What “Mini Mike” Bloomberg Tried To Do While Mayor Of New York Is Why He Must Never Be Allowed To Be President

(Tea Party PAC) – There’s a whole lot of reasons that “Mini Mike” Bloomberg should never be allowed to step foot in the White House as President of the United States, but what he did while he was mayor of New York City is definitely one of the most alarming from a purely political standpoint.

Apparently, Bloomberg, a billionaire who is running on the platform of being the “anti-Trump,” and doing everything he can in his insanely expensive commercial blitz to paint up Trump as some sort of bully, actually tried to change the rules when he was mayor so that he could nab a third term.

How many times have we seen liberals crying with their tinfoil hats on about how Trump is going to try and change the law so he can stay in office indefinitely and rule as some sort of king or emperor? He’s not, by the way. Hilariously, it’s one of the left’s own who is most likely to attempt something that insane, and yet, the man is still tied with Bernie Sanders for the top spot in Virginia.

Here’s more from Breitbart:

But as mayor of New York City from 2002 to 2013, Bloomberg behaved like the authoritarian many Democrats believe Trump to be, changing the rules to allow himself to run for a third term, then voting to change them back.

As the Wall Street Journal noted toward the end of his three-term tenure:

Perhaps Mr. Bloomberg’s most controversial move was running for a third term in 2009 by engineering the repeal of a law passed twice by voter referendum limiting city elected officials to two terms. That decision colored his final years in office, as his approval ratings fell from the high 60s and never again cracked 50% in his third term, according to Marist. Voters reinstated term limits in 2010.

Bloomberg argued that only he could steer the city through the fallout of the global financial crisis in 2008. Almost half of New Yorkers disagreed: Bloomberg only won his third term by an unexpectedly narrow margin, barely reaching 51 percent, just five points ahead of his challenger.

Later, the Journal noted, Bloomberg voted in 2010 to reinstate a two-term limit, meaning that only he could enjoy a third term.

He called his third term “an extraordinary one-time thing.”

So when it benefitted him and enabled him to keep hold of the power he craved, Bloomberg changed the rules, allowing himself to have more time in office, but then switched things back to prevent someone else from having a third term.

“Mini Mike” is pretty darn shady, wouldn’t you say? Just imagine the excuses he’d make for wanting to stay for a third term as the president? There would always be some sort of crisis situation that would force him to continue on in the Oval Office. And if some opportunity like that didn’t already exist, he’d likely abuse his power to create one.

Bloomberg is right about being the “anti-Trump.” While President Trump cares about the country and is attempting to make everyone’s life better, taking nothing for himself, Bloomberg wants to take power and control for his own personal gain and to aid in the transformation of America from a republic to a nightmare socialist “utopia.”

No thanks. Hard pass right here.

Source: breitbart.com/politics/2020/02/18/mike-bloomberg-changed-rules-to-run-for-third-term-in-new-york/


  1. Case in point! Illinois gave illegals, drivers lic. And in the “process” ACCIDENTLY registered them as being able to VOTE! Supposdly this is “Ha-Ha” going to be “Taken care of” But seeing how its a sanctuary state with a underhanded toilet removing sneak to avoid tax’s on a property he bought Dumbocrat! I get the feeling that this “fix” will somehow get lost and never found! Seems its a prime example of what lengths this “party” will stoop to in order to make sure they get votes!

  2. Just like the rest of the filthy Democrats, Mini-Mike would throw his own family under a bus if it meant keeping the lies and thievery in place! His hipocrisy knows NO BOUNDS!!

  3. If any dem wins it will be because of illegal votes, DMV motor voter laws, and outright fraud. If anyone is still watching network news, you are empowering those who will take away your Constitutional rights, bit by bit. This is not just another election, it is yet another attack on the entire IDEA of freedom! They will never stop trying to outlaw the Constitution and those rights established by our Founding Fathers. It is not an election, but a “civil” war. God help us if it becomes a real war, for they will suffer greatly! Cheaters and liars, all of them!

  4. This man Bloomberg would eliminate his own family in order to obtain more power. EXTREMELY dangerous. You vote for him he will eventually hurt you.

  5. I believe him to be a very BIG danger to the U.S. and the Bill of Rights! He and his allies will fill the country full of people who dislike this country, who will be on welfare and certainly vote for the dems. that got them here.Trump has my vote in a big way, AND
    I WOULDN’T ever vote for a democrap even if were my own brother! People had better open their eyes before China owns this country. Big boy Bill started that snowball which Trump is trying to stop before it hits the bottom of the hill and covers up the U.S.

  6. And just who supports Mini-Mike Bloomberg for President? Well, CLINT EASTWOOD for a start, and HE’S supposedly a Libertarian! Oh, well, as the saying goes, “politics makes for strange bedfellows”, or something like that.

  7. Savannah , Do You Always Play With A Woody While You Are On Your Back Or On Your Knees At Work ??? Get The HE DOUBLE L Off Our Site !!!


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