biden claimed in a sworn statement that he is currently in debt, unemployed with no monthly income.

‘In an effort to demonstrate to this court my good faith, I attest that I am unemployed and have had no monthly income since May 2019,’ Biden’s statement reads.

Hunter Biden was paid millions of dollars sitting on the board of Burisma Holdings and other positions provided by his VP daddy Joe in various pay-to-play schemes — perhaps he shouldn’t have blown all the money on crack and strippers.

So it seems Hunter Biden is a true blue Democrat. He’s made questionable choices that have consequences and is doing everything in his power to avoid being held responsible for them, including helping to care for his own child. This guy really is a scumbag, isn’t he?

Personal responsibility is a critical component of being an adult in society, so it’s no surprise that our country is in the shape its in when a whole lot of folks have adopted the Hunter Biden lifestyle, wanting to have all the fun the world has to offer without any of the repercussions that come about as a result of careless actions.

That’s not how the world works. It’s time both Bidens learned that.

Source: thegatewaypundit.com/2019/12/deadbeat-dad-hunter-blows-off-court-hearing-over-child-support-as-his-lawyer-abruptly-quits/


  1. I saw on One America news a tape of Joe Biden admitting he told the Ukraine they would not be getting 1 billion dollars unless they fired the lead attorney looking into misgivings of Hunter Biden. Isn’t that what they are accusing President Trump of doing?

    • Exactly 3hy wasn’t he indicted for it he was VP at the time and his son was making 3.1 million dollars from the company being investigated.

  2. Isn’t it funny how the democrats demand President Trump’s tax returns but when they asked little biden for his tax returns he bails on court. Perhaps he is afraid the returns will reveal what he earned at burisma or china so he skips town on his kid?
    Wow, dad of the year.
    I hope he gets investigated and his assets confiscated to find out what nastiness he and his father have been up to.

  3. And to think I used to think Dems had answers. Yet another voter converted to the party of personal responsibility, who will never vote Dem again in my life. Not one ounce of integrity, not one comment by Dems or their puppet media about the lies and payoffs so apparent with Hunter.

  4. If he can afford crack cocaine, he can afford to pay child support. Then again, his daddy was probably supplying him with the crack.

  5. To the person writing this article, IF YOU READ THE TRANSCRIPT THERE WAS NEVER ANY NAMES SAID AS TO BE INVESTIGATED other then Ukraine should look in to corruption that had been going on. Almost as bad as the democrats attempting to read between the lines.

  6. He practices the stray dog method of parenting. Stick his baby maker into any female available, drop litters on the side of the road and run away expecting society to clean up his leavings.

    Did this woman do this on purpose? Who knows. He is an adult. He knew the results of inserting his tool into the receptacle. He is responsible for not being responsible. He did what he did. The child does not deserve to suffer for his or her actions. The innocent in the room must be provided for.

    • Liberals and democraps!!

      Liberals are locusts, they devour and destroy everything in their path, leaving a wake of death and destruciton!! same as mooooosies!!

  7. Does it really surprise anyone, what he does, daddy should bail him out and pay up, that’s his child and I believe he new it all along, back child support payments should be made to her, He’s hiding the money somewhere

  8. It seems like the democrats do the dirty work and then turn around and blame the republicans. They want all the free entitlements and then enslave those that accept it. The liberals won’t ever be the majority but they are sure trying by manipulating the truth.

  9. How does a so called man go thru over a BILLION dollars. in what 5 years? He’s a dead beat liar who DOES NOT want people to know how many shady deals he’s made in the past 3 years. His family must be so proud of him. Crack head, adultery , Ukraine, strippers, etc… This child will be better off without him in her life.

  10. Hunter is truly a turd. Curious that all of DJT’s children are up-stand and adult folks contributing to America. Crazy Uncle Joe has abetted and coddled his scumbag son. Joe needs to take responsibility for his actions that dictated the job of Ukraine’s AG to save his trashy son.

  11. His plan all along. Fire the lawyer(s) handling the case at the very last second, then (of course) that means the case can not proceed until the defendant secures proper representation. Sweet. Can the scu mbag use this indefinitely to avoid the trial?

  12. Like Father – like son. These are people who pretend to tell us how to live and that they are the moral pillars of our society. Nothing but scum who sure seem to fool a lot of people in the process. Doesn’t say much for the voters now does it ? Liberalism
    will destroy America ( almost there anyway ) Sure signs of a society that is crumbling and going the way of every historical world power – decay from within. No morals, or
    ethics anymore – just whatever you can get away with. Bet we will top Rome on how deep we have sunk to in the cesspool of history.

  13. Color me surprised…not! He is no different than any of the baby-daddy’s all over the country, except that they are truly out of work and have had no income for several years…they are homeless besides. But this man has been the recipient of millions…millions folks, from the Ukraine…none of that went into special accounts in the Caymans for the future…he didn’t blow all of that on CRACK! When a man does not support his own child, he is the lowest of the low…I do not care who is father is…but his father needs to do his duty and sit that young man down and explain what is right and what is not…IF he remembers who his son is, and that he actually is a grandfather. On any given day, no one knows what Joe actually knows or remembers!…or even cares about!

  14. Typical blue democrat , scumbag or just another piece of liberal trash , he , like other liberal trash expect others to pay for his chillrens.
    That’s a problem here in the USA when this liberal trash dump their unwanted chillrens onto society , little wonder this horrible cycle never ends .


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