What Mexico Just Did With New Migrant Caravan Proves That Trump’s Real Wall Isn’t Made Of Stone Or Concrete; Here’s What We Mean

(Tea Party PAC) – Without a doubt, the most controversial issue that President Trump has taken on over the last several years is that of illegal immigration. The president has been fighting against liberals in Congress to get funding to build a wall that will secure the southern border and prevent folks from entering our country without being properly vetted.

All the while that political battle has been raging, folks in South America have been forming migrant caravans comprised of thousands of individuals in an effort to try and more or less invade America. The latest of these efforts was thwarted by Mexico, which just goest to show that Trump’s actual wall isn’t one made out of concrete after all.

Here’s more on this from Gateway Pundit:

New caravans of migrants have been stopped cold by Mexican national guard forces at the border with Guatemala, prompting one reporter to observe Mexico has become President Trump’s wall.

A caravan of about 4,000 migrants that originated in Honduras last week tried a different crossing point at the Mexican border with Guatemala than previous caravans but were met by Mexican forces that blocked efforts to rush the border crossing on Saturday.

The migrants regrouped and crossed the Suchiate River on Monday only to again be met by Mexican forces.

Mexico is offering to screen migrants for entry into Mexico, which some have accepted, however most will end up being deported.

El Faro reporter Carlos Martinez reported on the new ‘wall’, “This is the complete story about the caravan that failed. Mexico fulfills its role as Trump’s wall:”

Translated excerpt:

The wall of the Southern Border swallowed the last caravan. He extinguished it, left no trace of it, absorbed it whole in a sigh. And announces that he will deport her.

Of the almost four thousand people who left San Pedro Sula four days ago in Honduras, there are only crumbs scattered on the map of Guatemala and a few wandering the Mexican south wandering, with no one to call them a caravan. Mexico proved to be the efficient wall that promised the White House of Donald Trump to contain Central American migration.

…This mass exodus will be, perhaps, the last. Or at least it will mark a very clear before and after: if before Central American walkers dreamed of crossing the American wall of Tijuana and were desperate to understand that these cold cans are immovable, they will now dream of crossing the Mexican wall. The Border, thus with capital letters, moved towards the south equally immovable and immovable…

…A promise fulfilled from Mexico to President Trump, who has made Mesoamerica as his sentinel.

Video posted Monday shows Mexican forces stopping migrants from illegally entering Mexico.

The Guardian reported last week the U.S. is working with Guatemala and Honduras to return migrants.

Guatemalan police accompanied by US Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents have swept up hundreds of migrants, returning them to the Honduran border and in effect dashing their plans to travel together in a “caravan” to the United States.

Other, smaller groups traveled on in dribs and drabs in a movement involving several thousand people but very different from previous caravans.

Praying and singing songs, the group of 300 migrants – adults, teens and young children – had set out from a shelter in Entre Rios under rainy skies before dawn and walked about six hours before stopping in the town of Morales to eat and rest. There they were challenged by police, loaded on to buses and returned to the border to register under rules governing freedom of travel between Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador and Nicaragua.

Guatemalan police officers said the United States paid for the buses.

Unlike what the media tries to force down people’s throat, the truth is, none of this has anything to do with racism. The reason we don’t want illegals here has nothing at all to do with skin color. If these folks were white, we’d still have the same laws and the same push for immigration law enforcement. We’d still want a wall.

Why? Because the problem is so many folks are coming in illegally and we keep giving them free stuff. The vast majority of illegals are poor and have no means of getting a job, thus they have to go on welfare, paid for by taxpayers. This is a serious drain on our economic system.

Then there’s the inconvenient fact that a lot of individuals coming here illegally have massive criminals records and are fleeing here to avoid prosecution or to cause trouble on our soil.

If we value our nation, we cannot allow that to happen, thus we have laws that need to be enforced and followed. It’s that simple.

Source: thegatewaypundit.com/2020/01/winning-mexico-has-become-trumps-wall-migrant-caravan-stopped-by-troops-at-border-with-guatemala/


  1. This has several similarities to the “Tylenol scare” of a few years back. It was not that “all” of that product was poisoned ; but that a number of people were dying of being poisoned – and there was no easy way to identify which containers carried the deadly hazard. Do you remember how America panicked over that situation ? How long did it take before we could trust ANY containers of ANY PRODUCTS in our stores ? How nearly did THAT situation come to bringing the country into TOTAL CHAOS ? As several other people on this thread have already stated, America CANNOT AFFORD an unlimited immigration of alien people. We cannot support them with food, clothing, medical care, housing, clean water supply, education, etc., etc. We cannot support the population of nearly the entire world. Even clean air for breathing would be overwhelmingly not enough. This continuing “tsunami” of people are impossible for this land ; for this nation to absorb. The numbers alone should be apparently too much, to anyone realistically observing this situation.

  2. I totally agree! These individuals are the lowest of the lowest (criminals, illiterate, gang members, etc…)in their original countries. Now, they see this massive illegal way to come the USA with anything in return to favor our country. Therefore, they come to receive welfare and all free benefits that we legal individuals pay through taxes. Shame on Democrats!!!!

    • We simply cannot afford to support all of these illegals and that is just what we will have to do if they are allowed to come here. How stupid is our government to pass laws that say we have to give illegals welfare, housing and enter our public schools and get free medical care. This is all at our expense, we the taxpayers should not have to tolerate this. You bleeding hearts why don’t you donate money and food to these countries in order to help them? We have no idea who is coming here not to mention how many are criminals and gang members that will endanger our peoples lives, we are already seeing this happening with the MS-13 gangs. These gangs don’t care who they kill and they are brutal!


  4. His wall IS made of STEEL and CONCRETE! . . . as well as OTHER elements, such as ICE, Mexico’s cooperation, etc. Team Trump and his allies 2020.


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